What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yay for a short work week! We're already halfway there, linkin' up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving the short work week. Everybody's workin' for the weekend!

I'm loving that we finally got to the beach to kick off the summer with such great peeps.

I'm loving my new bright skinnies

I'm loving that H's b-day gift finally came in (it was delivered at work on Friday AFTER our office shut down early for the long weekend.. figures!) His birthday was on Friday, and he didn't get his gift until after work on Tuesday. It didn't phase him, but it bothers me. Boooo..

I'm loving my recent Pinterest finds:

I'm always loving my wonderful H!

What are you loving today?


  1. I love the Hunger Games/Harry Potter/Mean Girls pin...made me giggle :)

    Also, I absolutely LOVE the orange skinnies! Those are adorable :)

  2. LOVE the short work week too! I think I would prefer to have a Monday off versus Friday, something about it!

  3. WHERE did you get those colored skinnies?! I LOVE!

  4. I got the colored skinnies from Target.. they're Mossimo. I suggest sizing up. I wear a 6, but had to get an 11 in these pants. I've heard from others that they had to size up as well.