Festival Queen

Oh how I love festival season! Obviously, this year's season has been post-poned, but I'm over here reminiscing about years past at SunFest in West Palm Beach and the incredible show Zedd put on in Tampa.

Eyelet Top {only $8} | Denim SkirtGladiator Sandals in Champagne {available on Prime} | Double Ring | Pearl Barrette | Marble Watch | Knot Cuff

This breezy eyelet top is perfect for the outdoor festivals in the heat. I paired it with a denim skirt my favorite gladiator sandals from Amazon Prime, and broke back out my sunnies that I wore to SunFest and are now my official music festival shades. 

Now, we're going to take a short trip to the.... front yard! Ha! Full disclaimer that all of my blog photos will be taken in my back yard or front yard for the foreseeable future.

Romper {Only $9} | Sunnies | Pearl Barrette | Lipstick in Creme Cup

Floral Dress {only $18} | Espadrilles {40% off} | Sunnies {30% off} | Bow Bracelet

Floral Skirt {only $9} | Double Ring | Sunglasses {similar} | Sandals

I will totally be rocking one of these fun looks at my next live show or music festival. Just add some pops of neon or florals and don't forget to wear comfortable shoes for lots of walking and of course - DANCING! 

Now that looks like someone who is SUPER excited to see 311 and Kaskade - both acts were AMAZING! Taking those shows in on the waterfront with fireworks made the experience that much more incredible. 

Don't forget to use coupon code SMC135 to receive an extra 15% off your festival looks or any purchase at SheIn now through June 30th. Happy Shopping!

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What I've Learned

Each day we've been quarantined, I look for all the good in this current situation. Like my favorite local coffee shop that sells bags and k-cups of their signature brews, online streaming of my favorite workouts, and that the sun has been shining bright almost daily. I'm trying to not let my anxiety get the best of me, and trust God will carry us all through this soon. As positive as I'm striving to be, I've also learned a lot in the few short weeks (have they actually been short though?) we've been hunkered down at home.

Tank Top {only $17 and available in 10 colors} | Lace Bralette | Shorts | Sandals {25% off} | Pearl Barrette {Only $8} | Watch | Cuff | Necklace | Lipstick in Creme Cup

What I've Learned

~ Living in athleisure and pajamas is good for the soul. No bra? No problem! I've gotten dressed once the entire time we've been home so far, and this was the outfit. It felt great to feel somewhat normal again, but it also felt just as great to change back into stretchy clothes.

~ That I don't have anywhere near as much free time to do all the things that I thought I'd have. I'm still working, and have been much busier than usual which means longer hours into the evening and on the weekend. Oh - and we have a toddler. 

~ Elle Woods was right about exercise giving you endorphins - no matter how busy I am, I try to make time for an at-home sweat session. (I talked about how I've been working out at home here)

~ If you need an instant pick-me-up turn on the tv, and watch Impractical Jokers. They're on constantly on TruTV and the first season is available on Netflix. Also - their first movie is available to rent/stream on April 1st. 

~ I haven't online shopped.... at all. I'm trying to be extra careful with our money until we know both of our jobs are safe after all of this. It's so scary, but I'm extremely thankful we both are able to work from home. Save, save, save!

~ Making my mom's homemade bread recipe with Lil' Miss is exactly what I needed over the weekend. Because nostalgia and carbs.

~ It's ok to miss sports (what should have been opening day for baseball hurt) and normal activities outside of the home. 

~ If you have an outdoor space - take your laptop and morning cup of coffee (or wine - I'm not judging) and sit outside in the fresh air listening to nature. 

~ Board games are where it's at! Huge Monopoly lover over here!

~ It's ok to let go of a lot of things - like our 10th anniversary trip or my parents moving down here by Easter.

~ I can paint my own toenails. I always paint my own nails (which I've stopped doing while quarantined), but usually treat myself to pedicures. Since that's not an option, I've started painting my own toes which is not an easy task!

~ Even though I'm home, I need to wear deodorant - ha! I usually don't wear it when relaxing at home because chemicals. But when you're home every.single.day you have to wear it at some point. 

~ 4th day hair is actually a thing, and I'm now proud of it! 

~ Take out tastes even better when you're supporting a local business. 

What have you learned during our extra time at home?

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Let's Get Comfy

Are you trying to use every ounce of self control not to deplete your quarantine snacks you built up in the fridge and the pantry? Yeah, me too... With us staying home during this time, and eating all the things while wearing only comfy clothes on repeat I've been amping up the at-home workouts. I haven't put on real clothes in over a week, and that's ok. I've been living in athleisure which makes it easy to transition to a workout during my lunch break.

In addition to working out at home, I wanted to recognize some great small businesses who could always use some extra love. This fun and positive tank is a fav, and from one of my favorite local vendors. Even if you aren't local to Central Florida - all orders from the Good Vibez Clothing Co. ship FREE

***If you'd like to check out their amazing pieces use code GREENFASHIONISTA20 for 20% off your entire order plus free shipping. 

I love how many fitness studios are streaming classes online that you can do at home with minimal equipment. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of barre, and was a member of The Bar Method leading up to and throughout my pregnancy (great low impact workout while pregnant, but every pregnancy is different so please consult your doctor before starting anything new) and this past year as well. The Bar Method Winter Park is streaming FREE classes each Sunday while we are social distancing. Just follow them on Instagram here and join the fun. They also have packages available to purchase for unlimited online workouts. (You can find my comparison of Barre3 and The Bar Method here.)

Color Block Mesh Leggings {On major sale for only $8} | Sports Bra | Hand Weights

Other great at home workouts are Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred which I've been doing for several years right in my living room. There are 3 levels so it's easy to mix it up, and not get bored. I also enjoy George St. Pierre's Rushfit which is available on DVD or you can stream on YouTube. These workouts only need some light handweights and you're good to go. Now get after it! 

You can also go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood or take your bike out for spin, and while watching tv - get up and do some jumping jacks or some stomach crunches. Also, make sure you're following my girl Mikaela for some great at home workouts and inspiration. 

Another small biz I get excited to talk about is my friend's shop One Utopia - Central Florida friends when the Plant Street Market re-opens in Winter Garden, be sure to go check her out and grab a beer at Crooked Can. Below, I listed a lot of my favorite cozy athleisure pieces that I've been living in lately, and were also great for the long flights last fall while traveling for work. 

Beach Please

Happy spring! I am more than ready for all the warm weather fun, especially since we are all self quarantined right now there's no better time to get outside and enjoy some Vitamin D. It feels like months ago at this point, but the pictures at the beach are only from a week ago. It was our last outing before hunkering down to enjoy a day date, and I'm glad we were able to sneak it in. The next day, the governor closed all the bars and restaurants except for take out. But back to sunshine and beaches, because we need to get our minds off of the news right now, so lets talk about swimwear!
High Waisted

For women's bathing suits I had yet to try out the high waisted two piece trend, but was swooning over this tie front set with a fun pop of color. Other than the red line across my mid-section from sitting in the car to get to the beach, I'm a fan of the high waisted bottoms. They're super comfy, and I am obsessed with the striped pattern too.

Bikini Set {only $12} | Sunglasses | Sandals {25% off}

Ruffles and Sunflowers

Another darling high waisted bikini that I couldn't resist was this ruffle top and sunflower bottom set. The sunflower print is so cheery, and I almost always say yes to ruffles. Just pass the floppy hat and an icy beverage. 

Leopard One Piece

Well... one piece is being generous. This self tie bathing suit is a one piece, but it definitely makes a statement! It'll be perfect for lounging on the sun shelf or packed in a suitcase for a Vegas pool party. 

Ruffle One Piece

Say hello to more ruffles! I think this ruffle one piece suit is my favorite new piece for all the spring and summer fun in the water. The color, the cut, and of course the ruffles... I love it all! I just need one of those bells that say "Ring for Champagne" and I'll be all set. 

Don't forget to use coupon code 3BIK079 to receive an extra 15% off any purchase at SheIn now through March 31st. Happy Shopping!

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To the Sunshine State Please

Happy Friday! It feels SO good to escape from everything going on in the world outside, and bring back in sense of normalcy - and for me that means sitting down to blog.

How are you all holding up? I'm extremely thankful for a fulfilling job that is flexible enough to allow me to work from home until it's safe to go back into the office. And with that, I am even more thankful that we made the best decision ever about ten years ago to relocate from Connecticut to Florida. While we are all practicing social distancing, and staying home as to not spread the "virus that shall not be named" any further, it's refreshing to have beautiful weather outside for walks around the neighborhood, lots of playtime in the backyard for Lil' Miss, and the pool water is almost ready for us to jump back in. Well - who are we kidding!? A certain three year old braved the chilly water last weekend, and of course came out shivering. Ha!

I have talked to a lot of friends from back up north and a lot of you here in our blogging community who have expressed a desire to relocate down south to the sunshine state for year round outdoor living, and if you are moving away from the northeast like I did - much lower cost of living. Let's also remember that Florida does not have a state income tax. Hello only filing one tax return, and more money in your paycheck! I truly mean it when I say it was hands down the BEST decision we ever made. I love attending outdoor events all year round, having a short drive to the beach, and taking Lil' Miss to the theme parks which are practically in our backyard. And did I mention how easy it is to drive to the many cruise ports without stepping foot on an airplane. Gateway to the Caribbean!

When we first started discussing a big move, we didn't even know where to start. So many questions swirled around in our heads - what area should we focus in on? Do we want to be by the beach or in Central Florida for the job market and all the fun theme parks? Do we rent an apartment for a little while before committing to purchasing a home? How will we know if we even like the area or if the school districts are good for down the road when we want to have children? We ultimately decided to move into an apartment first so we could get to know the area more before making the big commitment of buying a house. Looking back, I know that it would have been a total game changer to work with a local real estate agent who already knows the area and could have helped us answer any and all questions. It truly would have made a difference, and set our minds more at ease.

I like to think of having an expert helping you every step of the way during a big move like having your own personal cheerleader. They are there for you, and are rooting for you to WIN! They will get to know you, figure out what your must haves and your deal breakers are which will then help you narrow down your search. That makes it easier for them to present you with options like homes for sale in San Marco. Excuse me while I swoon over all those beautiful homes, especially ones with those water views. I don't think I need to twist your arm, especially if you are getting out of the tail end of a long winter up north to consider living in the sunshine state. Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty will be here to help you live out your dreams. Living where others vacation, while working with a real estate professional who will make sure all i's are dotted and all t's are crossed before you even make an offer on the perfect home. I'll take mine with a water view - please and thank you!

*This post is a sponsored article that I'm excited to share you with you, as it came at the perfect time with us wanting to enjoy all the extra sunshine. Enjoy! 

Roses and Local Brews

We did our best to thoroughly enjoy the weekend before we need to stay home (I see that coming very soon), as we celebrated a friend's birthday and supported local businesses in the area. The weather was perfection with lots of sunshine, and Lil' Miss even took a dip in the freezing cold pool for the first time this year. Ahhh to be a kiddo...

H and I actually took today as PTO several weeks ago to have a day date at SeaWorld, and ride rollercoasters without taking turns and enjoy the beverages at their Seven Seas Food and Wine Festival. With the announcement of all the theme parks closing as of last night, that obviously is no longer in the cards - so we decided to head to the beach for the day. Fresh air, splashing in the waves, and a delicious lunch at a favorite local spot. It'll be good for the soul.

Cold Shoulder Top {Only $10} | SandalsShortsLipstick in Creme Cup | Pearl Barrette | Necklace | Hobo Bag | Sunnies

I also wanted to share another piece for spring and summer - this cargo dress which can be dressed up or down for weekend fun with sneakers or with heels or flats for the office. I'm all about pieces that are double duty!

Cargo Dress {Only $15} | Ruffle Sneakers {Available in 5 Colors} | Watch | Double Ring | Sunglasses

Don't forget to use coupon code S1peridot15 to receive an extra 15% off any purchase at SheIn now through March 31st. Happy Shopping!

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