Jump Around

Jump up jump up and get down! You're welcome... for putting those lyrics in your head. I mentioned on Monday, that I'm in burnout mode and very much looking forward to a quick getaway with my little family later this month. Even with working from home this past year (which I am still SO thankful for), we have been busier than ever. We both seem to be starting earlier, and signing off later with constantly checking in at night and the weekends. It's time for a much needed break, and whether you're sitting in the car for a while or on a plane - comfort is SO important! I will never understand people who travel in jeans! Seriously.

I had this jumpsuit on my wish list for over a year, and decided to finally scoop it up. I thought it would be perfect for traveling or even lounging around at home. And let's be honest, I've been literally living in loungewear or pj's since March of last year. It's nice when I actually head out somewhere and put on real clothes, but it's even nicer to come back home and hop right back into the comfy pieces. Oh and it has POCKETS! 

Jumpsuit {only $31 and available in multiple colors} | Pearl Headband | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Double Ring | Sunnies

I loved the jogger detailing at the bottom which gives it more definition, and if you're not into the whole off-the-shoulder look it can definitely be worn centered with both sleeves resting on your shoulders. 

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Tiered Lace and Relaxation

A relaxing weekend was just what I needed after several weeks of non-stop craziness. I am officially burnt out, and SO looking forward to a much needed little getaway with my family later this month. I'm emotionally, physically, and mentally fried. I am one of millions of Americans who is totally guilty of working well over 40 hours a week, plus I have a freelance gig, this blog, and try to balance it all with being a good momma, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc.. We definitely can't do it all, and taking time for yourself is so so so important. Our bodies are not meant to be ON constantly. 

Other than a quick workout, and some laundry we relaxed in the pool and went to dinner and out for ice cream after. I broke out this pretty tiered lace top that Lil' Miss said "Wooooowww" to, and we enjoyed a quiet early bird dinner. I kid you not... we were there around 4:00 and ready to E A T. 

Top {available in 2 colors} | Shorts | Sandals  in Sea Shell Pink| Jeweled Bobby Pins | Drusy Ring | Sunglasses

It wouldn't be a family dinner without my favorite little photo bomber! I picked up her adorable colorblock dress for our upcoming little vacation, and she insisted on wearing it to dinner. I'm just super thankful she didn't spill anything on it - ha! 

Colorblock Dress {only $23} | Toddler Sandals {only $17}

We also finally hung up a curtain rod in the home office with some colorful translucent curtains to keep the natural light coming in. Every time I walk in, I'm amazed at how much more complete it looks. It only took over a year of working from home to finish the space.

And can we talk about my new spring and summer beverage of choice? I packed some Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzers for the beach last weekend, and enjoyed another by the pool. It's everything I've looked for in a hard seltzer - organic, flavorful, and low cal. My favorite is the Peach-Pear with the Spicy Pineapple as a close second. YUM! 

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Ruffles and Beach Days

I find myself gravitating more and more towards all the ruffle details lately, and am not sure if it's more my way of being super excited about spring and summer style or I'm adding a dash of preppy to my personal style. My love for all things sparkly hasn't gone anywhere as you can see in this metallic ruffle top. It pairs great with pull on shorts, and when we head back to the office it'll also go great with a pencil skirt or dress pants. 

On Saturday, we made our first beach trip of the year and yes more ruffles came along for both myself and Lil' Miss. We played in the sand and the waves, and someone ordered a Ninja Turtle ice cream bar when the ice cream truck pulled up right near where we were set up for the day.

Toddler Anchor Suit with peplum detailing {only $15}

Ruffle Triangle Bikini Top {only $20} | Ruffle Bikini Bottom {only $18} | Baseball Cap

After the fun in the sun, we headed over to Outriggers Tiki Bar for a late lunch. We enjoyed the water views while waiting for a table, and everything totally hit the spot. Can we talk about how proud I am of Lil' Miss that she always orders her kids meal with fruit instead of fries? Not to say she doesn't steal any off our plates, but girlfriend goes to town on her fruit before touching anything else. 

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All the Ingredients of Spring

A little fresh air, sunshine, and sangrias = spring. Am I right? With so many beautiful spots to enjoy the outdoors in Central Florida, and most everyone I know already vaccinated it's a nice treat to meet up with some of my favorite girls for an after work drink or two. These sangrias were just as good as they look, and were meant for spring time patio sipping. I broke out some blush pink and stackable rings for the occasion, and we caught up and discussed travel plans for later this year. Fingers crossed it happens! I'm very hopeful for what the rest of this year will bring, lets make it sparkle! 

These were so refreshing! Our server suggested them, and said it was one of the best batches he had seen prepared in a while so we were sold. They did not disappoint! They looked and tasted like spring in a glass. 

I also felt like I was embracing this season of exciting growth and fun colors. The only thing I was missing was some ground breaking florals! That quote will never ever get old considering I own the DVD, yet every time it comes on tv I have to watch. Oh Miranda... From the tie shoulder detailing that I'm already obsessing over to the blush pink, and dainty jewelry pieces I am here for spring! 

Tie Shoulder Top {only $28 and comes in 9 colors} | White Denim Skirt | Espadrilles {33% off} | Tote Bag | Pearl Barrette | Ring | Necklace

We were at Chroma Modern Bar and Kitchen in this darling area in Lake Nona. It's the perfect spot to enjoy some outdoor dining, and even let the kiddos run around. There are lots of great local restaurants, fountains, wall murals, and outdoor activities. I knew when I moved to the sunshine state it was to fully embrace outdoor living, and that also never gets old. Now if we could just hold on to this perfect weather a little bit longer before the humidity rolls in, that would be great. Pretty please Mother Nature?

**This blog post is in collaboration with Responsival, however all opinions are my own.

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Pink Sand from Bermuda

Bermuda is not just one of the most beautiful places I've visited, but it was where we celebrated the impending arrival of Lil' Miss on our Babymoon in 2016. I now get to carry the famous pink sand from Horseshoe Bay Beach with me in this gorgeous bracelet from Dune Jewelry. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift to myself, and I even sent a matching one to my sweet momma since Bermuda is where my parents went on their honeymoon back in 1981. We're officially bracelet buddies - do you hear Joey Tribbiani's voice too?

She cried when she opened the bracelet, and was in awe that the pink sand inside her bracelet was actually from her favorite beach in Bermuda and couldn't wait to tell my dad. 

Dress {30% off} | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Statement Ring

With Mother's Day around the corner, a piece of personalized experiential jewelry filled with sand from her favorite beach around the world makes the perfect gift. All of their pieces are handmade with sand and earth elements from your favorite locations around the world. Celebrate mom this year with a piece of her paradise, and save 20% with code MOM2021.

Lil' Miss was excited when I told her the meaning of the bracelet I was wearing. I told her that we went on a trip to celebrate that we'd be meeting her soon, and now I have some sand from the beach we went to in a special bracelet. She said "Oooooh it's really pretty Mommy". Heart officially melted. 

**This blog post is in collaboration with Dune Jewelry, however all opinions are my own.

Statement Sleeves for Spring

I'm all about pieces that make a statement right now, and couldn't get over how fun the taffeta sleeves are on this top. When capturing content for events, I have to wear all black so I'm always looking for pieces that have a little bit of "extra" to add some personality to the look while on the run. Literally - I'm running around at these events ha! 

I loved pairing these fun sleeves with a pair of jeans, and aside from some black pants for an event I can't wait to pair it with some bright colored shorts this spring and summer for the perfect pop of seasonal color. Statement sleeves and women's dresses are my two go-to's for spring.

Top {40% off} | Jeans | HeelsJeweled Bobby Pins | Ring

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Dinosaurs, Donuts, and Easter Eggs Oh My!

We may have just experienced our last cool down before Florida officially cranks up the heat through mid-late fall. Which as we all know, I'm not complaining about as I love to joke that I didn't move to Florida to be cold - ha! We spent as much time outside enjoying the perfect shoulder season weather, and even got some special time with my best girl. 

Lil' Miss and I had a mommy-daughter date on Saturday to go see the Dinosaur Invasion at Leu Gardens which was "take 2" as we tried a few weeks ago, and when we got there it was insanely packed so we decided to leave and go get ice cream. Win-win situation if you ask me! 

After the dinosaurs, we stopped at The Salty Donut to pick up some artisan donuts and a cold brew coffee for me which I'm still dreaming about. SO good! 

*They tasted just as good as they looked - AMAZING!*

After indulging in some donuts back at home, and a quick nap for Lil' Miss it was time to decorate some Easter eggs. One of my favorite traditions! Someone may have mixed up the cups for the green and the blue -  does anyone else have issues trying to figure out which tablet goes in which cup? It's SO hard! Just me? That's what I thought... 

After several "calls to the Easter Bunny" after some bad behavior this past week, he hopped through our home anyway which left a very excited little girl on Easter morning. He left her a new t-ball set including bases for the yard, an Easter puzzle, toys for the pool, a new hair bow, sidewalk chalk shaped like eggs, and an activity book with the story of the 1st Easter in it. Oh and who can forget the chocolate bunny? A classic staple! 

How was your holiday weekend?