There Must Be Some Toros in the Atmosphere

There Must Be Some Toros in the Atmosphere

A cold front has moved in, and it's been time for sweaters and boots. It was 37 degrees when I took Lil' Miss to school yesterday morning, and it wasn't for the faint of heart especially when the wind gust came through. I always joke that I didn't move to Florida to be cold, and it's true that your blood thins out. I grew up in Connecticut where it got MUCH colder than this for way longer, and now I get can't get warm when it drops below 60. 

Pullover {15% off} | Faux Leather Leggings | OTK Boots | Lipstick in Twig | Sunnies | Double Ring

I purchased this pullover for my work trip to Dubai in November as something that can be thrown over anything to cover my shoulders and respect their modesty standards. It was light and airy enough for the desert, but also great for the recent drop in temps back here at home. 

I paired it with my favorite faux leather leggings which are ridiculously comfy and a pair of OTK boots that I scooped up at Nordstrom Rack a few seasons ago. 

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Winter Sunshine

Winter Sunshine

Am I finally playing catch up? Other than being sick for the better part of 2 weeks, not much has been going on. Once we were able to move freely outside the house again, we've mostly been supporting local and enjoying the Florida winter weather (which is more like fall weather up north - chillier but warm enough to enjoy being outside). 

Mauve Jeans | Dolman Sleeve Tee {only $12} | Ankle Boots {60% off} | Jeweled Headband {only $12} | Camera Bag | Sunnies | Lipstick in Creme Cup

Last weekend we hit up a few local spots downtown, and picked up a cupcake from the food truck festival. It was the perfect nightcap and delish! 

Lil' Miss finally got her ears pierced, and loves posing for pictures to show off her pretty earrings. Breakfast dates and playground trips have also been on the agenda for my sweet girl. 

I've also been working on replacing some basics, and this tank is so soft and perfect for layering or on it's own. I picked it up in teal and in black during Target's 30% off sale which means they were only $3.50! It was perfect for football on the patio of one of our favorite local spots (and their $4 mimosas). 

Tank Top {only $5} | Shorts {similar} | Sunglasses | Barrette

We finally checked out Gideon's Bakehouse and in my best DJ Tanner-Fuller voice - OH MYLANTA they were worth waiting in line for! Instead of heading all the way to Disney Springs, we went to the one inside East End Market. The shop was adorable, and the d├ęcor gave me Harry Potter vibes which made it even better! We enjoyed our cookies in their garden along with some tasty drinks from the cutest bar that was upstairs, and were even treated to live music. Lil' Miss climbed one of the trees in the garden, picked me a flower, and danced her heart out to the music. Perfect Saturday afternoon. 

*Someone thoroughly enjoyed her cookie by wearing it*

Flannel Shirt in Lilac {only $20} | Ankle Booties {60% off} | Lipstick in Twig | Sunglasses

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New Year New to Me Beauty

New Year New to Me Beauty

Happy New Year! Is it ok to still say that on January 10th? Between the virus that shall not be named hitting our house for Christmas and into the New Year, and still being super busy at work I haven't had a chance to hop in here for a bit. Thankful to report that we are all much better, and if there's ever a time to get sick it's when school and gymnastics are out for Lil' Miss coupled with company holidays and PTO. We were able to hunker down at home eating Christmas cookies and watching holiday specials while Face Timing with the fam up in Connecticut. 

Since it's a new year, it was time for me to update some beauty items. I used to overspend at Sephora and went from VIB status to not even spending $1 in there the past few years. Needless to say, I needed to start replacing some of my staples and discover new-to-me products. 

I was looking for another wear with practically everything lipstick, and finally scooped up MAC's Twig which went for a spin on girl's night out recently. Such a pretty shade! 

I'm a total dunce at doing my own hair (and makeup if we're being honest), so a tool that will help achieve that salon blowout look was calling my name. I'd seen so many people try the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush and alerted my husband to a great sale before Christmas. The look of surprise when it was under the tree on Christmas morning was Oscar award worthy. The only complaint I have is it doesn't do as great a job at controlling my fly-aways as my trusty regular hair dryer. 

Oh Shape Tape - the overpushed by influencers beauty product. Well, I finally decided to see what they hype was about and scooped up a duo that included their Glow Wand as well. 

Did you know you can purchase Ulta products at Target now? Well none of the Targets around me are fancy enough to carry the products in-store, but I was excited to order this clarifying shampoo with my Red debit card for free shipping and 5% off. It had been too long since I used a weekly clarifying shampoo and my hair was getting dull. Glad to bring some of the oomph back until my next salon visit. 

I've never ventured into a blending sponge for applying makeup, but now that I picked up the Shape Tape Glow Wand I wanted to properly blend it in for an extra glow. Enter the $6 e.l.f. sponge that I simply added to a recent Target Drive-Up order. 

I used to ask for a new perfume every Christmas, and realized I hadn't refreshed my collection recently. Maybe it was the Lady Gaga commercials, but whatever the reason Valentino's Voce Viva eau de parfum is the perfect blend of florals and vanilla. 

Dry Shampoo {only $9} | Rose Quartz Roller {only $15} | Honest Primer

I also hadn't replaced my dry shampoo for far too long even with less showers thanks to permanent work-from-home (can I get a hallelujah?) I wanted to try one that was specifically for brunettes, and got this dry shampoo from Santa in my stocking. 

Another score from my stocking was a rose quartz face roller. No matter how much sleep I get, I still have puffiness and dark circles around my eyes and let's not get started on the wrinkles creeping in. I picked one up a few months back, and after only using it once Lil' Miss picked it up and said "Mommy what's this?" and then proceeded to break it. Needless to say my new one will be kept safely out of reach. 

I'm working on trying to be better about clean beauty products, and have liked everything I've tried from Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty line. The Everything Glow Primer is the perfect base for a dewy look plus it contains hyaluronic acid. 

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