Finally... a relaxing weekend!

Finally... a relaxing weekend!

Can it be true? Did I actually have a relaxing weekend for the first time in months....?!

YES! Tis true! And it felt sooooooo good :-D

I started off Friday with a Skinny Caramel Latte and H and I went out for Happy Hour after work. I enjoyed a 1/2 price sangria and H enjoyed 1/2 price craft beer while we munched on wings and brick fired pizza. YUM!

~ Painted my nails with OPI's Jade is the New Black

~ Popped open a bottle of Sequin white wine... soooo good! Love that it's delicately bubbled :)

Saturday, some of our neighbor-friends came over for a day by the pool, drinks, college football, and good food. I made a few pitchers of an on-the-spot concoction: fruit punch vodka, coconut vodka, diet cranberry lemonade, and club soda over ice. Love spontaneous bartending!

Later on, I enjoyed a refreshing night swim... it's gradually getting chillier at night so I may have to let go of my favorite way to swim soon :(

Sunday, was a total recharge of my batteries which included a light workout, a little cleaning, washing our cars, my Sunday pot of sauce, sunbathing while floating around the pool, and of course FOOTBALL!

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Summer Bucket List Recap

Summer Bucket List Recap

As much as it saddens me to admit it... summer is over *tear*

It always goes so fast, and I didn't even have a chance to get to all of the things on my summer bucket list :(

1. As many pool parties and BBQ's as the weekends can possibly squeeze in

Lots of sunny days in the pool and yummy goodness from the grill was had. I mean look at those troopers grilling even in the downpouring rain? Classic!

2. Lots of nights by the fire pit

Total fail... I'd rather go for a night swim in the summer than light the fire pit. This will definitely be accomplished in the fall and winter. Can't wait!

3. Fireworks

Love the 4th of July!

4. Outdoor Movie and Food Truck Nights

Another fail... something that'll be enjoyed more this fall in the cooler weather

5. Outdoor concerts

Ughh... another epic fail. It's been forever since I went to a concert. This needs to change... plus I live in FL outdoor concerts are more enjoyable in the fall/winter. So here's to looking at the glass half full!

6. Finally get to some gulf coast beaches

FINALLY went to the gulf coast when we rented the beach condo for Labor Day Weekend. SO.MUCH.FUN!

7. Go out for ice cream

Yet another fail... definitely doing this soon!

8. Baseball games

It's not summer to me until I've been to a baseball game.

Minor league game in Daytona... great for cheap beers and good seats

Miami for the Marlins and Rockies game

9. Rent a beach house with friends

Labor Day Weekend in St. Pete Beach was an amazing weekend with such fun people. Can't wait to do something like that again :-D

10. Boat Rides

Ughh... another fail. How lame? But... I'm not worried, because I know I haven't packed up my bathing suit just yet and the outdoor living continues year round. I just have such a soft spot in my heart for the true months of summer.

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Turquoise Kate Spade Sparkliness

Turquoise Kate Spade Sparkliness

I took advantage of the Surprise Kate Spade Sale last week and not only do I love Kate Spade for the beautiful handbags and jewelry, but I'm always so impressed with how quick their shipping is! I placed my order Wednesday night, it shipped Thursday, and arrived Monday.

Garden Grove Hinge Bangle

So pretty! Yet another great Kate Spade find... and a big FYI...I never pay full price. All my KS purchases are from their many sales or from the outlet. I just sign up for their emails, so I'm alerted whenever there's a sale and if I see something I love for a great price, I jump on it :)

Happy 3rd Day of Fall

Happy 3rd Day of Fall

It's no secret that I refuse to embrace all things fall until it's officially fall. Maybe it's because I love summer so much, but I think it's more that I grew up in CT and to me fall meant winter was coming *shudder*.

Buuuuuut that doesn't mean I don't love fall and all the amazingness that comes with it. Plus, a lot of people are under the impression that we don't get "seasons" in Florida, but now that I've lived here for a few years I definitely see the difference in the seasons here as well, they're just not as drastic as the northern states. It's starting to get chillier here at night and some of the trees will start to lose their leaves.

So, I have finally gotten bitten by the decorating for fall bug. I tend to buy more "fall" decorations and not too much Halloween decor so that it'll carry me into Thanksgiving which I plan on hosting this year :)

Target's $1 bins are on point this season! And those Candy Corn M&M's are seriously the best thing to ever happen to fall! How adorable is that acorn shaped pot holder?!

Picked up this cute pumpkin sign at Michaels

Table runner ~ Christmas Tree Shops
Faux pumpkins ~ Target $1 bins
3 wick Autumn candle ~ Bath & Body Works

Little turkey and pumpkin tea-light holders ~ Target $1 bin
Halloween sign and purple sparkly pumpkin... yep you guessed it ~Target $1 bin

My favorite find so far this season
Pumpkin Candle Holder ~ Michaels
Pumpkin Candle ~ Christmas Tree Shops

Found this adorable scarecrow in the Target $1 bins

Pumpkin Candy Dishes $3 at Target
Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin... one of the best smelling candles EVER!

My Spiced Pumpkin candle is only 2nd to Yankee Candle's Autumn Wreath

Where have you found some of your fall decor?

Fabulicious Weekend Shenanigans

Fabulicious Weekend Shenanigans

What an incredibly fabulicious weekend! I know I keep saying I hope to finally relax the following weekend, but I couldn't pass up a chance to meet Teresa from RHONJ and H and I knew we could not miss out on our friend's b-day celebration this weekend. However, we did not go bar hopping with everyone later in the night. We've been really good about not over committing so we can find some time to relax and our wallets have been thanking us :)

But I have promised myself that I will without a doubt finally relax this coming weekend... I mean it!

She seriously was the sweetest and most sincere celeb I've ever met. If any of you watch RHONJ I really hope you don't believe all the fakeness on that show. Remember it's just mindless entertainment and nothing more ;-)

~ Roxy enjoying happy hour on the patio with us Friday evening

~ Painted my nails with Essie's "Sunday Funday"

~ Game night on Friday, I whooped H's butt in monopoly :-P

~ Already went through an entire bag of this crack deliciousness aka Candy Corn M&M's

~ H and I at the resort celebrating a friend's b-day

~ Me and the birthday boy's wifey

~ Bottles up!

~ Beautiful view from their hotel room

~ Absolutely amazing buffalo meatballs

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Fabulicious Weekend

Fabulicious Weekend

Happy Friday! All I'm asking for this weekend is to sleep in, get in some pool time, and some adult beverages... preferably in the pool. 

Tomorrow, I get to meet this fabulous spitfire: her or hate her... you have to admit she's fabulous! And she has the most hilarious daughter ever to grace reality tv:

I wish Milania was going to be at the signing...  

The feeling is definitely mutual, cheers to Friday!

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

It's so hard for me to resist a Kate Spade sale and I've been really good lately but this beautiful bangle caught my eye:

and I just had to order it 0:-)
Garden Grove Hinge Bangle

Originally $98, currently on sale for only $39

Can't wait for it to be delivered!

Sale is still going on through midnight tonight, and take my advice, if you see something you like for the right price just order it! If you wait it may be sold out. I went back and forth on a necklace last year and when I went to order it, it was gone :(

Happy Shopping!

Organizing my make up

Organizing my make up

Thankfully, our master bathroom has two separate sinks. H absolutely loves having his own sink area where my stuff can't migrate across... which we all know it totally would have. Needless to say his sink area has minimal clutter and mine was a disaster area. I knew I wanted to get a set of acrylic makeup organizer drawers, and the set I was lusting after was well over $100.... not cool.

But then Katie told me she gets her makeup drawers from Muji and I found a great 5 drawer set for only $27.95 my search was over!

Can't believe my makeup area used to look like this:

All organized now....

I also cleaned up my cluttered necklace tree and took out the bracelets and put them on their own bracelet holder I picked up at Michaels for $7.99

Preserving my bouquet

Preserving my bouquet

My wedding was 3 years and 3 months ago and I had yet to do anything with my dried out wedding bouquet. Slacking at it's finest... and let's not talk about how I still haven't gotten my wedding gown cleaned... yipes!

But I'm super proud of myself for preserving it since the wedding admist a huge move from Connecticut to Florida and then another move into our house a year later. I always envisioned displaying my bouquet in a shadow box, but I just never took the initiative to go out and purchase one. Like I said... slackin'...

I lived in Michaels when we were planning our wedding since I was up to my ears in DIY projects, but I honestly don't think I've  been back since. And I'm so sad because I'm missing out on so many great decorations and project ideas. Definitely will be frequenting there more often ;-)

Picked up this shadow box for my bouquet (unfortunately can't find a link to it online) which is usually $29.99 but it was 40% off whoo hoo!

My beautiful bouquet now looks like this:

So glad I finally finished this mini-project

Weekend Pool & BBQ Shenanigans

Weekend Pool & BBQ Shenanigans

I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever have a quiet weekend, not that I'm complaining about all the fun, but this girl could use a well-needed restful weekend and I'm hoping to get just that this coming weekend :)

Friday, H and I had a date night. We had some beers, bruschetta YUM, and New York style pizza with prosciutto and fresh garlic. Afterwards, we did some shopping for the house and picked up some fall decor and some more things for our master bedroom makeover. Then we went for a night swim when we got home which is my fav!

Saturday, I worked out and made a nice breakfast that we enjoyed on the patio. We floated around the pool with some beverages before we headed over to a friend's house for a bbq/pool party. We stayed true to our word to each other that we wouldn't stay out too late, so we came home and went for another night swim. Awesomeness.

Sunday was relaxing, I made white chocolate chip pancakes and did a lot of cleaning. H's dad came over to watch football since he's a Cowboys fan and his team was playing H's Chiefs. Great game! Chiefs won by a point, and we were all left in wonderment as to how Tony Romo landed such a huge contract....

~ Much needed beers Friday at dinner

~ Delicious bruschetta 

~ Great pizza is hard to find in FL but this place was great!

~ Night swim

~ Breakfast on the patio

~ Beer bread I baked for the BBQ/pool party

~ Enjoying some more pool time at the BBQ

~ Shots are always a necessity

~ Roxy on "her lounger"

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Crossing Over...

Crossing Over...

I'm not gonna lie.... I've never really been a fan of country music. I actually remember making fun of some of the girls I went to high school with who LOVED country music and thought they were oh so cool in their cowboy hats. Ughhh so ashamed of being that girl and would now join in with them :)

But I've been bitten by the bug that is named Luke Bryan.... bit hard! It all started with my love of Carrie Underwood so I made a Carrie pandora station.. that's where I was introduced to Mr. Shake it for Me.

Are there any genres of music you were 100% against and couldn't stand and now find yourself loving?

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Benefit's They're Real!

Benefit's They're Real!

I was a huge fan of Maybelline's Falsies for the past couple of years, but was completely WOWED by Benefit's They're Real mascara. I got my first tube last year around the holidays, and was excited that it was a part of Sephora's birthday gift this year.

I have almost non-existent eye lashes (not sure why, considering my brother has such long lashes... waisted on a boy!) and love how dramatic this makes my lashes. They're thicker, longer, and darker with this mascara without looking fake.