Etsy I've Missed You...

Back when I was planning our wedding, Pinterest didn't exist *tear* but you know what did?! ETSY! I ordered an obscene amount of items from various sellers throughout our year and a 1/2 engagement because I was determined to make our wedding unique with tons of personal touches. Mission accomplished!

However, I haven't really ventured over to the website since, and all of a sudden I've gotten the urge to go decorate crazy at the house. We finally got some nice furniture for our master bedroom (I finally have a big girl dresser with a mirror! And bedside tables that weren't $40 at Target), so once we get it painted, I'd like to get some nice wall decor and my mind immediately went to Etsy. I've been on the hunt for a wall decal to go over our bed and something else to go above H's dresser.

And I'm also loving this for the guest room:


  1. I haven't been on etsy in forever!!! I need to check it out asap! thees are so pretty!

  2. You know that I love the monogram (which I just got and need to frame!) and be our guest idea. ;)

  3. I love these signs.