Kate Spade Surprise Sale

It's so hard for me to resist a Kate Spade sale and I've been really good lately but this beautiful bangle caught my eye:

and I just had to order it 0:-)
Garden Grove Hinge Bangle

Originally $98, currently on sale for only $39

Can't wait for it to be delivered!

Sale is still going on through midnight tonight, and take my advice, if you see something you like for the right price just order it! If you wait it may be sold out. I went back and forth on a necklace last year and when I went to order it, it was gone :(

Happy Shopping!


  1. I was a little bit ticked that this popped up AFTER I made my purchases. BUT I already got my purchases on sale and thankfully none of these I was distraught over not getting. Whew! ;)

  2. Yay for surprise sales! I love those bracelets - they are so pretty! xo