Friday is for Sparkling Margs and Gelato

Friday is for Sparkling Margs and Gelato

I know it was a short week, but man am I glad it's Friday!

1.) Loving my fun gift from my sweet friend who came up for H's b-day last weekend. She knows me too well!

2.) I had a tooth pulled on Wednesday morning, and am missing real food sooooo much! However, I'm loving the excuse to eat lots of ice cream and drink smoothies.

3.) I've been wanting to create a vanity area for me to get ready, and fell in love with this vanity at Pier 1 and I kind of have my heart set on it. Oh so pretty!

4.) How did I not know that Skinny Girl came out with a Sparkling Margarita?! Totally picking up a bottle of this for the weekend!

5.) Our 4th wedding anniversary is creeping up on us, and we are starting to research resorts we can drive to and spend the night at. I'd love to make it more of a tradition, as we haven't been able to celebrate since our 2nd.

1st anniversary: We closed on our house which was an awesome way to celebrate!
2nd anniversary: We celebrated in Jamaica mon!
3rd anniversary: I was an emotional mess and flew up to CT to say goodbye to my beautiful cousin. Needless to say I wasn't in the celebrating mood :(

So this year, I'm looking forward to relaxing on a beach with a frozen drink in hand......

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Beach Ready

Beach Ready

My favorite time of year is finally here and it's time to pack up the car and head out to the beach! Nothing's worse than getting to the beach and realizing you've forgotten something important, so below is a list of what I make sure is always with me when heading out for a beach day. We won't talk about the time we had a cooler full of beer, water, and sandwiches and got to the beach and realized we left it on the kitchen counter......
What's in my beach bag

What's in my beach bag by greenfashionistablog

1. Reading material whether it be a good book or magazine
2. Big floppy hat to help protect my face from too much sun
3. My favorite pair of sunnies
4. Water.... it's so important to stay hydrated in the heat (especially when consuming adult beverages)
5. Body splash because a girl's gotta stay fresh
6. Snacks
7. Sunscreen... practice safe sun people!
8. Cute bikini
9. Beach bag...LOVING this one from Tory Burch
10. Some adult beverages... beer is easy and always a staple, but I'm also loving the Skinny Girl Margarita Skinny Minis. 
11. Something fun to play... corn hole, ladder ball, frisbee, or volleyball. 
12. A cooler to keep all the food and drinks cool 
13. Beach towels

What are your beach must haves?

Europe Day 3: Marseille, France

Europe Day 3: Marseille, France

Finally getting back to re-capping our amazing trip across the pond! After landing in Barcelona and touring the city, we boarded the Norwegian Epic for a 3 night Mediterranean cruise. Our first stop on the cruise was in Marseille, France.

*View from our balcony when we woke up*

I had to keep pinching myself that I was about to walk around in France! Absolutely surreal! Je t'aime France, oui oui! 

*Beautiful marina in the old port*

*Picking up some french soap*

*Lovebirds in France*

*Double Decker Carousel*

*They even "eat fresh" in France*

*Yummy crepe*

Such a beautiful day in a gorgeous port, and I was surprised at how far my little bit of French went. I didn't even need to use my pocket translator. Next up is our cruise stop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Holiday Weekend Shopping

Holiday Weekend Shopping

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I Love Long Weekends

I Love Long Weekends

I'm always so much more refreshed after a 3 day weekend, and nothing is better than spending the majority of it in a bathing suit with a tasty beverage in hand.

Festive cupcakes, buffalo dip, strawberry shortcake, and my favorite blue drinks were on the menu for Saturday's BBQ/pool party. 

Sunday was H's birthday so we celebrated with cinnamon rolls and mimosas for breakfast with our friends from Sarasota who spent the night after the BBQ and some more pool time before heading downtown with friends. Sunday Fundays are so much better when there's no work on Monday!

Today was spent by the pool listening to our favorite Pandora stations, finishing off the almond champs, and playing pool basketball and some ladderball.

We capped off the long weekend with a little shopping and some ice cream *perfect*.

How was your holiday weekend?


I'd also like to say a huge CONGRATS to Katelyn who won my Get Fancy Girl giveaway!

Ready for the Long Weekend

Ready for the Long Weekend

I love Memorial Day Weekend because it officially kicks off my absolute favorite season: SUMMER! Plus, who doesn't love the 3 day weekend?!

1.) We're having a BBQ/Pool Party/H's b-day at the house. Looking forward to grilling, day drinking, and dunking people in the pool. I doubt I'll be topping last year's celebrations *actually I know I won't considering I haven't been in planning mode for months like last year* but I know it'll be a good time.

2.) Making my favorite blue drink for the weekend you know... to be festive...

~ Malibu rum
~ Vanilla vodka
~ Blue Curacao
~ Club Soda
~ Light margarita mix

3.) Stocking up on chino shorts at the J Crew Factory Sale. 50% off grab em' while they're still there!

4.) Loving this beautiful orchid my mom left with us before flying back to CT. Hopefully my green thumb shines through and I don't kill it :-P

5.) I've been eyeing this patio bar set at Target *where else* and think it may finally be time to just get it already. Perfect for pool parties and bbq's at the house.

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Mediterranean Cruise on Norwegian Epic

Mediterranean Cruise on Norwegian Epic

Our first stop on our European adventure was in Barcelona, and then it was time to board the Norwegian Epic for a 3 night Mediterranean cruise. Cruising the Mediterranean was absolutely surreal, such an amazing experience!

Other than Royal Caribbean's Oasis and Allure of the Seas, the Norwegian Epic is the largest ship on the water. It was massive!

Room 10128 ~ Once you go balcony you can't go back!

*Ready to set sail on the Mediterranean*

*1st drinks of the cruise - of course I got the souvenir cup*

*Svedka Ice Bar ~ $20 admission which includes 2 vodka mixed ice drinks*

*Amazing to look out the window and see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea*

*Main Dining Room*

*Casino Bar*

*H winning us some money at roulette*

*One of my favorite things about cruises is all the food*

So much amazing entertainment on this ship! Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil dinner shows in the Spiegel Tent, comedy club, piano bar, Irish pub, jazz club, night club, and dance parties under the stars.

Now if only I could rewind back time for my countdown to look like this...

Next up I'll recap our cruise stops in Marseille, France and Palma de Mallorca, Spain in the Balearic Islands. Stay tuned!