What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week is dragging, but I am happy that it's at least hump day and time to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love

And before I forget... Happy Leap Year-Day! Enjoy it, as it'll be another 4 years before it graces us with it's presence again :0)

I'm loving that our housewarming party went well and I wasn't too stressed out and everything was ready when guests started arriving. Monica Geller officially reported for duty :0)

I'm loving that Roxy's face is all cleared up from her allergic reaction last week. She's no longer my little shar pei. 


I'm loving that my mom gifted us a membership to Costco. We've been wanting to sign up for years!

I'm loving my latest Pinterest finds:

I want another bulldog!

I'm always loving my wonderful H

What are you loving today?

Our Housewarming Party

Our Housewarming Party

This whole weekend sure took it out of me. I started baking on Thursday for our housewarming party on Saturday, and continued baking on Friday night. Then on Saturday was the overhaul of cleaning and crazy amounts of cooking and setting up. It was all so worth it though! 

You know it's serious business when you've got both the kitchen aid and hand mixer going

I made little signs for everything I served. Of course H made fun of me for doing so, but all the girls thought it was a great idea. Brilliant minds think alike :0)

Dessert table with pistachio cupcakes, chocolate chip brownies, and champagne punch.

Cheesecake Fruit Dip

The menu:

Buffalo Chicken Dip in the crockpot served with tortilla chips and celery sticks

Cream Cheese Sausage Balls ~ recipe found here.

Pepperoni Cheese Bread

Veggie Platter

Cheesecake Fruit Dip ~ recipe found here.

Baked Brie with Cinnamon Apples

Pistachio Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Champagne Punch

Bottled Beer

Bottled Water

Various liquors and juices


The guys were more interested in playing Wii than with the new fooseball table :-P

Lovely ladies

Then, this morning we met our friends who have been down from CT for brunch. We wanted to see each other one more time before they leave to go back home. 

Kristine looked fabulous as always, but you can tell how exhausted I am. Don't judge me! Haha... but check out the little man in the background. He's already 2 months old and has grown so much since we first saw him when we were home for Christmas.

One last shot with my bf from high school. She's one hot new mama!

Close up of the little man... so adorable! 

Boob Tube Babble Fridays

Boob Tube Babble Fridays

First and foremost... Happy Friday everyone! We made it! :-D

Today's link up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup is Boob Tube Babble: Throwback.

What was your favorite 90's show? Wow.. where do I start? Some of the ones that stand out are Friends, Family Matters, the original Beverly Hills 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the original class of Saved by The Bell. Come on.. Zack Morris had the best cell phone ever!

Family Matters


Saved by the Bell

Fresh Prince of Bel Air


What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wow hump day came up quick since I had Monday off. Can all Mondays be a holiday?  *Wishful thinking*

Time to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving my adorable bulldog even though her face is all swollen. We came home from work and her face was swollen, so we gave her some benadryl and she's sleeping it off. My poor girl... 

I'm loving that our housewarming party is this weekend.

I'm loving my mom who's birthday is later this week! 

I'm loving my finds on Pinterest:

This is what I'd like to do with our room.. paint it gray and get white linens. 

Outdoor Fireplace

Cake batter pancakes

I'm always loving my amazing hubby!

What are you loving today? 

Spring is Almost in the Air

Spring is Almost in the Air

I know I live somewhere that doesn't get too cold in the winter, but I honestly am already looking forward to spring and the warmer weather and that means sundresses, more whites and brights, and getting back to the beach. 

Some people have the misconception of Florida that it's the same all the time and that it's always hot hot hot which is definitely not true. I see a difference in the seasons for sure. It's definitely been chilly the past couple of months, yes we still have some days that are in the low 80's, but most days are in the 60's or 70's and we even dipped down into the 20's and 30's overnight a few times *gasp*. (I'm originally from Connecticut so the warmer weather this time of year has been heavenly for me). However, in the next few weeks I'll see the beautiful white flowers blossoming on the Magnolia trees, the little lizards will make their reappearance and I'll see them scurrying about again, and it'll be warm enough to whip out the warmer weather clothes YAY! 

Beautiful magnolia blossom

It's calling to me

I officially kicked my caffeine habit 1 year and 3 months ago *hurray* but I still enjoy the occasional french vanilla iced coffee. It's extra yummy when it's warm out. Man now I want one.. 

Fashion trends I'm looking forward to this spring:

Color Blocking

I'm loving that metallics will still be hot for spring

These floral print dresses are the epitome of spring to me *love*

White skinny jeans.. love this pair from Ralph Lauren

OPI's Holland Collection for spring 2012. I saw this at the nail spa today when I went for a pedicure and thought it was too cute. It plays on my love of their nail polish and of windmills. 

What are you most looking forward to with spring around the corner?

And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

Drumroll please......

*insert the Griswold family outside waiting for Clark to turn on the Christmas lights*

Cami from First Day of My Life 

Congratulations!!! :0)

I had the hardest time trying to show a picture of the little box on random.org of how I got the winner. I even tried a screen shot, and that wasn't working, and I'm assuming it's due to my limited access to different programs at work. So, I finally had a lightbulb go off in my head and decided to take a picture of it on my phone and send it to myself and voila the technology challenged version of random.org :-P

Thanks to everyone who entered and a huge thanks to all my wonderful followers, I'm so excited to watch my little blog grow and am hoping to do another giveaway when I reach 100 followers.

Cami ~ Please send me your email address and we'll set up shipping arrangements for your new goodies.