Boob Tube Babble

Linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for Boob Tube Babble. I thought it would be fun to do a weekly round up and embarass myself by revealing how much tv I watch :-P

I owe almost all of it to the wonderful invention that is the DVR. Without it, I would never be able to keep up with more than half the shows I watch. And considering most of them come on Sunday and Monday nights, there are a bunch that are on at the same time.

Pan Am I'm sorry to say I haven't watched this week's episode yet, as it's still sitting on the DVR ever so patiently. However, I did hear that this was a "lost episode" of sorts that should have been aired several weeks ago to make sense. So, I'm prepared to be a bit confused as to why some characters are still around.

Gossip Girl I am super annoyed at the Blair-Dan thing going on. To me it's just sick.. she's been with every male character on the show.. Nate, Chuck, Dan, Chuck's uncle, Louie, etc... and Dan was supposed to be sacred and be with Serena. Gosh I hope this gag-fest is overwith soon! And someone PLEASE cut Penn Badgley's hair!!!!

Hart of Dixie This show is so cheesy, yet I love it. It's my feel good show of the week that is fun to watch. I'm loving that Lemon and Lavon's secret is finally starting to come out. I'm looking forward to watching the cat completely come out of it's bag.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills They played part III of the reunion this week. Yes, that's right.. part III. As much as I love the show, they definitely dragged out the reunion too much and should have condensed it to two parts. I really feel for Kim, and want her to get cleaned up not only for herself but for her kids. I'm glad she was able to come on and tell her side of the story.

My favorite is when the husbands come on, out of all the RH series, these hubbys are my fav!

Smash I'm loving the new series on ABC starring Katherine McPhee. I'm sad she didn't get the part to play Marilyn, but I have a feeling that Ivy will get sick or injured or something, and she'll have to fill in and be the star she was meant to be. I'm also LOVING seeing Debra Messing back on tv!!

How I Met Your Mother The recent episodes lately have been "meh" but I still love the show, and hope they start picking up the pace more.

Alcatraz A lot of people are comparing this show to Lost, but since I never watched that I have no idea if the comparisons are accurate. It's a great show, and if you haven't seen it but are interested, I highly suggest going online and watching the pilot first or you'll be lost. Great twists!

New Girl I almost gave up on this show in the beginning, and am so glad I didn't. It's hilarious! Schmidt is hands down my favorite!

Real Housewives of Orange County I'm so glad the first ladies of Bravo are back! I was very impressed with how Alexis handled herself when Peggy approached her. I feel like Peggy was trying so hard to be one of the "popular girls" last season, and teamed up with Vicki and Tamra and looks for any reason to trash Alexis. I'm not a big fan of Alexis, but I am on her side with the whole Peggy thing. Yes, she should be mad at Jim too, but she and Jim probably solved their issues behind closed doors, while the Peggy side has been played out on camera.

The Office this show has been hit or miss lately, but I loved last night's episode. I adored Andy playing the receptionist, and Dwight needing surgery and how he handled it was classic Dwight. I also loved Stanley being "on vacation" even though they're there for work.
What did you watch this week?
Happy Friday ladies!! :0)


  1. We don't pay for cable because I'm cheap, I mean frugal but I can watch most shows online. The Hart of Dixie is one of my new favs.

  2. I agree that The Office has had its ups and downs this season but I also really enjoyed it last night, especially the beginning with the prank Jim pulled. lol I feel like they're trying to really work up Andy/Erin's love thing so get people hooked in like we were with Jim/Pam. Gotta be honest, it's keeping me watching. haha

  3. I need to start watching more tv I always get behind on shows! I am caught up on Smash though I think its going to be soooo good! And I love the Office as well, I am seriously in love with john krasinski! Have a great weekend love!

  4. i,too, love hart of dixie because it is so cheesy and cute. a light,funny show to enjoy for sure. i sure hope lemon's secret is told to george before the wedding!!

    HIMYM has been sort of "meh" recently! but at least good for a laugh or two :) i am sooooo tired of ted being in love with robin,where the heck did that come from again?! i thought it was going to be robin and barney again (i like them)!

    happy weekend!

  5. Ringer is one of my new favorites. I think you can watch all the episodes online to catch up. It's SO addicting. Alcatraz has a lot of similarities to Lost. I thought the similarities were in mostly in the editing and soundtrack; but with the addition of a possible basement monster I have to wonder if JJ Abrams is a one note sort of guy. I really hope I'm wrong because I love the show so far.
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