Happy Long Weekend

Happy Long Weekend

Well hello there 3 day weekend! Two of my favorite things together... the summertime and a long weekend. 

My weekend will consist of:

and getting my Betty Crocker on.. I love these festive cake mixes that come out for the summer holidays. We'll also be getting together with our wonderful neighbors so I'll probably also be making my famous buffalo dip as well.

Have a safe fun-filled weekend and don't forget to practice safe sun if you're going to be spending it at the beach or poolside :)

It's Ok Thursday

It's Ok Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! Linkin' up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday :)

It's OK that...

~ I got caught out in a rainstorm the other day... wearing white of course. 

~ I worked out after work just because of the extra big slice of cake I had... totally worth it...mmmm buttercream!

~ I've also had a big bowl of ice cream every night after dinner this week.

~ I watched Inception for the 2nd time and still don't fully understand everything going on :-P

~ I still wish I could speak a 2nd language.. or 3rd or 4th. 

~ I'm now loving both of Justin Bieber's new singles... never thought that would happen.

~ I'm hooked on this season of Bachelor Pad

~ I still haven't seen the new Batman movie.... at this point I might as well wait to Netflix it... 

~ I'm upset I can't use my new Yankees koozie at the beach this weekend since it's for glass bottles, and I have to bring cans to the beach *pouting*

~ I'm totally over the traffic on my work commute.. it's different every day and soooo frustrating :(

What's OK in your life today?

Sephora Birthday Goodies

Sephora Birthday Goodies

Oh how I love Sephora.. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I'm in there. This time, I placed an order online since the store near my house was out of the birthday gift (for the 2nd year in a row! Seriously?!?!) when I was in there last week picking up a gift for a friend and because I wanted to cash in on the 5 free samples and the VIB gift. Priorities people! :)

All my loot

I stocked up on some basics 

This year's birthday gift from Sephora.. very excited about this!

My VIB clutch full of samples

Benefit POREfesional (been wanting to try this)

Lancome mascara

Smashbox hydrating primer

L'Occitane shea hand cream

Sephora instant moisturizer

Murad intensive-c radiance peel

Algenist overnight restorative cream

Stella McCartney Stella

If you're a Sephora VIB grab yours before it's too late!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We're halfway there ladies and then we have a long weekend, we can do this! Linkin' up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

You can also catch me over on Nikki's blog today guest posting while she's living the good life in Vegas this week. *Jealous*

~ I'm loving that we have a long weekend coming up *much needed* but aren't they always? :-P

~ I'm loving that we have another birthday beach bash coming up this weekend. 
Can't wait to do this again :)

~ I'm loving that my Sephora shipment arrived today.. post coming soon!

~ I'm loving my new bubble necklace

~ I'm loving this bulldog picture H ordered that we hung up in our game room

~ I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest:

I so want some leather leggings!

Minty fresh

~ I'm always loving my silly H

What are you loving today?

Smelling Pretty

Smelling Pretty

I have recently found myself in a predicament... it seems that every...single.. one of my perfume bottles is near empty. How did this happen?! 

They're all pretty low :(

My current faves are:

~ Viva La Juicy

~ Lola by Marc Jacobs

~ Daisy by Marc Jacobs

~ Jessica Simpson Fancy

~ Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

~ Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

~ Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy

~ Victorias Secret Heavenly

Now my question is.. should I stick to my oldies but goodies are should I try out something new? Any suggestions?

Birthday Treats

Birthday Treats

I'm finally getting around to posting all my goodies I received for my birthday last week :)

As you all know I had been trying to decide between a weekend in Miami or a new Michael Kors watch. Well, I chose the watch! As much as I would have loved a weekend in Miami eating delicious food, sipping drinks by a fabulous pool, and showing off my embarrassing sweet dance moves at a swanky club it was for the best as I had a rough b-day weekend and wouldn't have been in a celebrating mood. So, I definitely made the right decision. Miami will always be there and I'm hoping we can drive down there in the coming weeks for a lil' getaway. 

My beautiful MK mini parker watch in rose gold (terrible pic sorry) I really need to invest in a good camera and stop using my iphone all the time :-P

Loving my arm candy with my new watch and new rose gold bracelet from Express. 

One of my wonderful neighbors gave me this birthday cake martini glass

One of my other wonderful neighbors gave me this Yankees koozie. They're Mets fans and they have Mets koozies and I kept saying I'd love to find a Yankees one. So what did they do, they ordered me one online for my birthday. They're too sweet!

I got this sparkly top from one of our friends

My bff back in CT sent me a Target gift card (my happy place!) and I picked up the dual feature DVD of The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under. *nostalgia* 

H's parents gave me a gift card to Express and I picked up these fabulous pieces:

Yes.. I still have hangers from when I worked at A&F in college :-P

My parents gifted me a Sephora gift card and an itunes gift card. I placed my Sephora order the other day and it has shipped (whoo hoo!) so I'll be posting my loot when it arrives (hopefully soon) and my SIL and her fiance sent me a Victorias Secret gift card. I'm hoping to place a VS order early this week. I've been eyeing some dresses that I'm hoping to scoop up. I also got some yummy smelling goodies from Bath & Body Works that I've already been indulging in. So, as hard of a birthday as it was, I was surrounded by such amazing people who did their best to cheer me up. 

Birthday card love


Sunday Social ~ All About the Interwebs

Sunday Social ~ All About the Interwebs

Happy Sunday ladies! One more full week until Labor Day Weekend :)

Linkin' up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social..

1. What is the first website you log into every day?

~ I usually scroll through FB and Twitter on my phone on my way to work. On the computer, I usually check my email, bank account, and the style and beauty board which is where all the F&B nesties went after the mass exodus from TN.

2. Give us some funny websites that you visit that we need to know about.

~ Suri's Burn Book if you haven't stumbled upon this yet you can thank me later ;)

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?

~ I browse FB daily, but I really only use it now when I'm bored and am scrolling through and to post pictures. But I loooove Pinterest! So many great ideas and recipes. I could pin all day :)

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why? 

~ Both are new to me in the past year and I love both. I always considered myself "anti-Twitter" but once I joined it for my blog, I've actually begun to like it more than FB. But I really like Instagram and love that it can connect to Twitter. So, Instagram wins by default :-P

5. Favorite YouTube video. Post it!

~ My fav YouTube video is of my H and one of his best friends "rapping" to Warren G's "Regulators" at our wedding. Hilarious!

6. Biggest online pet peeves? ~ I guess my biggest pet peeve is it's so hard to keep up with all the different social medias. I'm super busy all day at work so I don't have to time to read blogs, or keep up with all the posts on Style & Beauty, etc.. I'll check in on the S&B board and feel like I've missed out on a ton of stuff or scroll through Twitter and my news feed just keeps going and going... I wish I had more time to keep up with everything. 

Belated Birthday Weekend Post

Belated Birthday Weekend Post

Wow.. my birthday was already 6 days ago, but I've been super busy. Since then,  I celebrated my birthday (as much as I could considering the circumstances), traveled to Connecticut for the services, and got home and back to work. 

On my birthday, both H and I took the day off which is what I needed after receiving really hard news the night before. I wasn't really in the mood to get motivated to do anything, but we packed up the car and headed to the beach. We were there for all of an hour (at the most) and thunderstorms started rolling in... nasty ones! 

.. So we packed up and went back home. I got ready to go to dinner, and went out for Mexican which is my favorite! We enjoyed 2 for 1 margaritas and yummy food. 

Then, we met up with some of our friends for drinks. One of our friends just landed her dream job so I was relieved we'd be celebrating her and the focus wouldn't be on my birthday. But, as soon as I walked in everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" :-P

Crappy iphone pic of the ladies

... then as we left the bar I remembered that the Hunger Games dvd came out at midnight so we made our way to the closest Wally-Dump and stood in line (yes a line!) to get our copy. While we were standing in line, an employee came around handing out Hunger Games themed cupcakes. Yes please!

Get in my belly!

The next day was the pool party to celebrate me and our friend Casey's b-day since we're only a day apart. I still wasn't in the party-going mood but I had been looking forward to the pool party for a few weeks and everyone encouraged me to go and have a good time. I'm glad I went, but being that it was my party, it probably looked odd that I was sober and kind of quiet the whole time. I was trying to make the best of it, but just in a funk and sad. But we have a great group of friends who made it a fun day and there were a lot of laughs.

I played 2 rounds of floating beer pong and lost both :(

Oh how I love cake!

Then it was time to pack up and fly up to Connecticut for a few days to spend with the family and pay our last respects to the wonderful man that was my grandpa.

I tried on my brother's hat from his dress blues uniform. I could be a marine right? How about no... I wouldn't last the first 5 minutes of boot camp! So proud of my lil' bro.

 The 6 cousins, it's been forever since we were all together since we're spread out all over the country. 

Back at the house we all got together and took another picture, this time with our grandmother. My mom's going to frame this pic in one of those "grandkids" frames from Kohls and give to her.