Sunday Social ~ All About the Interwebs

Happy Sunday ladies! One more full week until Labor Day Weekend :)

Linkin' up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social..

1. What is the first website you log into every day?

~ I usually scroll through FB and Twitter on my phone on my way to work. On the computer, I usually check my email, bank account, and the style and beauty board which is where all the F&B nesties went after the mass exodus from TN.

2. Give us some funny websites that you visit that we need to know about.

~ Suri's Burn Book if you haven't stumbled upon this yet you can thank me later ;)

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?

~ I browse FB daily, but I really only use it now when I'm bored and am scrolling through and to post pictures. But I loooove Pinterest! So many great ideas and recipes. I could pin all day :)

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why? 

~ Both are new to me in the past year and I love both. I always considered myself "anti-Twitter" but once I joined it for my blog, I've actually begun to like it more than FB. But I really like Instagram and love that it can connect to Twitter. So, Instagram wins by default :-P

5. Favorite YouTube video. Post it!

~ My fav YouTube video is of my H and one of his best friends "rapping" to Warren G's "Regulators" at our wedding. Hilarious!

6. Biggest online pet peeves? ~ I guess my biggest pet peeve is it's so hard to keep up with all the different social medias. I'm super busy all day at work so I don't have to time to read blogs, or keep up with all the posts on Style & Beauty, etc.. I'll check in on the S&B board and feel like I've missed out on a ton of stuff or scroll through Twitter and my news feed just keeps going and going... I wish I had more time to keep up with everything. 

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  1. Love Suri's burn book- too, too funny :) Makes me laugh every time. I'm with you...I wish there was more time to keep up with all the social networking we do!

    Hope the weather stays safe for y'all down there!!