Margarita and Disney Loving Weekend

Margarita and Disney Loving Weekend

Happy Friday and last day of May! I love this time of year, it's the kick off to my favorite season and I love how late it stays light out. H and I enjoyed dinner out on the patio last night and played some cards and we listened to the neighborhood kids playing football and riding bikes. Love it!

Tonight, H is going to our neighbor's for a guy's poker night and I plan on relaxing by the pool with a good book and a Skinny Girl Margarita

Saturday, we are using our last FL resident pass for Disney and going back to Magic Kingdom since we barely scratched the surface when were there in early March. This time we plan on riding Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and staying late for the parade and fireworks. And of course I'll be donning my minnie mouse ears :-D

Sunday, we plan on relaxing by the pool with some frozen drinks and playing some more pool volleyball.(all I can think is "You gotta spike those Focker!") No gymnastics this week though that is for sure... my feet are still healing from last week's mishap. Yipes!

Happy Friday!

My Love for Jet Blue

My Love for Jet Blue

Have I ever expressed my undying love for Jet Blue? Hands down they are my favorite airline and always our #1 choice when booking airfare.

Why do I love them so much? Where do I start?!

~ Mostly direct flights (no layovers!)

~ Free checked bag ... yep haven't paid to check a bag EVER! Any time I'm stuck flying another airline (other than Southwest of course whose bags also fly free) I always cram everything into a carry-on and that takes some serious skills people!

~ Affordable fares

~ More legroom.. we've been so spoiled by flying Jet Blue most of the time, that when we were on a U.S. Airways flight last summer we felt claustrophobic. There seriously is that much more legroom on Jet Blue flights. Stretch out ladies and gents!

~ Dunkin' Donuts coffee on board and it smells ahhh-mazing while they're brewing it.

~ Great destinations... I've flown Jet Blue to go up to CT and NYC, out to Vegas and L.A.,  and we always fly it to the Caribbean for our tropical vacays. 

~ Jet Blue app on my phone, I can use it to check my upcoming flights, check to see if it's on time or delayed, and even check in and scan at security instead of waiting in line for a boarding pass.

~ Personal tv's in every headrest. There are a ton of channels available via DirectTV, movies (which are free on international flights), and Sirius radio. No more lugging around a bulky lap top or mini dvd player to stay occupied during a long flight. 

When we flew to Jamaica the tv's weren't working so they told us we'd receive a credit towards a future flight due to the inconvenience. We figured we wouldn't see it for a while if we did at all, and when we landed back in the states, I checked my Jet Blue app and sure enough there was our credit!

But my love has recently grown even more!

When we were flying home from Punta Cana a few weeks ago, the airport's systems had gone down (which I read on Trip Advisor happens a lot at this airport). And we ended up waiting in line for a couple of hours while they got their systems back up and running. We ended up getting another credit towards future flights which we're hoping to use on a little weekend getaway maybe this fall :)

Their customer service department is wonderful and acts very quickly to resolve any issues. I will always recommend them as my airline of choice.

Who's your favorite airline?

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We're halfway there with a late start to the week, what's there not to love?!

~ I'm loving how H's birthday cake came out for his party

~ I'm loving the watch I got H for his b-day

Limited Edition Guess Tiesto Watch

~ I'm loving that my BFF and I have gotten back on the MyFitnessPal wagon.. time to start keeping track of what I eat again. I've been naughty lately :-P

~ I'm loving that Michael Buble is coming to town later this year.. LOVE him! 

~ I'm loving my recent finds from Pinterest:

~ I'm always loving my silly H

What are YOU loving today?

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3 Day Weekend 30th b-day Celebrations

3 Day Weekend 30th b-day Celebrations

Someone turned 30 this past weekend.... and I made sure he had a big day to remember :)

I started planning his party a few months ago and went back and forth on themes and finally settled on 2 of his favorite things... the Colorado Rockies and Blue Moon beer. Which coincidentally, this year only Blue Moon is serving a special 20th anniversary beer at Coors Field to celebrate the Rockie's 20th year. So, everything was themed around the Rockies and Blue Moon. 

~ 1983 Trivia 

~ Blue Moon cupcakes (thank you Pinterest!)

~ Cigars and beer "cake"

~ Shots were a-flowin'

~ Loved seeing everyone enjoying our new patio/pool area

~ Picture table and "30" card

~ Roxy was EVERYWHERE throughout the party

~ She was the bell of the ball

~ H with some of our neighbors

~ Corn hole and ladder ball

~ Awesome peeps

~ More shots in honor of the birthday boy

~ Blowing out his candles

~ Roxy of course was over near the grill while the food was cooking

~ Corn hole

~ Girls pic

~ Sillyness schmillyness

~ Action shot

~ Twins?!

Emily and her H brought a pack of fireworks which were a ton of fun

~ Can you feel the love?

~ One exhausted doggy... working a party is hard work!

~ Late night dunk fest

~ Let's play pass around the Arbor Mist!

~ Mmmm cake!

Sunday, was a recovery day to say the least. The birthday boy partied his 30th pants off and I must have joined in later on in the night because I felt like poopy on a stick Sunday. Blahh... We were supposed to go to the beach with Emily and some other friends and needless to say we didn't make it :-P

We missed out on what I'm sure was a great beach day, so the saying is definitely true.. ya snooze ya lose.

Monday, we enjoyed our much-needed day off. We got up early and went to Home Depot where H used some of his gift cards and picked up a few things and we got some more plants for around the pool area. Then we spent the rest of the day lounging in the pool, playing pool volleyball, grilling, and enjoying frozen drinks.

~ Daiquiris for the pool

~ Bobber that H got for his b-day

~ Loungin' on a Monday :)

~ H relaxing

~ My gymnastics...

~ Yep no more handstands into the pool (and looks like it's time for a pedicure)

~ Game night on the patio

~ H's new dart board from our neighbors

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Cheers to the official kickoff of Summer

Cheers to the official kickoff of Summer

Cheers to the long holiday weekend and the official kickoff to my favorite season of all SUMMER!

This weekend and season's necessities:

~ Sunscreen and lots of it.. practice safe sun people!

~ I'll be living in a bathing suit.. great motivation to keep it up at the gym

~ Pitchers of margaritas will be common at our pool

~ Pool parties, can't wait to throw my first one for H's b-day tomorrow

~ Skinny Girl cocktails.. I love them all but my favs are the original margarita, the pina colada, and the white peach margarita

~ No more stove cooking, bring it outside and grill

~ Beach days

~ Bud Light Lime is my favorite summertime beer

~ Baseball games, it is America's favorite pastime :)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Punta Cana Bloopers

Punta Cana Bloopers

Not every moment on our Punta Cana trip was picture perfect, some moments were lucky enough to be caught on camera...

On hibachi night H tried catching the food in his mouth when they flipped it in the air.. I tried capturing the catch on film and this is what I got....

Lovely.. H walking behind me down the stairs.. why am I touching my bum?

Always a lady... 

I love and hate this picture.. I love how serious I was about my food on the trip, but I'm saddened by how burnt my face was. Even after practicing safe sun we fried in the Dominican sun. tsk tsk..


My H the cameraman... he's got skills

Melted whipped topping on my poor waffle.. yes ladies it all went to my hips and I enjoyed every bite

Sometimes the "outtakes" provide the best memories

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! We're halfway to a long weekend! I thought this week was going to drag after returning to work after a fabulous vacay, but thankfully it's going quicker than I thought :)

So much to love lately....

~ I'm loving that our pool is finally finished! I'm especially loving the after-work dips :)

Still so surreal!

~ I'm loving that we have a 3 day weekend coming up! Double love that it's the official kick off to the summer!

~ I'm loving that H's 30th b-day is this weekend. Can't wait to celebrate with a pool party :-D

~ I'm loving that H's parents close on their house down here in a few weeks. It'll be great to have some family down here soon :)

~ I'm loving my recent pins on Pinterest:

~ I'm always loving my birthday boy!

What are YOU loving today?

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Punta Cana Recap

Punta Cana Recap

I can't even begin to describe how much I miss Punta Cana! Can someone please take me back there NOW!?

We stayed at the Majestic Colonial on the club side (adults only side) and I can't say enough amazing things about the resort. The resort itself was amazing... everything from the staff to the room to the beach to the pools to the food and the always flowing drinks. Speaking of the drinks.. they weren't typical all-inclusive resort drinks they actually made them right and not watered down. Fantastic!

I felt like we got so much more at this resort than any other resort we've ever stayed at in the past. We upgraded to a club room which honestly wasn't that much more expensive especially for all the extras it includes. Club rooms are on the adults only side of the resort which is new and has 2 adults only pools with swim up bars and day beds to lounge on. There's also an adults only beach with it's own beach bar and servers who come out to your palapa. Perfection! We had a jacuzzi tub in the room which our butler (yes I said butler!) drew a bubble bath for us in one night. We also had 4 liquor bottles and a bottle of champagne in our room free of charge, access to the club lounge which was always stocked with hot and cold food, more booze, water bottles, an espresso machine, free wifi, pretty much the works! Staying on the club side also meant private check in and check out where we were greeted with a freshly popped bottle of champagne and were escorted by our butler to our room. Amazing doesn't even describe the whole experience.

Champagne was the theme at the resort it felt like. We had mimosas every morning at breakfast and were greeted with a glass every night before being seated at dinner. And as soon as you looked like you were half way done, they came by to refill your glass.

~ View from our room

~ Day beds at one of the club pools

~ Main pool

~ My view from our palapa on the beach

~ View from our room at night

~ Yummy blue margaritas

~ H lounging in the bubbler

~ View of one of the club pools

~ Armed with miami vices

~ Our room

~ The bar in our room

~ Jacuzzi tub which was super relaxing

~ Beautiful open air lobby

~ Hibachi night

~ H and I eating dinner at the French resaturant

~ Fabulous raviolis

~ Fire show on hibachi night

~ Steak nom nom nom

~ Eating breakfast was some serious business

~ Mmmm mimosas

~ Dessert is always my fav!

~ Beautiful drink before playing a game of pool at the sports bar (I lost *tear*)

~ Mudslide for me, beer for H

~ Blue Hawaiian for me, coconut rum and coke for H

Another bonus was that the beer served at the resort was Presidente which H really liked. He was bummed last year in Jamaica that he didn't like the beer which was Red Stripe. 

~ I started and finished "Skinnydipping" by Bethenny Frankel which was fiction but seemed just like her life.

~ H in front of the giant feesh

~ Sandy toes

~ Ready for hibachi

~ My handsome H

~ I loved the airport, it was a giant open air palapa

~ We de-planed and reboarded to go home outside

~ Getting ready to fly home (So did NOT want to go home!)

~ View from the plane

I am very unhappy to report that even though I strongly advise practicing safe sun, that both H and I got burned. I used SPF 50 on my face and even reapplied and still fried. I spent a lot of time under the palapa on the beach or the day bed at the pool but the sun there is no joke! If you're heading there, definitely stock up on sunscreen, beach hats, and aloe for afterwards. 

Hands down, this trip was our favorite trip to date. We've been to some amazing places, but the whole experience of this trip from the resort to the beach to the food and the service made this trip our fav :)