Weekend in Pictures

Weekend in Pictures

Another great weekend has come and gone...

Happy hour at home on the patio, sparkly pedicure, shopping, and pool time with the girls. Ooh and I baked cookies!

Loving this maxi dress I picked up at Old Navy with my 20% off coupon. I also picked up H a pair of shorts. I'm such a good wife :)

I picked this up for daiquiris at the pool. Tasty drinks that are also guilt free are a win-win.

You know how when you go on a cruise or any vacation and you collect those souvenir cups to bring home and then never do anything with them again? Well, I decided to put some of our Carnival glasses to good use. It was like being on vacation again (almost!)

Pretty new toes. I got Excuse Moi again from OPI's Muppet Collection again.

Perfect end to a great weekend

Oh and of course I practiced safe sun! Both H and I were slathered in sunscreen, and he also wore a hat out on the golf course. As I predicted, their golf game was a hot mess, but they had fun.. maybe a little too much fun. When the guys met up with us afterward we found them in a 3-way man hug. Can you feel the love? 

Practice Safe Sun!

Practice Safe Sun!

I've read the horror stories in Glamour magazine and even have a grandfather that had melanoma 3 times (thankfully they caught it each time and he's ok). But growing up I never took it seriously that I should wear sunscreen when I was at the beach or laying out at the pool or even just simply playing outside in the sun. My mom was always good about making sure I was wearing sunscreen when I was little, but when I got into high school and college let's just say I was stupid. 

For my senior prom, I got a white dress so of course I thought I needed a tan. So I faked n' baked with a month of unlimited tanning so I wasn't as white as my dress. I continued fake tanning through college as well, not all the time, but my friends and I would sign up for unlimited months from time to time. Thankfully I never looked like Snooki, but it was definitely an unhealthy habit.

Fast forward through several years of laying out at the beach or the pool using tanning oil instead of sunblock, going on vacations where I'd get so burnt that it hurt and I'd end up a peeling mess. 

Exhibit A 
This was after our 1st day at sea on our Southern Caribbean Cruise in 2009. Yipes! 

Super dark at the end of our cruise last summer. Ok... maybe I did look like Snooki sometimes. But in my defense this was after a week in the Caribbean not from tanning beds.

Well, lately I've been breaking out like a teenager, and nothing was helping. Proactiv seemed to help, but then all of a sudden it stopped working. Then I got a Clarisonic last year which I was using with Philosphy's Purity which again seemed to help at first, but my skin only got worse later on. So, I finally decided to see a dermatologist. I also thought it was a good time to finally get a skin cancer screen since I've never had one. The doctor checked me and said everything was looking clear, but then she got to my back and took a picture of something in a spot right below where my bikini top strap would sit. She said she wanted to do a biopsy which kind of freaked me out. I've never had one of those before! I asked what she thought it looked like, and she said Basal Cell Carcinoma. Thankfully, this wouldn't be as serious as melanoma, but man was this a wake up call! I have to wait 3 weeks for the test results, but I have definitely been sobered up that it can happen to me and I need to continue to be more serious about protecting my skin from the sun. Especially now that we live in Florida and we have pool parties and beach outings coming up. 

Tomorrow I have a pool date with some of the girls while H and the guys attempt to play golf haha.. poor guys. They'll have fun I'm sure, but it'll probably be a hot mess. I'll make sure H has on plenty of sunscreen and is wearing a hat, and I'll be covered in sunscreen as well and wearing my hat that I purchased on our last cruise:


Since we smartened up the past few years, we're always well stocked with the spray and the lotion. 

Oh and we'll have some of these too:



Strawberry Daiquiris

How do you practice safe sun?

It's Ok Thursday!

It's Ok Thursday!

Whoo hoo it's already Friday Eve... holla! Haha..

Linking up with Miss Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup.

It's ok that...

~ I lost a few pounds while my stomach was upset for a few days, and I'm sure I've already gained them back. Why... hello new-found appetite! 

~ I was upset there wasn't a new episode of GCB this week

~ I got just a little too giddy when the Yankees beat the Red Sox not once but twice this past weekend. Their come back on Saturday was incredible! 

~ As much as I love living in FL I totally miss hopping on the train and going into the city for a Yankee game. 

~ I'm jealous that my parents got to see the Freedom Tower being built yesterday when they took a trip into said city.

~ The lunatic at my job didn't show up for at least 2 hours last week without calling and everyone at the office was super excited that it may be it for her. Then when she showed up we were all like.. dang it! One can dream right?

~ I'm absolutely disgusted that the Kardashians just signed a $40 million dollar contract for 3 more seasons of their mindless show. When will this money hungry and attention seeking family with zero talent and a daughter with a leaked sex tape go away?! Do the execs at E! not read any of the comments at the bottom of every single article featuring this family? Man alive.. boggles my mind. 

~ I actually like Justin Bieber's new song. He sounds just like Justin Timberlake! I grew up in the Backstreet Boys and NSync era... so this will always appeal to me :-P

~ I'm totally taking the night off from cooking. H can man the grill :-D

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yay! It's already time for my mid-week link up with Jamie from This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. Hop on over and join in on the fun :) 

I'm loving that after days of stomach pains I think I'm finally feeling better. (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself)

I'm loving that friends of ours from CT are putting their house on the market and are also making the jump to moving down south.

I'm loving that my adorable bulldog is curled up at my feet as I blog 

I'm loving that the girls will be hanging poolside enjoying margs and daiquiris while the guys attempt golfing this weekend. 

I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest:

I'm always loving my amazing H

What are you loving today? 

Fiesta Fiesta!

Fiesta Fiesta!

The fiesta that is known as the weekend is almost over *tear* However, I recently picked up Essie's Fiesta and painted my nails to help cheer myself up a bit that tomorrow is Monday. 

It came out brighter than I thought. I was picturing it to come out darker, but I'm glad it was this bright. Plus it only took 2 coats! :)

On Friday, H and I went to happy hour with another couple. We enjoyed some beers, cheese fries, and salad... had to throw the salad in there to not feel too guilty 0:-)

We had a round of Fruity Pebbles beer shots. It was a combination of different fruity beers that made it taste like the cereal... YUM!

Me with the 2 Rockies fans

I did not partake in the car bombs at the Irish pub after not taking too kindly to them on St. Patricks Day

We had a lazy rainy Saturday, and just picked up some iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts where I found this fabulous sign. Then we headed off to Super Target to do our weekly grocery shopping before heading home to curl up on the couch and watch movies. 

Today, I haven't been feeling well and was having a terrible stomach ache. I was getting nervous that I was coming down with the ever so dreaded stomach bug. But thankfully I was hungry for dinner, and ate some and it stayed down. H ran out and got me some gingerale which also seems to be helping. I was able to do a load of laundry, but other than that I was in bed or on the couch all day with magazines and watching movies. 

Not looking forward to tomorrow... but the sooner it's over the closer next weekend will be :)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! 

It's Ok Thursday

It's Ok Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! Linkin' up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Ok Thursday.

It's ok that...

~ I've been wearing my hair up all week because I've been too lazy to blow dry it. Plus my ends are damaged enough.. time for a haircut!

~ I found my 1st scorpion and screamed for H to kill it!

~ I am the worst player ever on Draw Something... absolutely terrible! But I'm sure it's quite humorous to others :-P

~ I'm loving Lauren Conrad's new book "The Fame Game" Yes.. I'm 28 lol

~ I've been spending my evenings after work this week playing catch up on the DVR

~ Crave a margarita in the middle of the day.. on the rocks with no salt please!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Already time for my hump day link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving my catch up time with my DVR. Man alive I watch too much tv :-P

I'm loving all things Disney lately! I've officially been bitten by the Disney bug. We went to Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney last week and now H is talking a possible Disney cruise in the fall. Bring on the hunt for the mouse ears!

I'm loving my latest Pinterest finds:

I'm always loving my amazing H