Lovely Long Weekend

I'm only halfway through my long weekend, but we've been enjoying every second of it. Having a few extra days off makes such a huge difference and I already feel so refreshed especially knowing we've got 2 more days! :-D

Yesterday, I went for my free massage and man oh man did I need it! As I mentioned in yesterday's post I've been super stressed lately and have been getting horrendous headaches for a few weeks. The masseuse said I was really knotted up and hit a few pressure points that triggered my headaches and worked the kinks out. I am proud to report that today I am headache free! *yay* 

It was such a beautiful day, that H and I got in some pool time after I got back from my much needed massage.

I used my beautiful new bag that I won from La Mia Bella Vita's giveaway. 

No beach/pool bag is complete without sunscreen and good reading material.

Later on, we had some friends come over to cook out and relax on the patio. We picked up a new tiki torch and some food for grilling, and I made everyone's favorite: buffalo chicken dip YUM!

Our friends brought over some almond flavored champagne which tasted like there was a hint of amaretto in it double YUM!


After we ate, there was a few intense matches of fooseball in which I can proudly announce I beat H.. again 0:-)

It was a great night, getting to know new friends over laughs and yummy champagne. Even Roxy had a good time and was still exhausted today hence exhibit A:

Silly Doggy

Now, it's time for us to go pick up H's parents at the airport. I can't wait to hear their stories from their flight since they haven't flown in over 30 years. 

Happy Easter Eve! :)

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  1. That bag is SO cute! Congrats on winning! And I love that you're reading Bethanny Frankel's book - how is it??