It's Ok Thursday!

Whoo hoo it's already Friday Eve... holla! Haha..

Linking up with Miss Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup.

It's ok that...

~ I lost a few pounds while my stomach was upset for a few days, and I'm sure I've already gained them back. Why... hello new-found appetite! 

~ I was upset there wasn't a new episode of GCB this week

~ I got just a little too giddy when the Yankees beat the Red Sox not once but twice this past weekend. Their come back on Saturday was incredible! 

~ As much as I love living in FL I totally miss hopping on the train and going into the city for a Yankee game. 

~ I'm jealous that my parents got to see the Freedom Tower being built yesterday when they took a trip into said city.

~ The lunatic at my job didn't show up for at least 2 hours last week without calling and everyone at the office was super excited that it may be it for her. Then when she showed up we were all like.. dang it! One can dream right?

~ I'm absolutely disgusted that the Kardashians just signed a $40 million dollar contract for 3 more seasons of their mindless show. When will this money hungry and attention seeking family with zero talent and a daughter with a leaked sex tape go away?! Do the execs at E! not read any of the comments at the bottom of every single article featuring this family? Man alive.. boggles my mind. 

~ I actually like Justin Bieber's new song. He sounds just like Justin Timberlake! I grew up in the Backstreet Boys and NSync era... so this will always appeal to me :-P

~ I'm totally taking the night off from cooking. H can man the grill :-D


  1. "I actually like Justin Bieber's new song. He sounds just like Justin Timberlake!"

    he really does. in fact i thought JT had blessed us all with a comback to music when i first heard it (a girl can dream)

  2. I totally agree, I used to love the kardashians and now this whole Kim deal has completely grossed me out to the point of not wanting to watch their show ever again. They obviously didn't get the memo

  3. I completely agree on the Kardashian thing. I never watched their show but I would watch them if I ever saw them on something, watched the wedding too, but once she got a divorce after 72 days (which I fully believe wasn't real to begin with), I lost all respect. Anytime I see something of them, even articles online, I won't read it.

  4. The Kardashians drive me insane too. I want to cringe every time I see them or hear about them! :O
    Dropping by from WILW. :)