Last Hurrah of Summer

Last Hurrah of Summer

... no it's not what you think... I'm totally not giving up on summer just yet! Even if I still lived in CT, I would be enjoying every last drop of warm weather and refusing to accept fall until the calendar told me to do so on September 22nd.

But we partied in Miami last weekend and this weekend we are heading to St. Pete with a few other couples to celebrate Labor Day Weekend. After this weekend, H and I are tapping out so we can finally relax after having such hectic past couple of weeks... sandwiched between all the madness H went to Dallas for work and I was super bummed that I couldn't tag along since I'm still so new at my job and wasn't able to go meet the fabulously hilarious Helene.

The whole time he was away every.single.noise made me act like this:

So ready for another weekend away with friends... drinking on the beach, BBQ'ing, and making memories.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend! :)

Viva La Juicy Noir

Viva La Juicy Noir

If you're like me and your nose is a huge fan of Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy La Fleur then you're going to love their latest Viva fragrance....

Viva La Juicy Noir

I'm also a sucker for their beautiful packaging.... love the bottles and the beautiful bows. So classy and girly.

So I ventured into my local Sephora on my lunch break *typical* and was excited to finally try it out. The bottle is beautiful and it smells amazing. It smells very similar to Viva La Juicy, just not as sweet. I think it would make the perfect fall and winter scent as I always felt the original Viva La Juicy was the perfect summer scent. My bottle of Viva La Juicy La Fleur literally just arrived in the mail yesterday, so I resisted the temptation to pick up a bottle of the Noir, but it's definitely on my list of must-haves once it starts to get cooler here in a few months :)

After spraying it on, I was able to picture myself wearing it while enjoying some champagne....

A little more shopping never hurt...

A little more shopping never hurt...

I've been blessed to go on a lot of shopping hauls lately with gift cards from my birthday and last but certainly not least I picked up a few things from Kohls and Bath & Body Works.

Picked up these Simply Vera sandals on clearance

Lauren Conrad tank *love Lauren!*

Finally picked up a pretty frame to display one of our honeymoon photos...3 years later!

Bath & Body Works' 3 wick candles are my favs! I have a bunch of them all over the house, and I have yet to pay full price for any of them. Picked these 2 up this past weekend during their 2 for $22 sale... Autumn and Cider Donut.. YUM!

Some Tory Burch Love

Some Tory Burch Love

On the way home from Miami on Sunday, we stopped to do some shopping and I finally picked up my birthday gift from H.

Even her shopping bags are purrrrty

Love my new Thora Tumbled Leather Sandals

I originally had my heart set on the Miller Sandals, but ended up changing my mind in the store since they didn't have my size in black and I wanted them in black with the gold emblem. 

Love my new sandals and my sweet H!

Welcome to Miami!

Welcome to Miami!

Just getting back from Miami and still finding sand everywhere... such an awesome weekend :)

Can't express enough how much I love that Miami is only a couple hours away by car and now I have the itch to return more frequently....

~ Finally got my free birthday Starbucks drink... skinny vanilla latte YUM!

~ Painted my nails with Essie's "The More the Merrier"  and added silver sparkles to my ring fingers

~ Mimosas before hitting the road

~ Pool at our hotel

~ Finally hitting the beach

~ The water is so much more blue there than in central FL

~ 1st time hitting up South Beach with H

~ Miami Vices in the pool... must have in Miami

~ Silly boys

~ Even sillier boys

~ After effects of the coconut vodka

~ Marlins Ballpark

~ 3rd Rockies game together

~ Got to meet some of the Rockies players

~ Clevelander

~ Breakfast at the Catalina before heading back home

Anthem for the weekend.. never gets old

All 4 of us at breakfast

Stopped off at Tory Burch to pick up my b-day gift

Linkin' up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans, hop on over and share your weekend with us!

Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh

Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh

Party in the city where the heat is on...

All night on the beach til the break of dawn..

I'm going to Miami.. welcome to Miami!

Back for H's 30th b-day friends of ours gifted him with tickets to see his Rockies play the Marlins so we're all heading down to Miami to stay in South Beach and then go to the game... can't friggin' wait!!

Definitely continuing the b-day celebrations from last weekend and I still plan on donning my sash for some free drinks! 0:-)

Best part of the new Marlins ballpark... is they have a Clevelander in it! YES!

Clevelander at Marlins Ballpark

Backin' that azz up with Whitney for the 1st time, come back it up with us!

Happy Friday!

Birthday Goodies

Birthday Goodies

Sick of hearing about my big 3-0 birthday yet? Well... I'm almost done recapping it... almost!

Lots and lots of b-day goodies from family and friends...

Finally got my Mariano Rivera shirt BEFORE he retires!

Luke Bryan sounds great in my car on repeat

Disney movies are always welcomed with open arms :)

Cute package from my college roomie

Towel combining 2 of my favs... my Yanks and Disney

I also got several gift cards, bottles of liquor *which needless to say were consumed during my party when we all had endless shots*, have been enjoying many yummy cups of coffee at Dunkin' and Starbucks, and went on a shopping spree at Express courtesy of my BFF:

Cute wristlet (can't find it online)

Stretch Cotton Skater Dress

Scoop Back Slub Dress that I plan on wearing as a bathing suit cover up

Mesh Baseball Tee

I also ordered my Viva La Juicy La Fleur with a gift card from my parents:

... and I plan on stopping in the Tory Burch store in Miami this weekend hopefully to pick up my big present from H and I still have a few gift cards that are burning a hole in my purse that I can't wait to use :-)

Sephora Birthday Goodies

Sephora Birthday Goodies

I look forward to Sephora's b-day gifts every year. My best friend's b-day is in January so she always lets me know what the new gift is for the year and I end up having to wait another 8 months! When she told me what it was this year I was super excited! Every Benefit product I've ever tried has been amazing so I was looking forward to trying Watts Up and getting another tube of They're Real mascara (which I absolutely love and have been majorly slacking on posting a review).

So, I headed over to Sephora to pick up the Philosophy Birthday Cake bubble bath for my giveaway, blush in guava glow, and my free b-day gift.

The freebie tube of mascara appears to be bigger than the tube I already owned :)

What did you think of this year's birthday gift from Sephora?

Birthday Shenanigans

Birthday Shenanigans

What a crazy whirlwind birthday weekend! I'm officially the big 3-0... yipes!

Speaking of my birthday... today is the last day to enter my birthday goody-bag giveaway. Get on over there and start entering! Lots of great prizes to be won, and each prize is it's own separate giveaway which significantly increases your chances of winning at least one ;-)

~ Sephora b-day goodies

~ Birthday pedicure

~ Birthday massage gifted to me by some fabulous ladies including Emily :)

~ Pomegranate martini at lunch with a friend

~ Chocolate mousse dessert YUM!

~ My H threw me a 30 and Fabulous party.. everything was pink and fabulous!

~ My favorite part was my beautiful cake

~ Tebowing always ensues when these 2 get together

I even donned a "Birthday Diva" sash which I fully intend on wearing in Miami next weekend. Maybe I'll get some free drinks out of it? Maybe...

Great pic by Emily :)

H even arranged for Cathy (Pivs) to surprise me

Lots and lots of shots were made

Closed out the weekend watching my Yanks vs. the Bo-Sux love how they always play a series on my b-day weekend :-D

Linkin' up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans, hop on over and share your weekend with us!

Happy Birthday-Eve!

Happy Birthday-Eve!

Happy Friday!!! Today is my "birthday eve", I can't believe it! What I really can't believe is it's the last day of my 20's and I'm turning the big 3-0 tomorrow. Yipes!

Speaking of my birthday... have you entered my birthday goody-bag giveaway yet? If not... get on over there and start entering! Lots of great prizes to be won, and each prize is it's own separate giveaway which significantly increases your chances of winning at least one ;-)

Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and celebration...

Going for a spa pedicure today, and tomorrow one of my friends is whisking me away for a surprise while H gets ready for the party at the house. Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow with friends, I'm sure the Skinny Girl cocktails and 3 Olives Cake will be flowing....

30th B-Day Goody Bag Giveaway

30th B-Day Goody Bag Giveaway

It's officially my birthday week, I have less than a week left in my 20's... eeek! In celebration, I've teamed up with several amazing bloggers to host a goody bag giveaway, a fabulous idea that Jenn from Party of One came up with a few months ago for her birthday. Too good not to repeat!

Since you're here visiting my blog in celebration of my birthday week, you're probably enjoying a nice glass of wine (or coffee if you're catching up on blogs at work) and before you leave this lil' party you have the opportunity to walk away with one of many fabulous goodies.

Each blogger below is giving away a great prize that we would all love to win, and each prize is it's own giveaway. So essentially, you could win more than one of the great prizes and  your chances of winning at least one prize is much higher than a normal giveaway. The best part is you get to meet a bunch of new fabulous bloggers in the process! :)

Now.. time to meet the lovely ladies and their prizes:

Emily from Martinis & Bikinis


Pam from Yes it is, Kevin


Part of the reason I started following Kate is our common interests, so what could be more appropriate for a giveaway celebrating her birthday than items to reflect that? $15 Sephora gift card, $10 Starbucks gift card (okay, maybe this is my own obsession), and a bulldog wine stopper.

Hannah from Just Call me Haha


Shannon from Page: Twenty-Two

Shannon is giving away a free blog design from her design site and the winner will receive the diamond package. 





Kristen @ Joyful Ramblings


Katie from Perfectly Us


It wouldn't be a birthday goody bag giveaway without something from the birthday girl now would it?

Good luck everyone and thank you to the fabulous ladies who participated in helping make this giveaway amazing! 

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee!