Happy Birthday-Eve!

Happy Friday!!! Today is my "birthday eve", I can't believe it! What I really can't believe is it's the last day of my 20's and I'm turning the big 3-0 tomorrow. Yipes!

Speaking of my birthday... have you entered my birthday goody-bag giveaway yet? If not... get on over there and start entering! Lots of great prizes to be won, and each prize is it's own separate giveaway which significantly increases your chances of winning at least one ;-)

Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and celebration...

Going for a spa pedicure today, and tomorrow one of my friends is whisking me away for a surprise while H gets ready for the party at the house. Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow with friends, I'm sure the Skinny Girl cocktails and 3 Olives Cake will be flowing....


  1. Hope you have a great birthday weekend!! :)

  2. Have a lovely birthday and enjoy the weekend celebrations!
    Jade x


  3. Happy Birthday, Kate! I hope it's a great one. Mine was on the 13th. ;) xo

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's wonderful! :)

    PS…I got your comment and accidentally deleted it. I HATE when I do that. lol But thanks for the sweet comment anyway! ;)

  5. Just found your blog!Love it!
    Happy birthday!Hope you have a great day! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  6. Aw, have a great birthday weekend!!!


  7. Well if yesterday was your birthday eve, that makes today your birthday! So happy birthday! And yay, because today is *my* birthday eve! Hurray for leos!