Weekend Margarita Shenanigans

Another fun summer weekend bites the dust *sigh*

~ Painted my nails with Essie's Miami Nice

~ Made white chocolate chip pancakes from scratch for breakfast on the patio

~ Enjoyed some pool time on the sun shelf before heading to Margarita Fest downtown

~ Lots of tequila and margaritas to sample

~ Such a fun day.. but it downpoured and my hair went from looking nice and cute when we left to Monica Geller's hair on Friends when they were in Barbados. It seriously grew several inches.. it was time for the always trusty handy dandy ponytail :-P

~ Said goodbye to the one who always without fail lifts me up in the air whenever he sees me. He's moving to San Francisco in a few weeks. Such an amazing city to relocate to.. but super expensive!

~ I even performed magic tricks.. well what seemed like magic tricks after sampling tequila and margaritas all afternoon. It was duct tape kids.. I'm sorry to say my letter from Hogwarts never came so this is the best you'll get..

~ Sampled both the Passion Fruit and Coconut flavors of the Margaritaville tequila.. both are YUM!

Skirt & top are from Express | Sandals are from VS | F21 necklace | Watch is Michael Kors

Sunday, we went over to H's parents' new house and lounged in their pool and played with their adorable basset hound that I call "pupperz" which of course made Miss Roxy all jealous. 

Linkin' up with the fabulous Sami for Weekend Shenanigans, hop on over and share your weekend with us!

Also, make sure and hop on over to Kaity's blog. I teamed up with Kaity along with some other fabulous ladies and we are giving away a gift card to Marriott hotels for one last summer getaway. You definitely don't want to miss out!


  1. Hey girl! New reader and fan here :) Your weekend looked amazing and thank you for referencing Friends!

  2. I am ALWAYS jealous of your weekends!! Looks like so much fun. All I did was lay in bed and eat haha!

  3. Margarita fest looks like a lot of fun.. minus the rain! Hopefully the weekends start getting more sunny and less rainy sooon!

  4. looks like a great weekend...and I ALWAYS get Monica hair...why do you think I had to move off the east coast hahaha

  5. SHARK WEEK!!! :)

    And that Monica hair pic made me lol. Downside to rain for sure! Otherwise, looked like fun!