By New Years Challange

By New Years Challange

I work out on a regular basis (4-5 times a week) and I switch up my workouts from cardio at the gym to spin classes to strength training, abs, and light cardio and I have still hit a plateau. I was losing about a pound a week for a few months and I kind of just stopped in the past several weeks and hover around the same weight. I'll lose half a pound and then gain it back.... it's a vicious cycle :-P

So, I decided to get serious about reaching my goal (which is another 12 pounds) and gave myself a goal and a reward if I reach my goal which is to amp up my workouts and eat better so I lose those last pesky 12 pounds by New Years. Instead of waiting until New Years to make it my resolution, I'd like to have reached my goal by New Years. At this point it would be about a pound a week which is how I was doing for a while until we went on our cruise a little over a month ago. Other than going on the cruise, I haven't changed my lifestyle at all and have continued eating the same and working out just as hard, but I still hit my weight loss plateau that so many experience.

I'm sure by now you're all sick of hearing me talk about how bad I want a pair of those gorgeous red soled Louboutins, but surprise surprise that's my reward if I reach my goal. I just can't justify spending that amount of money for no reason, so I decided that I won't feel guilty if I purchase them because I reached an important goal of mine. I talked it over with H and he thinks I'm ridiculous in both aspects.. trying to lose weight (as every loving H wonders why his wife wants to lose weight) and that I want some Loubies. He said it's bad that he starts pointing out the red soles on tv now whenever we see them, because I talk about them that much! But he knows how long I've wanted a pair and understands that this would be a great way to reward myself and that it'll make me happy. He's such a good H! :0)

But of course once I set this goal, one of my marketing reps at work brought in what he called "dessert" and I just couldn't resist.


But I've decided that if I reach my goal I'd like to invest in a classic pair of Loubies which would be either a black heel or a nude heel. 

or the Black Rolando pump

Does anyone else have any goals they'd like to reach before the new year? Fitness? Financial? Social? Work related? If you're at a place where there is something you'd really like to achieve, but just haven't made the effort yet? Give yourself a great reward and something to strive for and look forward to. It'll be that much more rewarding in the end. I promise! 

Ok I solemnly swear not to mention Louboutins again for several more posts. *Mischief Managed*

Wardrobe Wants Wednesday

Wardrobe Wants Wednesday

I haven't been able to shop for clothes in what feels like forever, so I feel like everything I see.. I want.

I'd love love love a pair of black skinny jeans

This Kate Spade About Town Idiom Bangle

This Bow Waist Pleated Skirt from Forever 21

This Burnout Flyaway Cardigan from Express

This Flared Maxi Skirt from Express

This Breezy Blouse from Old Navy that all the regulars on the nest fashion & beauty board have been going nuts over. It's super cute and looks super comfy too.

This  Ruched Open Front Boyfriend Blazer by Lauren Conrad at Kohls. Not only do I love Lauren, but I adore her style as well and love this blazer! I found this on Miss K's Love Lipstick and Pearl's Blog under her recent purchases. I loved everything she's purchased, but this really stood out as something I'd like to jump on.

We're still trying to make purchases for the house, but I'm sure I can squeeze in a few wardrobe purchases in the next few weeks ;0)

Bethenny's at it Again!

Bethenny's at it Again!

My girl Bethenny is at it again! After taking over North America with her genius invention of the Skinny Girl Margarita she came out with the next best thing which was the Skinny Girl Sangria. Now she's releasing.. wait for it.....

Skinny Girl White Cranberry Cosmo

<3 her!

I wonder what she'll come out with next.. before we know we'll never have to drink a calorie filled cocktail again. I love that the skinny cocktail trend is spreading to most restaurant menus and is becoming pretty mainstream. 

Weekend Decorating

Weekend Decorating

So sad to see another beautiful weekend come to an end, but H and I got to relax as we didn't have much going on compared to the last several weekends. We did a lot of cleaning and decorating of our new home. We realized we still didn't have much hanging up on the walls and had a ton of stuff in boxes still, so we went through them and starting taking more things out and getting creative ideas of what we'll be doing with the empty rooms.

We recently ordered this sofa table from to go behind the couch in the family room

We ordered it last Sunday and it arrived on Thursday. Super quick shipping and it was also really easy to assemble. As of right now, we've put a candle (candle and candle plate from Pottery Barn), our wedding invitation frame (from Kate Spade), and a vase of fake roses. The flowers are from Walmart and the stones we're using as a filler are from Ikea. 

I'm also really excited that I was able to get the 8x10 Kate Spade frame from Bed, Bath, & Beyond on sale from $99 to $44. Then on top of that I used a 20% off coupon for our entire purchase which means I only paid $35 for a $99 frame! Jackpot! The Kate Spade June Lane line is what we got for our wedding china, so I was so happy to be able to match our wedding invitation frame and 8x10 frame to our china pattern. It's a truly beautiful set and great quality.

This is our Kate Spade June Lane china and stemware set:

So pretty! Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy some beautiful weather. H and I will be spending the remainder of the evening watching football and possibly peeking in on all the shows I have the DVR set to record. I'm excited about the new show Pan Am that airs tonight at 10:00. 

White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day

Happy 1st official day of fall. For all those out there jumping the gun on the season changing from summer to fall a few weeks ago, I just wonder how many of them are going to be complaining about the long winter and where summer is? I'll happily remind them they decided to sweep it under the rug before it's time ran out in September. There a lot of misconceptions when Labor Day rolls around the first Monday of every September. The first being that summer is over (*tear*) and the second is that you can no longer wear the color white.

I for one moved down south to extend the summer like weather and escape the bitterly cold winters. But traditionally in the northeast which is where I grew up, there was an outdated tradition which is the summer whites come out from only Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Where did this ridiculous outdated tradition come from? The answer is that it all started with America's high society who dressed for the summer season which was their social season. If it was the summer, they were no longer in the city, but out at their beach or country home. And the popular choice for clothing was white since it reflected the sun and kept you cooler, but once they returned to the city and the weather cooled, they changed their wardrobe back to darker and heavier fabrics. This lifestyle and clothing choices were great if you were a part of the high society who lived this way, but for the rest of civilization, times have changed and the rule certainly doesn't apply.

The key is to "winterize" your whites and take your white pieces from summer to fall and eventually to winter.

*Ignore the 2010 in this pic and pretend it says 2011* :-P

For example, take your white jeans and pair them with cute riding boots and a jacket instead of sandals and a tank top. Or add a scarf for even more of a cooler weather effect. 

Cute for fall

Cute for winter

But when you live in the south, and it's still in the mid 90's well after Labor Day (and for those of you in TX and AZ in the 100's) there's no need to winterize your whites. I've never followed any silly rules and dress for the weather outside not what it says on the calendar. 

Exhibit A:

So wear your whites and wear them proud! Don't bury them begrudgingly in the back of your closets or bottoms of your dresser drawers until Memorial Day. Just dress for the weather in your area. If it's still hot out dress comfortably, and if it's starting to get chilly where you are start pairing your whites with some heavier pieces and boots. Oh how I miss boots.... I love the weather here, but I have a hankering to wear some boots, but it's still just too hot out for that. 

My Top 5 Vacation Spots

My Top 5 Vacation Spots

I'm linking up to Joyful Rambling's blog to do my top 5 vacation spots of places I've been.


Cancun, Mexico

My favorite thing about Cancun was the gorgeous water and the waves! Most of the Caribbean islands I've been to have beautiful water, but alas no waves :0(

Jet Skiing on our ATV and Jet Ski excursion

Our beautiful hotel the GR Solaris

Before our sunset dinner cruise in Playa Del Carmen

~*Las Vegas*~

H and I at the Hoover Dam

In the infinity pool at Bare Pool at the Mirage

On top of the Palms at Ghostbar

The rhythm will get you

~*Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas*~

We loved this ship! It left out of San Juan and stopped in Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, and St. Thomas

 Vivaldi Dining Room on the ship

Breaking it down on deck 3

2nd Formal Night

Getting off the ship in Dominica


Western Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Dream

I just did 7 extensive posts on this trip (one for each day)

But the highlights were the ship itself, ziplining in Honduras, and the pool at the end of the pier in Costa Maya. 


Of course my all time favorite trip was our honeymoon to....


Our resort as we pulled up to the island by boat

Our honeymoon bure (villa)

Our private spa tub 

Our outdoor rock shower

Hiking to the waterfalls at Bouma National Park

My MOH bought me these flip flops

Dinner in the beach hut

Snorkeling the South Pacific: AMAZING

Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick

Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick

Kate Spade just came out with their very first lipstick collection that features four universally flattering shades in a smooth moisturizing formula. I'm not even a big lipstick wearer, but I'm super excited about this!

You can find the line here at


Fuscia Fete


Pop Art Pink

Bashful Blush

These are such beautiful rich shades! I think I'm going to test out Adventurous first :0)

They also have a line of makeup bags and other various accessories.

<3 Kate Spade