By New Years Challange

I work out on a regular basis (4-5 times a week) and I switch up my workouts from cardio at the gym to spin classes to strength training, abs, and light cardio and I have still hit a plateau. I was losing about a pound a week for a few months and I kind of just stopped in the past several weeks and hover around the same weight. I'll lose half a pound and then gain it back.... it's a vicious cycle :-P

So, I decided to get serious about reaching my goal (which is another 12 pounds) and gave myself a goal and a reward if I reach my goal which is to amp up my workouts and eat better so I lose those last pesky 12 pounds by New Years. Instead of waiting until New Years to make it my resolution, I'd like to have reached my goal by New Years. At this point it would be about a pound a week which is how I was doing for a while until we went on our cruise a little over a month ago. Other than going on the cruise, I haven't changed my lifestyle at all and have continued eating the same and working out just as hard, but I still hit my weight loss plateau that so many experience.

I'm sure by now you're all sick of hearing me talk about how bad I want a pair of those gorgeous red soled Louboutins, but surprise surprise that's my reward if I reach my goal. I just can't justify spending that amount of money for no reason, so I decided that I won't feel guilty if I purchase them because I reached an important goal of mine. I talked it over with H and he thinks I'm ridiculous in both aspects.. trying to lose weight (as every loving H wonders why his wife wants to lose weight) and that I want some Loubies. He said it's bad that he starts pointing out the red soles on tv now whenever we see them, because I talk about them that much! But he knows how long I've wanted a pair and understands that this would be a great way to reward myself and that it'll make me happy. He's such a good H! :0)

But of course once I set this goal, one of my marketing reps at work brought in what he called "dessert" and I just couldn't resist.


But I've decided that if I reach my goal I'd like to invest in a classic pair of Loubies which would be either a black heel or a nude heel. 

or the Black Rolando pump

Does anyone else have any goals they'd like to reach before the new year? Fitness? Financial? Social? Work related? If you're at a place where there is something you'd really like to achieve, but just haven't made the effort yet? Give yourself a great reward and something to strive for and look forward to. It'll be that much more rewarding in the end. I promise! 

Ok I solemnly swear not to mention Louboutins again for several more posts. *Mischief Managed*

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