Carnival Dream Day 7

I'm finally done reviewing our trip on the Carnival Dream that left out of Port Canaveral.

Day 1: Set Sail from Port Canaveral
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico
Day 4: Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras
Day 5: Belize City, Belize
Day 6: Costa Maya, Mexico
Day 7: At Sea
Day 8: Back in Port Canaveral

Our last day aboard the fun ship was spent at sea. After our last cruise (which was a Southern Caribbean cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas out of San Juan, Puerto Rico) H and I decided that we highly prefer our last day on a cruise spent at sea then in port somewhere. On our Southern Caribbean cruise, we spent our last day in St. Thomas and St. John and arrived back in San Juan early the next morning, and we were exhausted and didn't feel relaxed and refreshed like you should at the end of a wonderful vacay. We loved that this itinerary on the Carnival Dream gave us an at sea day at the end so we could just relax on board the ship before returning home.

On our last day, we woke up earlier than usual to go to the Scarlett Dining Room to be served breakfast instead of ordering room service or going up to the overcrowded buffet on the Lido deck. Breakfast was delicious, and we sat with several different older couples who were a lot of fun to talk to, and it turned out one of the couples was in the balcony room right next to us! Too funny...

We then made our way up to the pool to soak up the last of the Caribbean sun and enjoy our last day of fruity drinks with umbrellas in them served by our favorite cocktail server Jeger who was the spittin' image of my close friend "The Funky Bunch".

Side view shot of Jeger (I felt too much like a creeper to actually ask to take a decent pic of him) All I could think is how weird would it sound to be like, "Excuse me, but we've been sitting in your section of the back pool all week because we think you look just like one of our friends back home, can we please take your picture so we have proof?" Yeah... ummm.. no.. 

H with the real Funky Bunch

Trying to enjoy our last day despite being depressed that our wonderful voyage was almost over

The waves hitting the boat on our last day were insane! I've never felt a cruise ship move so much as it did that last day. Thanks Hurricane Irene! 

Despite being really nervous about how I'd feel on the cruise after suffering from Labyrinthitis last fall/winter, I did very well the whole cruise and even for the most part on our last day. I did great all day, even though the boat was rocking A LOT, and we were walking slanted down the halls. I didn't start to feel really off until we were at dinner last night. I took some Bonine at dinner, but could barely touch my food, and ended up having to leave to go back to the room much to my dismay as I wanted to enjoy our last night with our awesome waiters. H was really sweet though, and brought me up some of the Chocolate Melting Cake after he and our friends were done eating. I wasn't so much nauseous as I was feeling really off. I went back out and went to the show with H and our friends, but we left the show early, and that's when we discovered that a lot of people were getting sick in various places on the ship from being motion sick. Despite being grossed out, I realized how thankful I was that my stomach was doing so well, and that no one in our group was suffering from motion sickness. But man, that last night sure was rough. The ship was creaking and making those sounds that you hear on "Titanic" when the ship was sinking in the movie. I knew we weren't sinking, but those noises are eerie. We had to shut our bathroom door and all the cabinets so they wouldn't continually swing open all night. 

Our last towel creation from our wonderful room steward

Beautiful last sunset

Our awesome waiters Jean and I Kumang

I can't believe how dark I was at the end of the cruise, especially compared to how pale I was when we set sail just a week before. 

In conclusion, it was an amazing trip and we were so sad to see it end, but the best part was sharing it with our close friends from back in CT that we don't get to spend much time with anymore. The ship was wonderful and had a lot of great features since it was so new and so big. Our waitstaff and room steward rocked, and I loved our cruise director so much I want to follow him to his next ship, the Carnival Magic. 

Our ports of call were awesome, except for Belize City, Belize. If we ever end up there on a cruise stop again, I will definitely book an excursion, as the port area is really run down and not much going on. Ziplining in Honduras and relaxing at the pool in Costa Maya were the highlights of the trip. Can't wait to go ziplining again! 


  1. Aaaahhh!! I'm so jealous!!! We've been dying to go on another cruise and this isn't helping looking at all your amazing pictures!!! The little towel friends are the best huh?! And also getting your room cleaned like 7 times a day!! Lol! Glad you had such a great time! And congrats on the new car btw!! :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip, K! Thanks for sharing!!

    I've always wanted to go on a cruise, but, your explanation of what the boat was like on your last night there is the main reason I'm too chicken to go! I'm terrified of being sea sick the whole time! Ahhh, maybe someday...we'll see!

    PS - you need to add your email address to your blog! Every time I go to respond to the comments you leave me, I always realize I can't b/c it says '' Just an FYI in case you didn't know! I like replying when people comment, and it makes me sad when I can't. ;)

  3. Thanks ladies! Cruises are hands down my favorite way to travel.

    Erika, don't get freaked out by thinking that every cruise will rock like that. That was a one in a million chance that that happened. Of all the cruises I've been on, I have never felt motion like that. Usually you can't even tell you're on a boat. It just so happened that we were only a few hours behind Hurricane Irene as we headed back up the east coast to Port Canaveral the last day. Up until the last day, I barely felt the boat move at all.

    As for my email thing, I had no idea that meant people couldn't respond! I didn't know if I liked having my email address out there like that, how does this work? I'd love for people to be able to respond after I post on their blogs.