Cheers to the long weekend

Cheers to the long weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
1. I caught these MK wedges on sale, and went back and forth on whether or not to pull the trigger. I did the classic add to them to my cart, proceed to check out, and then found myself x'ing out. The next morning I woke up still thinking about them, and decided to go for it to have them in time for my upcoming cruise. They're still on sale, and you can pick them up for an extra 15% off the sale price with offer code MEMDAY.
Michael Kors Damita Wedges in Coral Reef

2. Remember this dress that I raved about here? Well, I loved it so much I went back and picked it up in Bright Tamale as well at 30% off + an additional 15% off for bringing back an old receipt with the survey code. Those surveys print up at the bottom of all their receipts, take a few minutes to fill them out for 15% off your next visit! Plus don't forget 40% off everything at Express this holiday weekend!
Strapless Handkerchief Hem Dress in Celestial Blue and Bright Tamale 

3. As if I needed another reason to love the Becca cosmetics line, a new limited edition Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Palette and Eyeshadow Palette that combine all things gorgeous into one package arrived at Sephora. This ultimate collection gives the complexion endless light and color for the perfect custom glow. Officially obsessed!
4. Aren't we all excited that The Bachelorette is back to monopolize our Monday nights? Jojo is my fav Bachelorette yet, and I can't wait to see all the "dramatic" episodes this season. But what I was most excited about was the appearance of All 4 One there to serenade Jojo with their classic hit "I Swear". All the nostalgic feels!

5. In case you missed the scenes from the past week...

*Big announcement on Wednesday*

*Summer Sandal Ready on Tuesday*

 *I Officially Heart Tally - travel recap*

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Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Today is not only my wonderful hubby's birthday, but we have another reason to celebrate as we've finally gone "FB official" and now it's time to go "blog official" that we will have a new rookie of the year up to bat in October. I had my ultrasound the other day to find out the gender of the baby, but the results are sealed away in an envelope until our gender reveal party. You'll have to let me know if you're team pink or team blue!

I've been successfully (or maybe not-so-successfully) hiding that little bump in my recent outfit pics until we were ready to make the big announcement on social media. You may have noticed my posts involving my undying love of Skinny Girl cocktails or champs have been few and far between which may have been an indicator that I was keeping this little secret. Oh how I can't wait to enjoy my two favs again! I keep telling myself if I got through feeling like garbage during my 1st trimester and dragging myself to work, I can go another 4 and 1/2 months without my favorite cocktails.

Dress {sold out - similar here and here} - Kate Spade | SunniesBow NecklaceBracelet, and Watch - Kate Spade | Wedges - DSW | Bag - Kate Spade Perri Lane Romy Bubbles

I picked up this dress at the Kate Spade outlet back in February when we found out the big news, and knew it'd be perfect for our pregnancy announcement shoot. It had room to grow in, and I loved the little bow detail on the opening in the back. KS just always knows where to put pretty little bows!

Now that I've let the cat out of the bag here, I just wanted to say this space will not turn into a pregnancy/mommy blog. I will continue to blog about weekend fun, beauty finds, outfit posts, and my all time love - travel. Below will be one of very few pregnancy related updates so that I don't inundate you guys with the same ol' information, but I thought it would be fun to let you know how things have been so far and how much longer I have before meeting our little prince or princess. 

1. How far along? I'll be 20 weeks on Friday - halfway point! 

2. Weight gain: This has been a hard one for me since I've worked so hard to shed the extra weight I gained after H and I started dating. Upon finding out I was pregnant, I was down about 25 lbs. from our wedding day - crazy huh? As of right now, I'm up about 10 lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight.

3. Stretchmarks? So far just a little bump with no stretchmarks *fingers crossed it stays that way*. I'm currently using Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter religiously after every shower, I've also thought of checking out It Works so if anyone has any recs on natural creams that work definitely send them my way!

4. Movement? Not yet, but apparently it's common for first time moms not to feel any movement until after 20-22 weeks. I'm sure I'll feel it though soon, since the ultrasound tech always comments on how active and kicky my little one is in there.

5. Sleep: Pretty good with the exception of getting up to pee anywhere between 1-3 times per night. I'm also still getting away with sleeping on my stomach for the most part with our comfy memory foam. I'm sure that'll change in the coming weeks, as I get more large and in-charge.

6. Workouts: I've cut out my Jillian Michaels DVD's at home since they incorporate a lot of jumping, but have continued my Bar Method workouts during the week mixed in with bike rides and George St. Pierre's Rush Fit DVD's on the weekend. I've continued my schedule of 5-6 workouts per week, and hope to keep it up as long as possible.

7. Cravings/Aversions: Not too many cravings yet, only if I smell something good I have to have it. My aversions were pretty bad in the 1st trimester with the nausea, but those seem to have subsided for the most part. I couldn't even think about salads, most veggies, certain salad dressings, and random things like pepperoncinis, soup, and some cereals during that time. Yeah it was not a healthy time for me, all I wanted was meat, cheese, and carbs carbs carbs.

8. Symptoms: The 1st trimester was rough with a capital woof, but I try not to complain because I was extremely thankful that I wasn't living with my head in the bowl like some women suffer through. The nausea and exhaustion were epic, but I got through it and even managed to keep up with my workouts (which honestly helped with the nausea and exhaustion). I'm in the "honeymoon trimester" now where I feel more like myself, but I'm not so big that I'm uncomfortable yet. Definitely enjoying this time with the exception of the increased acne which is no joke!

9. Missing Anything? I miss my old figure, and wearing shorts/pants as ridiculous as that sounds it's hard to look at pictures from last year or even a few months ago or trying to pull on pants or shorts that used to be baggy only to find out that they no longer fit or are extremely snug. Belly band here I come! And of course I miss my happy hours filled with margaritas or champs, but it honestly hasn't been anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be. I've got this!

So the big secret is out, and this is all becoming more and more real! Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow :)

Summer Sandal Ready

Summer Sandal Ready

I usually treat myself to a monthly pedicure to keep my feet fresh and polished up with fun colors, and of course also for the pampering aspect. But since I live in Florida and it's sandal season the majority of the year, my feet tend to need some extra special attention in-between pedicure appointments.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi helps maintain healthy, sandal-ready feet that are callus free with smooth heels. Well maintained feet are more comfortable when it comes to walking and when playing sports, nevermind they compliment those beautiful spring and summer sandals we all love. It gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry, and calloused skin in seconds which is safer than the metal scrapers used in nail spas which use blades to cut the skin.

I was surprised at how easy it was to use the Micro Pedi, and it immediately started taking away the dry spots on my feet that have crept up in the few weeks since my last pedicure. I finished off my smooth "new" feet with some body butter and slipped into my favorite new wedges. I love the ease of my at-home pedicure tool that will save me money on frequents trips to the nail spa.

**I was sent a complimentary Micro Pedi for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. Micro Pedi can be found here on their website, beauty retailers, drugstores, or on QVC.**

Relaxing Weekending

Relaxing Weekending

Happy Monday! I don't say that too often, but I know we're going into a long holiday weekend and I'm also counting down the days until my cruise to Bermuda. So, let the week commence!
This weekend was spent mostly relaxing as I nursed the end of the upper respiratory infection that accompanied the pink eye infection that sprung up oh so conveniently in Tallahassee last week. But I wasn't going to miss celebrating the beautiful birthday girl! Dinner and drinks before an 80's themed rollerskate party were on the agenda. It was such a riot seeing some of the amazing costumes people donned.

*Loaded cheese fries are always a good idea*

Sunday was about more relaxing mixed with some laundry, blog prep for the week, a great workout, and of course some pool time.

Joining Biana and Meghan for Weekending
Erin for Weekend Snapshots
*Cheers to a fabulous week*

All Things Happy this Friday

All Things Happy this Friday

Happy Friday! The illness that took me down last week in Tallahassee lingered on this whole week, and thankfully is mostly gone but I've been left with the dreaded cough. You know the one that likes to pop up in quiet situations or out in the middle of a store while shopping, and the best is when it wakes you up at night. Yeah, that one... hopefully it bids farewell this weekend.

1. Can we talk about my new love which happens to be these delish champagne gummy bears? I picked up a box which was worth every cent of the $9 cost (yeah... sticker shock) because it combines my love of champagne and pretty little things.
2. Still dreaming about the cold brew coffee at the Lucky Goat last week in Tally. I should have taken a growler to-go!

3. Express has been killin' it for a while now, so I'm not surprised that I'm obsessing over these graphic tees:

Sequined Pineapple Tee 
Vacay All Day Tee
4. My first Shopbop order arrived, and I can't wait to take both pieces on my upcoming cruise to Bermuda. Both the dress and clutch will be put to good use on and after the cruise.
Velvet Ithica Off the Shoulder dress in Anchor
Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch in Guava - *currently 30% off*

5. Some happy pinspiration for this Friday:

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Sparkles and Sunsets

Sparkles and Sunsets

I'm always drawn to clothes that have bold colors or a touch of sparkle. Not only did I love the colors and the sparkle of this tee, but I also loved the flowiness and the open back detail. Perfect for the impending heat of summer.

 Top - Express | Shorts - Express | Bag - Kate Spade | Wedges - Tommy Hilfiger | Sunnies - Kate Spade | Bangles - Alex and Ani | Necklace - Perry Street for Rocksbox | Watch - Kate Spade