Kate Spade Outlet Sale

Kate Spade Outlet Sale

I've come to notice that the Kate Spade outlets always have a fabulous sale around each holiday. This one is 40% off handbags at any Kate Spade outlet now through July 9th. 

If you're like me and love luxury brands, but refuse to pay full price for them, definitely go check out this great sale! 

Happy Shopping!

It's Ok Thursday and Thankful Thursday Mash Up

It's Ok Thursday and Thankful Thursday Mash Up

Happy Friday Eve to my amazing readers! Time to link up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday.

It's Ok That...

~ I just got back from vacay and am already planning our next trip :)

~ I just got back from vacay and now I'm sick... I almost never get sick, but I had the worst headache the other day on our anniversary and now have that nasty scratchy throat/mucus drainage thing going on (TMI I know.. sorry!)

~ I pay double to upgrade from my Yoplait yogurt to Oikos (the Uncle Jesse yogurt!) Definitely worth it, and it actually fills me up for a little while unlike Yoplait where I need to eat something else anyway which negates having the lowfat yogurt lol.

~ I wish they stopped playing the same overplayed crap on the radio and pine for the days where musical artists actually had some talent.

~ I get bummed every time a cast member from Friends says a reunion/movie most likely won't happen. I want to see Ross and Rachel get married (for real this time!) and have more babies :)

I'm Thankful For....

~ The past 2 years of marriage to my wondeful H. Words can't describe how thankful I am to have him in my life. He's my rock, my best friend, my everything..

~ My little blog and this wonderful community I'm becoming a part of. You ladies rock!

~ Our lives taking us to the sunshine state. You couldn't put enough 0's in my paycheck to get me to move back to Connecticut. I miss some very dear people up there, but have also been extrememly blessed to have met some amazing people down here as well. I truely have 2 homes :)

Tag I'm It!

Tag I'm It!

The lovely Nikki from makeupHER nominated me for a blog award! I was so excited when I got the email, as I've never been chosen/honored this way for my blog before. I love her blog, and she's a new blogger, so head on over and check it out ;)

Now, it's time for me to spread the love and keep this going. Below are the rules for the versatile blogger award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Include a link to their site

3. Include the award image above in your post

4. Give 7 random facts about yourself

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award

6. When nominating, include a link to their site

7. Let the bloggers know they've been nominated via email, twitter, or their blog, etc.. 

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I was a dancer for 13 years while growing up. I took tap, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics. I did it all!

2. As many amazing places as I've traveled to with my H, one of my favorite places in the whole world is still the summer camp I went to every year in New Hampshire. 

3. During my senior year of college, I interned at the Connecticut legislature. Such an amazing opportunity!

4. When I was 7, my violin school performed at Carnegie Hall. I kept begging my mom to quit, and she allowed me to once I performed at Carnegie Hall. Back then I didn't get it, but am now so appreciative of such a great experience.

5. My H and I went to the same college, and even graduated on the same day, but didn't meet until 2 years later. I have my BFF and MOH to thank for that introduction :)

6. I totally tried on my wedding dress yesterday on our 2 year anniversary and it still fits! Wooty woot! 

7. Other than getting my wisdom teeth out, I've never had any surgeries or broken any bones *knock on wood*.

The 15 Nominated Fabulous Bloggers

1. Alise at The Syrupers Wife

2. Lauren at Wayferes & Worksheets

3. Danielle at Sweet As Honey Blog

4. Melissa at Scribble n Dash

8. Katie at Lady Million

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12. Shanna at Because Shanna Said So

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15. Tracy at Honey & Nutmeg

That's an incredible list of ladies who's blogs keep me comin' back for more and I always look forward to seeing what they've been up to and what they have to say on their blogs. Some of them are new to the blog world, while others are very established and have cultivated quite a following. I highly suggest checking them all out :)

Cheers to 2 Years

Cheers to 2 Years

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I married the love of my life! H and I just got back from our anniversary trip to Jamaica (recap coming soon I promise!) and today is our actual anniversary. 

We just watched our wedding video which is always fun, and I love reflecting back on pictures from our beautiful day. 

I'm truly blessed to have married such a wonderful man and my best friend. These past two years have been amazing and I look forward to many more!


Jamaica trip pics and reviews coming soon! :)

Get excited for my 1st ever guest post!

Get excited for my 1st ever guest post!

I'm Cami from First Day of My Life and I am so excited (and not gonna lie...a little bit jealous!) that our little fashionista is heading to Jamaica with hubs! May the two of you have an AMAZING time...happy anniversary! <3

I am also excited that she is allowing me to share some traveling trips with you! 

On vacation in the Isla of Roatan! 

it's okay to overpack

I should clarify this...it's okay to overpack with items that don't weigh much. (Make sure you are under your weight limit if you are flying.) If you're taking a trip somewhere without airfare - it really is okay to overpack...promise. ;) You never know what will happen when you're on vacation - what spontaneous activity you might be participating in.

when flying, leave extra room in your suitcase 
This extra room will allow you to purchase some souvenirs or great sales! This means hubby can't get upset with you if you do some random buys while traveling!

have a written copy of all directions
Sometimes you cannot rely JUST on your iPhone or GPS for directions. What happens if you don't have service? It's better to be safe than sorry! If you know you're going from point A to point B - print it out.

pack some snacks
If traveling by air or even by car - if you're trying to be healthy - pack some healthy snacks! Protein bars, luna bars, granola, nuts, etc.

bring some reading material!
I know the purpose of a vacation is to veg-out, do some traveling, see some cool sites, take tons of photos...but you never know when you'll have some down time and you want to read! It can be a great beach read, a book you just always wanted to read but never could make time to read, or something that will help your business (if you're a business owner!) and read up on executive coaching programs. The options are endless.

pack a poncho...just in case!
I know it sounds silly and dumb...but when it randomly starts pouring, you'll be happy you shoved one in your suitcase. You really can't rely on the weather man!

take lots of pictures. and i mean - a LOT.
You never know what moment you're going to capture...you never know when you'll be there again...so charge that sucker up & take a ton!

soak up every moment
Put your worries behind you & just enjoy your vacation...enjoy it like it's the last vacation you'll ever have. <3

What are some traveling/vacation tips of your own??

It's Ok Thursday

It's Ok Thursday

Happy Friday Eve ladies! Linkin' up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday. Come join in on the fun :)

It's Ok That....

~ My back still hurts from picking up Roxy (my bulldog) the other morning. I love my tubba wubba!

~ I totally feel like an old lady for hurting my back from that. I pick her up all the time.. why would I get hurt this time? :-P

~ I'm super excited about the new Disney movie Brave

~ I've been slackin' on keeping up with my food journal. 

~ I regret letting H pick out the movie for our movie night. I can only watch so many Jason Statham movies before they all seem like the same movie lol.

~ I'm still tired from the amazingly fun last weekend.

~ I now love British accents since I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.

~ My daily vitamins are the gummy ones

~ I consider deleting my FB account on a daily basis

What's ok in your life today?

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy hump day! Linkin' up with Jamie from This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

~ I'm loving that my 2nd anniversary is next week. I can't believe it's been 2 years already!

~ I'm loving that I've slowly been incorporating coffee back into my mornings. I also love that I no longer depend on it, but can enjoy it when the mood 

~ I'm loving that it finally stopped raining, and we've been getting beautiful weather since last week!

~ I'm loving that Emily finally sent Ryan home on the Bachelorette! See ya toolbag! He seemed to have a heart at first, but his true colors started to become more and more apparent as time went on and you could tell it was all about a competition and that he'd treat her more as an object and not as a wife.

~ I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest:

What I'm not loving (sorry to get negative!) is that I've been trying since last night to upload more pics to this post and it keeps telling me "Whoops! You've used up your entire GB of storage" and it's trying to tell me to buy more. Something doesn't seem right here, us bloggers post A LOT of pictures, and I can't imagine that everyone is buying extra storage. Does anyone know how to get around this or how to delete old stuff so I can upload more pics?

Sorry for the short post for this week's link up :(

Wedding Weekend Recap

Wedding Weekend Recap

Man this past weekend took it out of me... I'm not gonna lie.. I still had somewhat of a raspy voice this morning :-P

As I sit here watching The Bachelorette (so hooked that it monopolizes my Monday nights now!) I'm reminiscing the bachelorette party I went to last weekend and the bachelorette's name was Emily!

No not this Emily...

This Emily!

I wore my new cross front dress from Victorias Secret. It was the perfect little number for a bachelorette party :)

There was a pre-party at the house before we headed out

Yummy cake pops

Shots before heading out

Enjoying the table

Cheers to Emily!

Such a fun night!

Then on Saturday was the wedding which was beautiful!

I wore this dress from H&M which I wore to a friend's wedding back in CT a few summers ago. Hey if Kate Middleton can recycle clothes at events, then so can I :)

Beautiful ceremony site

The groom and groomsmen showed up in a boat which was such a fun surprise

Here comes the bride

Then it was time to party!

I asked one of our friends to take a pic of us at cocktail hour and they told H to pick me up.. I was embarrassed at first, but got over it quickly.

H with some of the fellas

Photo opp with the beautiful bride

Girls on the dance floor

Beautiful sweetheart table

Hands down one of the most fun weddings we've been to. 

Weekend of Beauty

Weekend of Beauty

What an amazingly filled weekend we just had! I had a bachelorette party and a wedding both of which were a ton of fun! 

Weekend pics preview:

Pre-bachelorette before heading out

Me and the beautiful bride at her wedding

But.. let's back up to the pre-festivities. I went to go get a pedicure and an eyebrow wax which turned out to be a disaster :(

How can you ruin one of my favorite things? I'll tell you how.. by dropping wax in my hair and then trying to get it out so that you forget that there's wax on my eyebrows that needs to pulled off before it sits there for too long and burns me. Yep.. that happened :(

Yep... it hurts so bad that I've been putting aloe on it to help soothe it. H told me I better not have tipped him very much, but the problem is I never realized it was as bad as it was until later. 2 days later and it still hurts and is now peeling. Yick...

On a better note.. I also got my hair done finally this weekend. I found a groupon for a partial foil, wash, cut, and blow dry and jumped on it since I hadn't gotten my hair done since Christmas time *shameful*. 

A few months ago I posted here about how I was yearning for a change in my hair color as I was sick of my boring natural color. I was blonde for a loooong time, and posted pics of how I looked as a blonde, and a lot of you mentioned you preferred me as a brunette. So, I took everyone's advice and stayed true to my roots so to speak, and just went for some soft caramel highlights. 

Then.. my next tragedy (1st tragedy being that I got burned by my eyebrow wax) was I took my foundation compact out of my wristlet this morning and this is what I found:

Soooo upset!

So.. off to Sephora I went to pick up a replacement. While I was there I saw that they are now selling airbrush foundation in a can. I asked about it, and couldn't imagine that it would work great for a price tag of under $30 (considering the airbrush machine they sell is almost $300 and that doesn't even include the makeup pods!) and the sales associate said they wouldn't recommend it. But it still looks cool and may be a curious buy that I make in the future to see if it works better than powder foundation for a big night out.

My goodies from my trip. I picked up a replacement foundation compact, a sample of Vera Wang's Lovestruck, and cashed in a 100 point reward for the Urban Decay all nighter spray. I've been wanting to check out this spray for a while as I've heard great things about it and really helps your makeup stay put.

Last but certainly not least I picked up a new glittery nail polish at Target.
I picked up Sally Hansen's Strobe Light and paired it with Essie's Fiji for a pretty soft pink.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend :)