Hip Hip Hooray for Friday!

I'm super thankful for the short week we just had, wouldn't it be wonderful if we always had 4 day work weeks? I don't know about you, but I would definitely jump at the chance to work 4 ten hour days instead of 5 eight hour days. 

Not only did we have Monday off, but today we're having a team building event at Universal which should be fun. 

And you know what else is at Universal? 

I was one excited little kid when I finally "got my Hogwarts letter" and got to go for the first time last year.

Tomorrow, I have a friend's bridal shower to go to. My first Florida bridal shower, I'm excited :)

While the ladies are at the shower, the guys are either going golfing or playing basketball and going swimming. H is excited to use his new clubs I got him for his birthday last week.

Today is also #FF (Follow Friday) over at Hollie Takes Notes come on over and join the fun :)

Happy Friday! 


  1. Just found you via Follow Friday! Have a blast at the bridal shower!


  2. SO jealous of your day of 'work' at Universal!! This is why we need to just move there. CT sucks. ;)