Super Bowl Weekend Favs

Super Bowl Weekend Favs

We did it! We made it through another week, looking forward to a fun-packed weekend including a super bowl party that'll include awesome food, drinks, and great friends.

1. I've been loving going to Bar Method several days a week on my lunch, but I am super sad that my unlimited package expires tomorrow. Why do those classes have to be so flingin' flangin' expensive?! There's no way I can keep my membership going all the time which is why I'll be YouTubing Barre3 and Bar Method workouts at home for a while...

2. It was chilly here last week (Florida "cold") which called for hot cocoa and marshmallows.

3. Beyond excited to go see Sal, Joe, Murr, and Q at the Impractical Jokers tour tomorrow night. These guys are hysterical, and it's the only show that makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe. Set your DVR to pick up their show on TruTV if you've never seen it before... you're welcome.

4. I was excited to unveil my Urban Decay giveaway yesterday. There will be 3 winners, so hop on over and enter!

5. Loving my recent finds on Pinterest:

*Obsessed with tulle skirts lately*

*I need some leopard heels in my life*

*Why I moved here.. .never been happier*

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Urban Decay Giveaway ~ 3 Winners

Urban Decay Giveaway ~ 3 Winners

I'm excited to finally unveil my long awaited giveaway to my wonderful readers (if you can't tell by the decor, I snapped the pics for this giveaway right before Thanksgiving). Then life got in the way and the holidays went by at the speed of light, and here we are at the end of January already.

I'm giving away not one, but three Urban Decay goody bags, one of which contains extra goodies as the grand prize.

2 lucky winners will win:

~ Eyelid primer potion
~ Self tanner
~Midnight Cowboy eye shadow
~ Cooling lip gloss
~ De-slick mattifying gel
~ Afterglow cheek tint
~ Urbanglow cream highlighter 

*Midnight Cowboy eye shadow*

1 lucky winner will win the grand prize which includes:

~ Everything in the other 2 prize packs
~ Extra eyelid primer potion
~ Extra Urbanglow 
~ Glide on eye pencil
~ Honey infused lip therapy lip gloss

Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Last week I recapped my magical year being an annual pass holder at Disney World along with some of my tips and tricks to navigate the parks. Now, it's time to talk about my favorite Mickey-approved drinks.

Other than taking a spin on Test Track or Soarin' over California, what Epcot is most known for is drinking around the world in the World Showcase section of the park. Now I have done this several times, but I have never truly drank around the world so to speak for two reasons: cost and there's no way my stomach could handle it. I think my stomach would revolt against me if I had a tequila flight in Mexico, sake in Japan, beer in Germany, wine in Italy, and champagne in France. That and prices range anywhere from just under $10 to over $15 a piece. Try dropping that kind of cash in each "country". So, what I do is test out different drinks as I make my way around in several countries, but not all in one visit. Each visit, I tried to make sure I was sampling something new until I figured out what my favorites were.

*The cranberry bog during the 2012 Food & Wine Festival*

In England, you will find the Rose & Crown pub which serves up traditional English food and drinks in an English pub style setting. No matter what time of day it is this place is always packed and can be a tad rowdy. Be prepared to wait a bit before getting the bartender's attention to order (it may flash you back to fighting to get a drink order in at a club back in college). 

My favorite drinks at Rose & Crown are the Leaping Leprechaun and the Welsh Dragon both of which are green, tasty, and surprisingly affordable if you request it not to be served in the souvenir cup ($6-$8 a piece instead of $10.50 for the WD and $12.75 for the LL). 

Welsh Dragon ~ peach schnapps, melon liqueur, creme de menthe, OJ, and pineapple juice.

Leaping Leprechaun ~ Myers Rum, Skyy Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, melon liqueur, sweet and sour mix, and topped off with sprite.

As you make your way into France, there's a cart by the water called Les Vins des Chefs de France where they are always popping bottles of champagne (my favorite sound!) and serving up delicious spirit infused slushes. I've tried both the Orange and the Citron slushes, and by far I like the Orange one the best and consider it a must try for anyone at Epcot.

Orange Slush ~ Grand Marnier, rum, Grey Goose Orange vodka, and OJ

Citron Slush ~ Grey Goose Citron vodka and lemonade

*At the koi pond in Japan with my Orange Slush*

My other favorite slushie drink is the Sultan's Colada in the Morocco pavilion which is made with rum, pineapple juice, coconut juice, and almond liqueur. 

My favorite drinks in Italy are shockingly not wine, but the limoncello shot (served at a cart to the right in the square or inside the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar) and the Italian Margherita served at Tutto Italia Ristorante.

Yep... be prepared to shell out $9 for that tiny little limoncello drink, but trust me it's worth it! You can either take it like a shot, or do I what I do and sip on it. Since it's $9 I like to enjoy it for a little while instead of just throwing the whole thing back all at once.

*A glass of Italian champs is also always a great idea*

I love that the American pavilion carries seasonal beers at the same cart that serves up those delicious Mickey shaped stuffed pretzels. My favorite is the Abita Strawberry during the summer months.

One of my most recent finds was the Canto Loopy at the Joy of Tea stand in the China pavilion. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it so I found a google image of it. It's pretty looking and it's super sweet (made with vodka and cantaloupe juice) so you'll only want one before moving on to something else.

I'm also a sucker for the flavored margaritas and the tequila flight in Mexico which allows you to sample three different tequila shots at La Cava del Tequila.

*Everyone say TEQUILA!!!*

Let's not forget there is deliciousness to be found at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios as well. Some of my favorites include the African Margarita at AK and the margarita flight at the Hollywood Brown Derby at HS.

The African Margarita can be found at the Dawa Bar, and is made with Sauza Gold tequila, Van der Hum, sweet and sour, and lime juice.

What are some of your favorite drinks at Disney World?

Easy Turkey Sausage Pasta

Easy Turkey Sausage Pasta

During the week I'm all about easy dinners, and when I haven't set the crockpot to cook dinner all day while I'm at work I turn to meals I can whip up quickly. Enter my new thrown together recipe of deliciousness which I am calling Easy Turkey Sausage Pasta.


Lean turkey sausage
Light caesar dressing (I've also used three cheese ranch which was just as good)
1 small tomato, diced
Garlic salt, basil leaves, pasta seasoning, and pepper to taste


Boil pasta until cooked to your liking as well as boil the turkey sausage for 12 minutes
Dice the tomato and de-stem the pepperoncinis
Drain the pasta and cut up the cooked turkey sausage
Combine all ingredients in one pot over low heat
Scoop into bowls and enjoy


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Fancy Bowling and Live Music Weekend

Fancy Bowling and Live Music Weekend

Another amazing weekend that went by in the blink of an eye, but it was the perfect blend of fun and relaxation which is always more than welcome.

Friday night was spent outside on the patio with buffalo dip and Skinny Girl Margaritas before heading inside for a Netflix movie night. H and I enjoyed our new theater chairs while Roxy took over the bean bag. It was too adorable, and I have a feeling she now thinks it's her beanbag.

I ran some weekend errands on Saturday and picked up these Michael Kors Jelly Charm sandals at Marshalls. They were too pretty not to buy, but I'm nervous that the metal MK emblem will be uncomfortable if I'm doing a lot of walking.

Then it was time for a double birthday celebration at a fancy new bowling alley that recently opened up nearby. We were in a private area with our own lanes and it even included pizza and lots of yummy apps. 

*Excuse my grainy iPhone pics*

*Emily and I between bowling turns*

Afterwards we made our way over to a live music venue where we continued the fun with some dancing.

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Friday Favs

Friday Favs

Happy Friday! Even after having a short week due to the holiday, I am beyond thankful to be ringing in the weekend, and have so much to love from this week.

1. There's this cute little cake shop near my job called Nothing Bundt Cakes, and they left a stack of vouchers for a free mini bundt. And if you know me at all I can never say no to cake, so I ventured over with my co-worker and we both picked up our free bundtlets. I got the white-white chocolate chip and split it with H at home and it was DELISH!

*Perfect little dessert*

2. Since I was off on Monday, I didn't make it to my usual lunchtime Bar Method class, so I improvised and did an online Barre3 workout at home. So happy to finally have some 3 lb. weights (I was using 5 pounders before which is a little too much for this workout). All you need for at home Barre3 workouts are some light weights and your kitchen counter.

3. Speaking of work outs, I have never been more thankful for the yoga classes offered at my job twice a week at lunch. It's such an amazing re-charge in the middle of the work day, and it's great to see them helping us with our health and wellness too.

4. Loving my latest Rocksbox delivery... another gorgeous statement necklace.

5. Loving my recent finds on Pinterest:

*Blue Lagoon, Iceland*

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