Cheers to 10 Years

Cheers to 10 Years

10 years... WOW! It feels like only a few years since we said "I do", but here we are. We originally booked an Alaskan cruise to celebrate the milestone, but obviously our plans changed. Several weeks ago, we decided to head to the gulf coast for a few nights to still have a little getaway... with our toddler - ha! Little did we know that our beautiful state would be spiking again with the virus, and I'd be super nervous about traveling at all. Thankfully, we were driving and the resort we stayed at had great social distancing rules in place.

We arrived armed with our masks (even my 3 year old wears a mask, so I'm not sure why some people just can't seem to comply), sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, lots of vitamins and elderberry, and I even brought a hand soap pump for our hotel room's bathroom since I just feel like it's easier to wash your hands with liquid soap instead of bar soap. Other than when we were in our room, we spent the entire time outside including all our meals. I'm so glad we went for it, but still feel a little uneasy hoping we remained safe and healthy.

We stayed at Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach which is right next door to Tradewinds where we grabbed dinner, and took in the gorgeous sunset the first night. We booked a king suite which included a living room and kitchenette with a pullout couch for Lil' Miss and a balcony for some fresh air when in the room. Parking, breakfast, beach loungers, and happy hour drinks were included which was a great deal for a domestic resort. (I'm used to being nickeled and dimed for every single little thing when we travel within the U.S. - another huge vote for international travel and all inclusive resorts). We also cashed in coupons for free coffees before we checked out on our last morning, which of course is always a good idea. 

What you see on Instagram during a pandemic...

What I actually looked like when not swimming or eating...

*When you skip your nap for extra beach and splash pad fun, you fall asleep on mommy*

Top {only $8} | Sunnies | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Pearl Barrette | Watch | Necklace

We walked up the beach to the resort next door for dinner on our first night, and stopped to check out their koi pond before settling in to eat on the beach and enjoyed live music and the sunset. Lil' Miss was also very proud to rock her handmade dress that my mom made just for her. I joked that she has her own "couture" - ha! 

I mean the sass....

Splash pad fun the next morning after breakfast

Loved the little bubbles to stand on when waiting for a frozen drink at the beach side bar

We went for ice cream after dinner on our second night which was our anniversary. We went to Larry's Old Fashioned Ice Cream shop to pick up some sweet treats including some craft mini donuts to enjoy the next morning. I was very impressed with how well they enforced their face mask policy. They actually turned a few groups of people away in line without a mask.

Romper {only $26 on Prime} | Bow Sandals | Lipstick in Creme Cup

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Mermaids and Polka Dots

Mermaids and Polka Dots

Hello Monday, here we are over 3 months into self isolating and things are picking up again out there. I don't know about you guys, but I'm over it. I'm over the people who think they don't need to wear a mask, the people who are congregating in large groups, and those thinking they are just above it all and it no longer matters. Oh it matters, and I'm jealous of those who haven't been affected by the virus or any of their loved ones. *Officially stepping down off my soap box, and reminiscing on our lovely yet simple Fathers Day at home yesterday.

Lil' Miss and I surprised my husband with an adorable handmade card from her, and we hit the pool for the majority of the day and FaceTimed our dads. My parents LOVED watching Lil' Miss jump in the pool and swim underwater. She's officially a swimmer, and even jumping in and swimming in the deep end of the pool. I'm in awe of my 3 year old swimming so well, and am so thankful for the swimming lessons she took last year and that she's had so much practice in the pool with us being home for so long. She's officially my little mermaid, cue all the heart eyes. Speaking of my parents - an update on my mom. She's still feeling much better thankfully, and seems to be mostly out of the woods with the virus. She still has some rough days, but looks and sounds so much better. Thank you everyone who was thinking of her or praying for her.

Now, let's talk about this dress. It gives me all the Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton vibes, and is so classically chic. I scooped it up to wear to the office which I honestly don't foresee happening anytime soon. The numbers are rising in Florida, and it's worse than it was with the first wave. So, I'm more than happy continuing to work from home. I may not be able to shop on a Duchess' budget, but loved that this dress was only $17 and it comes in 2 colors.

Dress {Only $17} | Heels {50% off} | Sunnies {30% off} 

Our 10th wedding anniversary is this week, and the Alaskan cruise we had originally booked is obviously not happening. Instead, we are driving over to St. Pete Beach for a few nights complete with our toddler to celebrate - ha! A few days on the beach, donuts for breakfast, tropical drinks by the pool, and ice cream after dinner will be good for the soul and we plan on only dining outside the entire time. Stay tuned for me to be spamming my Instagram with beach pictures. Sorry not sorry.

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Ruffles, Local Wine, and a Pop of Leopard

Ruffles, Local Wine, and a Pop of Leopard

These are a few of my favorite things! I was not always a fan of ruffles, it brought back memories of the frilly dresses my mom and aunt used to dress my cousin and I up in for holidays and big events. But now I can't get enough. Is this top a flirty crop for summer fun or the top piece of a bridesmaids dress? The world will never know, and that's why I love it! Just add a pop of leopard.

Ruffle Top {only $8 and comes in 4 colors} | Shorts | Shoes | Double Ring | Pearl Barrette

Last weekend, we ventured out for the first time other than the beach and took Lil' Miss to a bike trail in the morning. That afternoon, we splashed around in the pool and then ventured downtown to a new local winery. It was meant to be since it was National Rosé Day, and I had been wanting to check out the new Brix and Mortar Urban Winery. It was a blogger's dream with wine barrels to sit on, charcuterie plates, wine flights, lots of bubbles, Frosé on tap, and even a wall made for the perfect Instagram photo backdrop. 

Romper {only $16 and comes in 4 colors} | Sandals {similar} | Necklace Charms | Sunnies | Watch | Knot Cuff | Bag | Lipstick in Creme Cup

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Behind the Blogger

Behind the Blogger

Hello halfway point through June. Time needs to slooooooooow down, my favorite season is going to fly by at the speed of light and I want to savor it. Today, I'm taking a page out of Shauna's book or shall I say blog post. It's been a while since I've shared more about who I am other than outfits, Amazon finds, and weekend or travel recaps. So, let's have some fun!

Dress {only $19} | Sandals | Bag | Watch | Knot Cuff | Bridge RingSunnies | Lipstick in Creme Cup

♥ I've been blogging for almost 10 years - WOW. Things have changed A LOT, and I do yearn for the good ol' days of blogging when it was more of a community and not overly staged and money 

♥ My favorite season is summer hands down. Even though I have lived in Florida for almost 10 years, I still have PTSD from the long, frigid, and gloomy winters growing up in Connecticut. Summer was the BEST - longer days, pool and beach time, evenings by the fire, catching fireflies, grilling our meals, outdoor concerts, and the fun clothes. To me fall means winter is coming, and I actually don't go crazy for fall fashion as to me it's just jeans, sweaters, and boots - wash, rinse, repeat. I love how many options we have in the summer - skirts, dresses, shorts, bathing suits, sandals, wedges... oh I just love it all! 

I actually met my husband in a bar - so cliche I know. But it does happen! He went to high school with my best friend from college, and we all were out one night and she introduced us. The rest is history. 

We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this month. 

We have a daughter who is the sweetest, sassiest, and most adventurous little girl. My heart. 

♥ I do enjoy sharing her and my husband here and there, but for the most part try to uphold their privacy online. They didn't ask to be a blogger or have an Instagram account with followers they've never met, so that is why you don't hear about them all the time. Just know they are my whole world. 

 I majored in Political Science, and even interned for a State Representative at the Connecticut General Assembly. However, I've been working in sales and marketing since graduating and fully enjoy the creative direction my career has taken me. 

♥ Traveling is hands down my favorite pastime and I would much rather spend money on seeing the world than on "stuff". You can find recaps of a lot of my fun travels in my Travel Tab - places range from U.S. cities to the Caribbean, Fiji, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, Milan, and Bermuda. 

♥ I'm a total dunce at doing my own hair - hence why you only ever see it blow dried straight and down or in a basic ponytail or bun. When I pay for a blow out, the waves or curls fall in less than an hour. So there's that... 

♥ I actually enjoy working out. I sometimes have to force myself to, but I try to make sure I'm active every day especially since being at home so much. I mix things up between at home barre workouts, yoga, Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD, and HIIT workouts that'll break a sweat with zero equipment right in your living room. Lil' Miss and I have also been going for daily walks every morning after breakfast to start our day on the right foot in the fresh air. 

♥ Even though I'm a life and style blogger, it usually takes me a while to jump on board with new trends. I have more of a classic approach to fashion, and am not always a fan of super trendy pieces. I couldn't and still can't bring back overalls or tie dye. Sorry not sorry. But do you see that pearl barrette in my hair? It took me forever to fall in love with statement hair pieces and I may just be eyeing a suede and pearl embellished headband that you may or may not be seeing soon. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't. That's why I consider myself more of a style blogger than a fashion blogger. I don't jump on all the new fashion trends, but I try to share my own personal style. 

♥ I'm a germ-a-phob. I believe in actual hand washing for 20+ seconds over portable hand sanitizer, as most hand sanitizers won't kill germs from my worst enemy which is the stomach virus. I live in fear of that awful sickness each and every day. I wish I was kidding...

♥ I have to have coffee every day or I get that dreaded caffeine headache. Iced or hot - I love both. #ButFirstCoffee is my motto.

♥ My other favorite beverage is a glass of bubbles - pop the champagne or the prosecco please and thank you. You can often find me out with my girlfriends at a bottomless brunch. Oh and I also fancy a good margarita - no salt. 

♥ I was a dancer growing up for 13 years, and even a gymnast for a while. I took tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, and tumbling which led to gymnastics. My mom saved all my costumes and trophies which are now in a bin in an upstairs closet. Thank you mom! 

 I have very eclectic music taste, which you can tell by my favorite recent concerts - Phil Collins, Zedd, Metallica, Michael Buble, Luke Bryan, and 311. My spotify is filled with classic music, 80's, 90's pop including alllll the boy bands, 90's and early 00's hip hop, and alternative. 

I pride myself in being green. Although, I still enjoy fast fashion pieces I never only wear things once and get plenty of uses out of all my pieces and often shop my closet. Once I know I'll no longer wear pieces they either go to my Poshmark account for sale or I donate them to Goodwill. You can find me on Poshmark here or search for @greenfashion8

Said "green-ness" leads to me recycling everything. If I treat myself to Starbucks before work, I actually keep the cup at my desk all day and bring it home and toss it in the recycling bin. I can't ever bring myself to throw plastic, glass, aluminum, paper or cardboard in the trash. 

I practice safe sun now especially living in Florida and enjoying tropical vacations. Growing up, I wasn't always so smart sadly. Again, I blame it on growing up in Connecticut. We were so excited to finally have a chance to lay out or jump in the water, we wanted to get tan as fast as possible. Not good... now I won't go outside without slathering myself in SPF and if I'm on a boat or at the beach, I'm also wearing a hat or relaxing in the shade. 

♥ I've actually been enjoying quarantine/self isolating at home. It's been SO nice not rushing out the door each morning, wearing only athleisure, PJ's, and bathing suits, and having more time with my little family. We are both extremely blessed that neither of us were furloughed or laid off, and are both still working from home. Beyond thankful ♥ 

♥ My daughter's middle name is my late cousin's name. If you've been following along since 2013 and before, you'll remember the unspeakable pain I went through losing my cousin who was more like my sister. Miss her 

♥ Even though I've been to some incredible places around the world, my favorite spot ever is the camp I grew up going to every summer on a lake in New Hampshire. My best childhood memories can be found there in that crystal clear lake in the mountains. 

♥ We have an amazing group of friends, and I'm incredibly grateful that we fell into such a great group as adults after relocating away from everyone we ever knew and loved. We've experienced so many fun parties, housewarmings, weddings, concerts, galas, annual passes to the theme parks, sporting events, holidays, welcoming babies, and even cruises to the Bahamas, beach houses rentals, and a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. Rock solid and priceless memories. 

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Bringing Some Sunshine

Bringing Some Sunshine

I stepped back last week, and took a much needed break for the most part from the blog and my personal social media. It's been HEAVY guys, and since I work in social media for my daytime gig it was a lot. I expressed here how I feel, and want to see nothing less than each and every one of us spreading love and kindness. There is no room for hate ever. I've been saddened to see people who I thought I respected show their true colors, and they're not pretty. Looking forward to seeing our country (and the world for that matter) come together for some real change as I continue to raise Lil' Miss to be a strong woman who will also always choose love.

It didn't help that there's a tropical storm off the coast of Florida which brought lots of rainy gloom over the weekend. No pool time or outdoor dining, but we were super productive. We shampooed the stairs, installed the Ring Doorbell that was H's birthday gift, I cleaned the bathrooms and even got behind the toilets (not for the faint of heart), and tackled some more house projects. It felt great to throw on some real clothes to pick up some take out from one of our favorite local spots, and I'm sharing the fun summery top below that is only $11. Run don't walk!

And like I mentioned in my previous post, I usually try to keep this space light and bright, but amidst everything going on my mom has been very sick with what we believe to be COVID-19. She has a compromised immune system due to advanced Lymes disease and other various health issues, so it was super scary. After about a month and half, she seems to finally be turning the corner and her lungs are clearing up. She feels her stamina coming back, but still hits a wall of exhaustion. Our prayers are being answered, and I am excited that this means they can slowly resume getting ready for their big move to join us here in the sunshine state. Lil' Miss can't wait for her Nana and Poppa to be close by, and it'll be best for their health to no longer deal with frigid cold winters and shoveling snow. With all that's been going on, this is a HUGE bright light for our family. We are thankful. 

Top {only $11} | Skirt | Heels | Watch | Knot Cuff | Necklace | Double Ring {25% off} | Lipstick in Creme Cup

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