Go On and Glow

Go On and Glow

We are officially in the heart of my favorite time of year. The longer days, the warm air, all the cute flowy sundresses, fun in the water, and our skin just has that happy natural glow. I've smartened up over the years, and not only protect my skin from the sun but also nourish it daily. I'm still upset with myself for the years I neglected sunscreen and daily moisturizers, and let's not talk about how often I'd go to bed without washing off my makeup. Eek! 

I was super excited for a shipment of goodies from Maelove. All of their products are made here in the United States, are cruelty free and vegan, and free of parabens, dyes, SLS, and fragrance. Yes please! The Glow Maker Serum is hands down my favorite, and is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid which gives you that long lasting hydration we are craving. I've always had sensitive skin, and immediately noticed that it felt softer and that glow - LOVE! If you're wondering why Vitamin C is so important for your skin and not just your internal needs, you can find their informative Vitamin C Guide here.

Did I mention it's only $28? I've tried so many expensive serums and creams in the past, and honestly have always been disappointed. Why pay so much just to be let down? 

I may have been foolish while I was younger about taking care of my skin, but I now wash my face each morning and evening and tend to gravitate towards a gentle cleanser that will remove makeup and refresh my skin. Check your daily cleanser, is it made with harsh detergents? Throw it away! It's stripping away layers of your skin leaving it prone to dryness. Maelove's Refresher Cleanser is gentle enough for my daily use, and not only refreshes my face but gives it a little extra energy boost as well. Hello revitalized feeling! 

No matter how much sleep I get, my eyes always appear tired. Thanks heredity! The Eye Enhancer has given me an extra boost especially on weekday mornings when my sleep is affected due to stress. It's restored radiance and even a little toning to my tired eye area. When no one can tell you're tired, it's a huge plus! 

The Exfoliator! Say that name in your best Terminator voice! I've been using this amazing facial scrub twice a week to deep clean my pores which can use all the help they can get. Ha! My favorite part about this pretty little scrub is that it's formulated with pulverized clay. Sounds fancy huh?

And last, but most certainly not least - I am love love loving the Sun Protector. My dermatologist congratulated me years ago at my annual checkup that I was using sunscreen, but pointed out that the best ones to use are mineral based and packed with zinc. My favorite part is not only am I protecting my face, but it doubles as a primer as well. One less product on my face keeping my makeup locked in place all day while also practicing safe fun. 

What are important factors when choosing new skincare products? Please say SPF! 

**This blog post is in collaboration with Maelove, however all opinions are my own.

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Cheers to 11

Cheers to 11

11 years? Wowza! We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary, and took a few days off for a couple day dates and went to dinner on our anniversary to officially cheers to more than a decade.

On Thursday, we headed to one of our favorite local spots to relax at Wekiva Island. I packed up my giant pineapple float, and we spent the day outside on the water watching kayakers and paddle boarders go by. 

Bathing Suit | Pineapple Float {only $20} | Hat

On Friday, we had planned to head to the beach but the weather was not the best for it. Instead, we tried out a new to us local coffee brewstillery before grabbing lunch at one of our favorite pizza places.

Ruffle Cami | Skirt | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Sunnies | Pearl Barrette

Saturday was our anniversary, so we spent the day with Lil' Miss before heading out for dinner that evening. We stopped at the new Hampton Social for a pre-dinner drink, and then walked across the parking lot to Capital Grille for our dinner reservations. I tried the "You Can't Sip with Us" while my husband tried the "Feeling Nauti". Next time I want to try one of their glittery drinks to bring out even more of my inner basic self. 

Dinner was DELISH! And I'm still thinking about their roasted wild mushrooms - YUMMMM! Everything was amazing, and they even surprised us with a complimentary dessert for our anniversary. Needless to say I almost needed to be wheeled out of there. After not being able to celebrate the big 10 last year as we had originally planned (I mean did anyone have original plans in 2020?) it was so nice to be out for the evening. 

Cheers to the next 11! 

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Speakeasies and Cookies

Speakeasies and Cookies

Florida has officially turned the heat on, and we've been enjoying lots of pool time and patio meals. We even snuck in our first date night in years. We go on lots of day dates by taking time off while Lil' Miss is at school, but hadn't had a night out together sans kiddo in quite some time. 

Floral Romper {similar} | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Pearl Barrette | Lipstick in Creme Cup | Sunnies | Necklace | Statement Ring

We went to not 1 but 2 speakeasy spots downtown one with a secret door and the other where you needed a password to enter and go up to their secluded roof top area. Always fun, and the Orlando skyline never disappoints! 

I added 2 new special pieces to my date night look which are from the Dune Jewelry x Luca + Dani collection in honor of Worlds Oceans Day. Each piece is filled with sand from the beaches in Cape Cod which always holds a place in my heart as I grew up going to the Cape every summer with my family and it's one of the first getaways my husband and I had when we were dating. 

Beach memories are the best memories, and these nautical bracelets evoke warm, happy, and beachy day vibes. Playing in the sand with my brother and cousins, looking for hermit crabs with my grandparents, and always looking out for the windmills are some of my favorite memories of Cape Cod. 

Each piece from this collection will benefit the Association to Preserve Cape Cod with 10% of the proceeds. I love beautiful pieces that also support a cause, and this one comes with beautiful memories as well. I also plan on wearing it next year at my cousin's wedding on the Cape which will build upon new memories as well. 

Other goings on lately were these cookies! Oh my! My husband had been talking about Crumbl Cookies for a while, and when I went to get a pedicure recently I saw the shop in the same plaza and immediately decided to go inside and order a box to take home and for us all to enjoy. Let me tell you they are worth the hype! If you have one near you don't walk - RUN! 

Lil' Miss also had her first week of VBS, and loved every second. Her favorite parts were singing, snacktime (of course), games, and arts "and craps". I thought it was adorable that she called arts and crafts - arts and craps. I'll miss those little things as she gets older and more well spoken. I tell her all the time to please stay little, and she just yells back "NO! I want to get bigger!" Sigh. 

**This blog post is in collaboration with Dune Jewelry, however all opinions are my own.

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Happy LTK Day

Happy LTK Day

Happy LTK Day! Every time one of these days comes around I'm never prepared, so I don't really recognize myself right now - ha! I'm mostly excited because a few of my favorite shops are participating, and who can say no to 20-30% off? 

I'm pumped for all things summer because not only is it my favorite season, but we will be wearing summery pieces here in Florida through at least October so the investment is definitely worth it for me and not so much for the over-hyped NSale. All I'll say about that is I can't get excited about fall pieces in July, it seems like the same stuff every year, and when I have sprung for a few items in the past I only get to wear it once or twice during our occasional cold fronts. So there's that.

But back to what's going on right now! For three days - you can shop exclusively in the LTK app and save big on brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, YSL Beauty, Tarte, and Madewell to name a few. 

Several of the pieces below I've already shared in the past, and others I'm hoping to scoop up during this exclusive sale. Now, I know a lot of bloggers are very familiar with the LTK app and RewardStyle. However, if you're new around here I wanted to give a few step-by-step instructions on how to shop this one-of-a-kind sale. 

First things first - you need to download the FREE LikeToKnow.it app. Did I mention it's free? Yeah! You can find me on the app here or just search for greenfashionista. Super easy right? 

Within the app you'll save 20% at Abercrombie & Fitch, $10 off $100 at Express, 25% off at Tarte, and even 30% off at YSL Beauty. Oooooh my favorite lipsticks! Starting today the promo codes for each of the retailers are available within the app. 

From June 11th-13th simply open the LikeToKnow.it app, and you'll see a LTK Day flag over posts that have items eligible for the in-app sale. Click on a post with the LTK Day flag, and you'll find the shoppable items. Once you select an item, select additional details and a LTK Day offer will come up as well as the offer code. Remember - these offers only work within the app. You'll discover a whole new world of tap to purchase shopping! 

It's really that easy! I can't wait to hear what you think of the sale, and about the app itself. Have you shopped the sale in the past? 

My Bahamian Resort Style

My Bahamian Resort Style

Other than some outings here and there, and our weekly support of local restaurants it had been a long time since I had fun with some new pieces. So lets just say packing my suitcase for our recent trip to the Bahamas was a wee bit exciting! You can find my full trip recap here as well as all the safety precautions we took in addition to the current regulations in the Bahamas as they are in Phase 1 of re-opening. 

My absolute favorite piece of the trip was this floral OTS maxi dress that I was waiting ever so patiently to break out for our vacation. Needless to say it made it's debut on the first night when we went to dinner at the Italian restaurant at the resort. It was so effortlessly pretty, and had plenty of room for me to eat alllll the pasta and meatballs. Oh and of course bread soaked in olive oil and garlic. Yes please! 

OTS Maxi Dress | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink

As promised, I rocked this stretchy jumpsuit for our first travel day. It was super comfy for the airport and on the plane, even though we only had an hour long flight. I'll definitely be breaking it back out when I begin traveling on long overnight flights for work again in the fall. 

Jumpsuit {only $31} - can be worn as short sleeves or off the shoulder | Bow Sandals

Bathing Suit {only $25}

These striped bathing suit bottoms were a new favorite that I made sure to pack for the trip. They were comfy, and also stayed in place during water slide fun which as we all know is super important! Oh and they're only $17.99! 

I pressed this dress before we left, and again in the hotel room, but a certain someone received a drink without a lid at dinner and knocked it over before we even ordered our food. Needless to say it went all over my white dress. Thankfully, it was just water. We were all smiles!

Ruffle Peplum Top in Butterscotch | Skirt | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink

Tiered Cami with lace trim | Shorts 

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