About Me

Green Fashionista started with the intent of being a Fashion and Beauty blog, but then reality set in and I realized I couldn't afford to buy several new outfits and accessories every week. I then began writing for me and all of my interests not just fashion. On this blog you'll find a mixture of fashion, beauty reviews, travel reviews, recipes, home decor, and my weekend shenanigans which are typically shenanigans ;-)

What I live for:

My wonderful H

Our lazy adorable bulldog Roxy

My Family

.... and of course my friends

I've been blessed with amazing friends back up in Connecticut and in Florida which is now home

Connecticut peeps

Florida peeps

My favorite things are traveling and shopping. I have an unhealthy obsession with Sephora and Kate Spade, but I also love to bargain shop. My outfits are typically from Express, Target, Victoria's Secret, and F21 and are finished off with higher end accessories. I believe in spending more money on accessories that can be worn frequently instead of clothing pieces which are only circulated every few weeks or so. My other obsessions interests include working out, drinking margaritas and eating too much guacamole, Harry Potter, New York Yankees, and going to the beach. And like most girls I'm a sucker for anything pretty and sparkly.

I fully enjoy blogging for me now and I love that I can look back and have a virtual scrapbook of life over the past few years. Watching our house and pool be built, endless crazy weekends, vacations, recipes and beauty products I've tried... it's all here in my own space.

Blogging has been a creative outlet for me and has introduced me to some wonderful bloggers who I love calling my friends. I've found so much inspiration and had a lot of support through tough times, and I look forward to continued growth.


  1. just found your blog off Well Traveled Wife! Also from CT and can't wait to read through your blog!

  2. Just found your blog - and love it, excited to follow along!

  3. I just found your blog and I love it... I attempted to be a blogger when I first got married but then didn't do as much of it... Hope I can retake it soon...

  4. Just found ur blog and I love it. I just started blogging and I'm addicted! :-)

  5. Hi Kate! Absolutely adorable blog. Your puppy is entirely too cute and I'm totally obsessed with your wedding hair!!! So pretty! Excited to follow along!

  6. You have such a cute blog! So glad to have come across it! Following along now! I hope you will come visit me :)


  7. Loved reading your blog and learning more about you :)