My Birthday Girl

My sweet girl turned FOUR last week, and my heart still can't figure out how that's possible! She rocked her birthday shirt that I ordered from Etsy for her to wear at Magic Kingdom (still not sure when we are going) to school where she had a cupcake party in her classroom, and came home to her requested homemade "bah-nilla" unicorn cake, presents, and lots of FaceTiming with family up in Connecticut. Perfect day for my perfect girl since we skipped the party this year for obvious reasons.

I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I had been enjoying a slice of leftover birthday cake every day until it was gone. No shame in my game! Cake is my weakness! 

In other news, I found the coziest pullover sweater that is Prime eligible! How spoiled are we with 2 day free shipping?! I find myself having total 1st world problems when I order an item from another site, and it takes several days or gasp... over a week! I loved the color, and think it'll be great for Thanksgiving or Christmas as well. Still too hot to wear this outside of the house yet, but I have a feeling we'll get a cold front before we're actually ready for it. Eek! 

Pullover Sweater {only $21} | Jeans | Lipstick | Necklace | Ring in Rose Gold

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Quality Time and Unicorns

I was thankful to grab some dinner with my little fam at one of our favorite local spots on Saturday after working another event. They have the BEST buffalo chicken wrap, and you can't beat their $3 mimosas on the weekends or the amount of tv's showing football and the darling fire place on the patio. We're in the home stretch, and only have 1 event left. It's amazing to me, how I thought it would be less strenuous without traveling around the world this year but it has still been very taxing on my body and mind - stress wise. It's just not the same without the jetlag and incredible site-seeing! We've had only 1 weekend off the past several weeks, and the exhaustion is catching up with me. I love every bit of it, but my body is going to be very pleased with me for taking a few days off this week to re-coupe and spend quality time with those that matter most. 

Watching Lil' Miss giggle at the squirrel who ventured onto the patio at dinner, and run after the ducks in the park after was good for the soul. I rocked my new favorite off the shoulder top that I found for 50% off (staying true to my never pay full price motto), and Lil' Miss was excited to wear her new "uni-torn" dress that I've been telling Nadine  I've been trying to track down in that print and her size for what seems like forever. 

Top {50% off and comes in 2 colors} | Shorts | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Double Ring | Necklace | Sunglasses | Pearl Barrette

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Knotted for Fall

We've had a few breaks in the heat, but it has still been pretty warm. Although, when I think about it being 10-15 degrees hotter plus humidity in August I realize it's definitely not still "summer". It's our "Florida Fall", and we'll experience actual fall temps in the winter which in my opinion is the best way to winter. No, Olaf I don't want to build a snowman - ha! If you need a backstory - I grew up in Connecticut and have experienced enough snow, ice, gray skies, and bitter cold temps to the point where I'm ok if I never see it again. One of my favorite combos for this in-between weather is a knotted top like this one and a skirt or pair of shorts and sneakers. 

Top {only $20} | Skirt | Leopard Shoes | Sunnies | Necklace | Lipstick in Creme Cup

Oh yes, someone decided to use her sidewalk chalk on the pumpkins near the front door. A little extra pizazz before we carve them for Halloween. 

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Spooktacular Weekending

Happy Monday! I thoroughly enjoyed an actual real life weekend, as I've been busy with work events most of the month and have another one this coming weekend. Doesn't look like we'll make it to the pumpkin patch or the corn maze this year, but we made sure Lil' Miss wore her costume and went "trick-or-treating" at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular event. In true social distancing style, her costume included a face mask, and the candy came down a shoot into her bag for zero contact. I was just so happy to see her enjoy the upcoming candy filled holiday. Her free pre-school pass this year has been priceless, and I'm glad we got annual passes as well. 

There was also a craft beer festival going on, and as passholders we were each able to print out $10 credits to use inside the park as well as a card for 3 free samples from the festival. I loved seeing so many of the local breweries available for us locals and tourists on vacation to enjoy. Supporting local even at a giant theme park! The only problem we encountered was we spun our wheels for at least an hour trying to enter the park because the bar codes for our passes in the app weren't allowing us in. We waited in 5 lines after getting the run around as to what the problem was. Turns out - since we printed up cards of our passes the last time we were there the bar code in the app no longer works. Say WHAT?! We were frustrated to say the least, and Lil' Miss kept asking why we weren't inside trick-or-treating or on rides yet. She was a total trooper, and didn't fuss at all through all the inconvenience. VERY thankful she napped before we left the house, and I didn't even hesitate when she asked for the unicorn cheesecake ice cream cone on our way out. YES baby of course! 

That margarita was necessary after the whole ordeal as annual passholders trying to enter the park. I cashed in my $10 coupon immediately on the drink while H hit up one of the craft beer festival stations for free samples, we got brisket loaded waffle fries (YUM), and Lil' Miss picked out her trick-or-treat bag. She chose Frankenstein! It simply said "Frankly I'm cute" - TRUTH. 

Princess Jasmine Costume | Toddler Mask {only $4 for a 2-pack} | Minnie Shoes

*This was from my favorite local brewery Crooked Can - if you're a Central Florida local or here on vacation I highly recommend taking a break from the theme parks and International Drive area and heading to Downtown Winter Garden. Lots of great restaurants, shops, outdoor events, and the Plant Street Market where you'll find this brewery.

What is Halloween going to look like for you this year? Is your neighborhood passing out candy? Are you skipping it this year? 

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Let it Flow

Hello there, long time no chat! Work has been crazy, but as always - a good crazy. I've been trying to soak up as much of the season with Lil' Miss as possible which means decorating pumpkins, baking apple cider donuts, and lots of nice walks. The weather has cooled off a little, but is still warm so when we went to dinner the other night at a favorite local spot we chose patio seating and both rocked flowy dresses to stay comfortable. I've been gravitating more towards women's midi dresses in this in-between weather, and they are perfect!

Dress {similar } | Wedges | SunglassesBagDrusy Ring in Rose Gold | Toddler Dress {only $8} | Minnie Shoes

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that we decorated a pumpkin, and she was SO excited to make it into a unicorn. I found the decorating kit at Target (of course), and the best part is - it was only $3. Boom! They have a spider version of the decorating kit if your little girl wants something more creepy crawly or if you have a little man. We're looking forward to carving a jack-o-lantern as well as we get closer to Halloween. 

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Camo Stars

Flowy long sleeve tops paired with shorts or skirts is my favorite kind of weather. Although, I don't complain too much about the Florida heat because I love being in the pool or at the beach and I will never forget the harsh winters from growing up in New England - I do enjoy being outside without sweating and of course patio weather! We will have a small taste of fall weather this week, and this top will be perfect with a pair of shorts and sneaks. A slight breeze mixed with the sun's warmth = watch Lil' Miss run around at the park and outdoor dining weather. 

Knotted Top {only $18} | Shorts | Shoes | Sunnies | Necklace Charms

*Love having a doggy photo bomber again*

Now, are you ready for some extra fun? 2020 hasn't been for the faint of heart to say the least, and Get Go Care wants to help you live your life and stay safe while you're on the go. From masks, gloves, to the oh-so-coveted hand sanitizer they've got us covered! To be entered to win the College Care Package, just leave a comment and say who you would give Get Go PPE to and why! **Winner must be located in the United States.

The College Care Package Includes a 1 month's supply in a portable, durable pouch.

  • 60 packets of moisturizing & hydrating hand sanitizer
  • 15 high-quality, disposable masks
  • 5 durable, disposable gloves

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Monday Coffee Catch Up

 Pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, and let's catch up! Life has been super busy, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. Although, I'm going to try my best to savor these final months of 2020. Did I just say that? I believe we will close out the year on a high note, and want to enjoy all the festive fun!

If you didn't catch it on Instagram I featured a gorgeous and sentimental piece from Dune Jewelry Lil’ Miss is a piece of my heart, and another piece is the beautiful Qamea Resort and Spa in Fiji where we honeymooned 10 years ago. I now get to carry a piece of Qamea with me in this beautiful bracelet. All of their gorgeous pieces come with sand from places around the world, and I of course chose sand from Qamea. Now let’s celebrate Dune Jewelry’s 10th Anniversary, and scoop up your piece of paradise with code DECADEOFDUNE to save 15%, and carry it with you always. This gorgeous starfish cuff was a little Anniversary gift to myself because treat yourself! 

A lot of you followed along as we had our biggest work event of the year on a stage instead of traveling on our world tour due to the virus that shall not be named. And some of you may have seen that we had Tony Robbins as our keynote speaker which was incredible. Since we didn't have an audience, and it was streaming around the world it felt like a private show for those of us working the event. Definitely an experience of a lifetime! And since we were in Universal Studios, a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts was a must of course. AH-MA-ZING guys! Even just walking into the shop while wearing a mask, it was the most delicious smell ever. 

This past weekend, we headed out to the beach with framily (friends who are like family) to celebrate not 1 not 2 but 3 birthdays. Some outdoor salty air fun on the water followed by an outdoor German biergarten for dinner. Lil' Miss was living her best life going from riding the waves to dancing to the live music at dinner. Oh and let's not forget all the food. YUM! 

*My Beach Baby*

*My Whole Heart*

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