Palms on Palms on Palms

I can never get enough palm print, especially when it comes to resort wear. We still have months of pool and beach time ahead of us, and other than athleisure I've been living in swim suits during this time of self isolating. Although, it hasn't stopped me from dreaming of wearing this whole look at our favorite resort in Punta Cana or the resort we have been eyeing in Costa Rica in the somewhat near future. One can dream of regular travel again right?

Bikini {only $10} | Kimono {only $10} | Sunnies

*Real life is taking 30-60 seconds out of your day to snap some blog pictures, and Lil' Miss is living her best life in the background jumping in the pool. I wouldn't have it any other way....

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Casual Chic for the Patio

I still totally relate to the old meme of "I'm outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios" - will always make me chuckle because it's true. I am outdoorsy beyond that of course, but that is neither here nor there. We are still majorly social distancing over here, and only ventured out of the house for the holiday weekend to grab some BOGO of our favorite margaritas sitting outside on the patio before planting it in our pool for the remainder of the weekend and grilling while taking in neighorhood fireworks from our yard. It was nice to put on some real clothes, and enjoy some drinks that I did not make at home while Lil' Miss went to town on chips and salsa.

Tank Top {only $16 on Prime} | Shorts {only $14} | SandalsWatch | Knot Cuff | Necklace | Sunnies | Pearl Barrette

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Summer Brights and Scalloped Edges

Hello July - even though I've been living in pretty much only loungewear and bathing suits since mid-March due to the virus that shall not be named, I'm always excited for summer to officially begin and of course more fun swimwear. I decided to switch it up with these new suits and sprung for bold brights with fun back detailing and a festive red and white combo with scalloped edges. Did I mention they are both under $15 each?

Tie Back Bikini {only $12} | Sunnies

The 4th of July may look A LOT different this year, but that doesn't mean I am skipping the red, white, and blue combos or pool time. I can't get enough of the fun scallop detailing on this suit, and it's my first ever one shoulder bathing suit. Did I mention it's insanely comfy too? It'll take me from grilling and floating the day away to a backyard seat of neighborhood fireworks. 

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Cheers to 10 Years

10 years... WOW! It feels like only a few years since we said "I do", but here we are. We originally booked an Alaskan cruise to celebrate the milestone, but obviously our plans changed. Several weeks ago, we decided to head to the gulf coast for a few nights to still have a little getaway... with our toddler - ha! Little did we know that our beautiful state would be spiking again with the virus, and I'd be super nervous about traveling at all. Thankfully, we were driving and the resort we stayed at had great social distancing rules in place.

We arrived armed with our masks (even my 3 year old wears a mask, so I'm not sure why some people just can't seem to comply), sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, lots of vitamins and elderberry, and I even brought a hand soap pump for our hotel room's bathroom since I just feel like it's easier to wash your hands with liquid soap instead of bar soap. Other than when we were in our room, we spent the entire time outside including all our meals. I'm so glad we went for it, but still feel a little uneasy hoping we remained safe and healthy.

We stayed at Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach which is right next door to Tradewinds where we grabbed dinner, and took in the gorgeous sunset the first night. We booked a king suite which included a living room and kitchenette with a pullout couch for Lil' Miss and a balcony for some fresh air when in the room. Parking, breakfast, beach loungers, and happy hour drinks were included which was a great deal for a domestic resort. (I'm used to being nickeled and dimed for every single little thing when we travel within the U.S. - another huge vote for international travel and all inclusive resorts). We also cashed in coupons for free coffees before we checked out on our last morning, which of course is always a good idea. 

What you see on Instagram during a pandemic...

What I actually looked like when not swimming or eating...

*When you skip your nap for extra beach and splash pad fun, you fall asleep on mommy*

Top {only $8} | Sunnies | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Pearl Barrette | Watch | Necklace

We walked up the beach to the resort next door for dinner on our first night, and stopped to check out their koi pond before settling in to eat on the beach and enjoyed live music and the sunset. Lil' Miss was also very proud to rock her handmade dress that my mom made just for her. I joked that she has her own "couture" - ha! 

I mean the sass....

Splash pad fun the next morning after breakfast

Loved the little bubbles to stand on when waiting for a frozen drink at the beach side bar

We went for ice cream after dinner on our second night which was our anniversary. We went to Larry's Old Fashioned Ice Cream shop to pick up some sweet treats including some craft mini donuts to enjoy the next morning. I was very impressed with how well they enforced their face mask policy. They actually turned a few groups of people away in line without a mask.

Romper {only $26 on Prime} | Bow Sandals | Lipstick in Creme Cup

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Mermaids and Polka Dots

Hello Monday, here we are over 3 months into self isolating and things are picking up again out there. I don't know about you guys, but I'm over it. I'm over the people who think they don't need to wear a mask, the people who are congregating in large groups, and those thinking they are just above it all and it no longer matters. Oh it matters, and I'm jealous of those who haven't been affected by the virus or any of their loved ones. *Officially stepping down off my soap box, and reminiscing on our lovely yet simple Fathers Day at home yesterday.

Lil' Miss and I surprised my husband with an adorable handmade card from her, and we hit the pool for the majority of the day and FaceTimed our dads. My parents LOVED watching Lil' Miss jump in the pool and swim underwater. She's officially a swimmer, and even jumping in and swimming in the deep end of the pool. I'm in awe of my 3 year old swimming so well, and am so thankful for the swimming lessons she took last year and that she's had so much practice in the pool with us being home for so long. She's officially my little mermaid, cue all the heart eyes. Speaking of my parents - an update on my mom. She's still feeling much better thankfully, and seems to be mostly out of the woods with the virus. She still has some rough days, but looks and sounds so much better. Thank you everyone who was thinking of her or praying for her.

Now, let's talk about this dress. It gives me all the Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton vibes, and is so classically chic. I scooped it up to wear to the office which I honestly don't foresee happening anytime soon. The numbers are rising in Florida, and it's worse than it was with the first wave. So, I'm more than happy continuing to work from home. I may not be able to shop on a Duchess' budget, but loved that this dress was only $17 and it comes in 2 colors.

Dress {Only $17} | Heels {50% off} | Sunnies {30% off} 

Our 10th wedding anniversary is this week, and the Alaskan cruise we had originally booked is obviously not happening. Instead, we are driving over to St. Pete Beach for a few nights complete with our toddler to celebrate - ha! A few days on the beach, donuts for breakfast, tropical drinks by the pool, and ice cream after dinner will be good for the soul and we plan on only dining outside the entire time. Stay tuned for me to be spamming my Instagram with beach pictures. Sorry not sorry.

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Ruffles, Local Wine, and a Pop of Leopard

These are a few of my favorite things! I was not always a fan of ruffles, it brought back memories of the frilly dresses my mom and aunt used to dress my cousin and I up in for holidays and big events. But now I can't get enough. Is this top a flirty crop for summer fun or the top piece of a bridesmaids dress? The world will never know, and that's why I love it! Just add a pop of leopard.

Ruffle Top {only $8 and comes in 4 colors} | Shorts | Shoes | Double Ring | Pearl Barrette

Last weekend, we ventured out for the first time other than the beach and took Lil' Miss to a bike trail in the morning. That afternoon, we splashed around in the pool and then ventured downtown to a new local winery. It was meant to be since it was National Rosé Day, and I had been wanting to check out the new Brix and Mortar Urban Winery. It was a blogger's dream with wine barrels to sit on, charcuterie plates, wine flights, lots of bubbles, Frosé on tap, and even a wall made for the perfect Instagram photo backdrop. 

Romper {only $16 and comes in 4 colors} | Sandals {similar} | Necklace Charms | Sunnies | Watch | Knot Cuff | Bag | Lipstick in Creme Cup

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