Paisley for Fall

Happy first day of fall! It's still hot and humid here in the sunshine state, but I am noticing traces of fall as the days are getting shorter, the pool water isn't as warm and there is a difference to the heat if that makes any sense. I do feel it cooling down a little. 

After traveling last week, I just wanted to lay low over the weekend with my little fam. We watched movies, swam in the pool, and only left the house to go to dinner. Since it was the only occasion where I wasn't in pj's or a swimsuit I went with this paisley OTS dress, and paired it with sandals since it's still so warm. But also styled it with ankle booties below to show how I'd wear it in cooler temps. The balloon sleeves are fun without being "too much". Will definitely be pulling this back out for the next girl's brunch or birthday celebration.

OTS Dress | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Suede Ankle Booties | Bag in Deep Marine | Pearl Barrette | Deco Fan Ring in Rose Gold | Necklace | Lipstick in Creme Cup

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Pass the Coffee - Let's Catch Up

*Tap tap* Is this thing on? It's been several weeks since I opened up this little slice of the internet to write, and recap the current goings on. My heart has been heavy due to recent events, and being busy is an understatement. Work is non-stop, and my freelance side gig has now birthed itself into an additional side hustle which will keep me even busier. I had my first work trip since 2019, and oh yeah there's that thing of being a wife, mommy, sister, daughter, friend, etc... all which if I'm being honest I'm totally slacking on. Woof. 

When I'm actually not working, I'm thinking about work and constantly brainstorming. I need to switch that "off button" and find true relaxation for a day... or five. Ha! So grab a cup of coffee, and let's catch up! 

About a week or so before leaving for a work trip we tried out a new-to-us bottomless brunch at F&D Kitchen. For a flat rate, you can order endless small plates and mimosas. Yes please! We sat outside and totally indulged, but it was SO hot that a dip in the pool when we got home was a must! 

Speaking of the heat, I will make my annual proclamation that I never have and never will dress and share content that isn't real for me. Living in Florida, and further below in this post having traveled to Las Vegas where temps were above 100 - you will continue to see me rockin' what is comfortable for the weather I'm experiencing. When the humidity breaks here probably sometime next month, I may start breaking out some ankle booties and perhaps even some sleeves. But until then it'll be all sundresses and shorts for a bit. If you live in the south, it's just not realistic to wear what is considered fall fashion until it's "winter" everywhere else - because sweat. Oh and humidity. Considering I moved from the north to escape old man winter, I am completely fine with this. 

"Mommy can I take a picture with you?" OF COURSE!

I laid low on Labor Day weekend by the pool and with my little fam before flying out early Tuesday morning to Las Vegas for work. I had been there in 2009 and again in 2010, but hadn't been back since. So much has changed, yet so much was exactly how I remembered. If you've been around here since 2019, you'll remember the whirlwind world tour I went on for work. Obviously last year all events were virtual, and this year our event in Asia-Pacific will be fully virtual. I'm still waiting to hear if I'm traveling to the other locations, so stay tuned! And before the questions pour in - I'm a Social Media Director so I travel to cover our events and give a fun glimpse behind the scenes. It's SO much more work than it appears, but I truly love it. 

Upon arrival in Vegas, I dropped my stuff off in my room and headed right back out to a tour at the Ronald McDonald House which was the charity we were partnering with for the event. Always rewarding to be a part of the good that our company puts back out there, and of course a cameo by Ronald himself. 

The next night, I ventured out with a few co-workers to grab a drink at the infamous Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan. We actually walked in the heat down the strip, and wanted to keep going to Caesars to check out the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden but it was too dang hot. So, we made our way back to the MGM Grand to have one more before calling it a night. 

The next day I was up bright and early with Starbucks in hand to cover more of the event including a fun Master Class on our airbrush makeup. My favorite is the body bronzer which is great for covering up all the marks on my legs when wearing shorts or dresses. 

My typical "uniform" while working an event - a comfortable all black outfit and sneakers. I learned the hard way after my first time running around a convention center all day that even flats are not ok. Sneakers - make that sneakers with arch support are key. 

On the second to last evening, it was time to get dressed up for what felt like the first time in forever for the Star Gala. I ran through the resort in flip flops carrying my heels because I'm not an amateur when it comes to walking Vegas - everything is SO far! I stuffed my sandals behind the dj booth upon arrival, and began capturing fun content of the evening. Bubbles with co-workers after it ended, and then back to my room to work. I know - so fun right?

The next day was full with our final general session, and a bunch of us were planning on going to jump in one of the glorious pools and lazy river on site but the event ran late. To our surprise the pool now closes at 6:00, and the event wrapped a few minutes before. The two bathing suits I had packed were crying in my suitcase. So, I ended up grabbing one of those sugar filled frozen yard drinks on my way back to my room to sift through content before heading back out for my last evening in Vegas. It tasted AMAZING after a long 4 days of the event. 

After a hot shower, I headed back out to capture content at the Venetian since our next stop on the world tour is in Venice. It was fun to go to the Vegas style Venice to get our audience in the spirit for where we'll be next. A quick gondola ride, and then we headed over to the Chandelier Bar for my 2nd time of the trip. It's just SO pretty there! 

Romper {similar} | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | Camera Bag | Necklace | Drusy Ring

A fun role-reversal photo inside the giant chandelier was a must since I'm always behind the camera during work events. It was too funny being on the other side of it even though for this blog I do pose for a lot of photos. Relaxing with a cocktail after an event wraps is always a good idea, and then it's the rush to prepare for the next one! 

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I Finally Caved

I finally did it guys - I caved, and picked up my first pair of non-skinny jeans. This millennial still highly prefers the more tailored and slimming look of skinny jeans, but had fun taking my first pair of boyfriend jeans out for a spin to go to dinner the other night. I chose this pair because they weren't super baggy in the waist area, and I liked the distressed look and that they were cuffed which pairs great with heels, sandals, or a comfy pair of sneaks. 

On Tuesday last week, we took the day off for my birthday and headed out to the beach. We lucked out with beautiful weather, played in the waves, and grabbed some lunch on the water. Just what I needed to melt away some stress mid-week. Oh and a box of Crumbl Cookies on the way home - YUM!

And speaking of birthdays, I received the sweetest surprise in the mail from Andrea. So many fun goodies, and she even included a pack of stickers for Lil' Miss who noticed them immediately and squealed! 

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Birthday Brunching

First and foremost - a BIG Birthday Eve shoutout to my birthday twin Nadine. I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow sweet friend! 

My friends spoiled me over a fun birthday brunch this weekend. It's always so hard to pick a restaurant because we have the really great problem of so many brunch spots to choose from in Central Florida. This time, we went to Maxine's on Shine which is super cute neighborhood restaurant tucked away close to Downtown Orlando. Oh did I mention they have giant mimosas? 

Dress {only $35} | Sandals in Sea Shell Pink | SunniesNecklace | Drusy Ring in Rose Gold | Lipstick in Creme Cup

In other news, Lil' Miss officially started VPK last week. She had been in Pre-K, and is now one of the "big kids" at her school since VPK is the last year before Kindergarten which she is very proud about. Where did my itty bitty baby go?! She's also a champ about wearing a uniform, and still wearing a mask to school. 

Last weekend, H and I snuck in a quick date night to hit up a few local spots. We finally checked out a hidden tiki bar for pre-dinner drinks, and enjoyed dinner outside under a big covered patio due to the rain. Has it been extra rainy this summer where you are too? 

Tiered Cami {50% off} | Shorts | Bag | Sunglasses | Sandals

And last but not least - I caved and ordered my first ever pair of boyfriend jeans which I'll report back on after they arrive, and I take them out for a spin. Despite what Gen Z'ers may say, I'm still one of Team Skinny Jeans' biggest cheerleaders. So, I chose a pair that doesn't look too baggy in the waist area, and are cuffed at the bottom for definition. Fingers crossed! 

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Hello August

I'm still over here amazed that we're already in August (hello birthday month!), but then noticed we are actually almost halfway through. Lots has been going on, and I'm just now playing a little catch up over here. It wouldn't be August without a fun beach day, and we decided to check out a new-to-us beach. We'd made our way up to Flagler Beach before to meet some family for lunch on the water, but this was our first time enjoying a beach day there. The sand looks like cinnamon, and the waves were bigger than we expected. 

I ventured downtown to celebrate one of my fav co-worker's birthdays. She rented out a space at a hotel, and everything was catered and we enjoyed music and dancing. Oh and of course some cocktails. I didn't get back home until 2:00 a.m. which I haven't done in foreverrrrrr. I was pretty exhausted when Lil' Miss came bounding into the room the next morning excited to head to the beach. This old hag was very excited to settle back into the couch later that evening and watch the Olympics. 

Speaking of sleep (oh beautiful sleep!), I recently was able to try out Dr. Emil Nutrition's Bedtime Burn. It's a nighttime fat burner (hello!) and sleep aid. I love that it's free of GMO's and harsh stimulants, and is designed to calm the mind and body. Who else has their mind race at night when it's time to settle in? I can't be the only one who wakes up in the middle night freaking out about things that would never send me into a panic during the day. Head over to my Instagram page where I'm holding a fun giveaway to win a free bottle! 

And last but certainly not least - a certain someone was VERY excited to start gymnastics this year. She picked out a mermaid leotard for her first day (of course) and very proudly brought her Anna and Elsa water bottle. We watched her first go on the (mini) uneven bars, and can't wait to see her test out the balance beam (which is on the floor level for the littles). Yes I was that mom that called to make sure parents are allowed inside (because COVID), and watched through the glass the entire time! 

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