Red, White, and Blue Beaches

Even with everything that's been going on lately, we had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend complete with a beach day, pool time, grilling, and H was able to go golfing with a few of the guys to celebrate his birthday. I made sure to rock red, white, and blue all weekend and broke out my favorite stars and stripes bathing suit.

Stars and Stripes Bathing Suit {Only $15} | Beach Cover Up {Only $17} |  Sunnies

They were doing a fantastic job at New Smyrna Beach making sure cars and beach set ups were a certain distance apart, and they broke up any large groups. At one point, I heard the beach police soaring down the beach and blaring their alarm. I looked up, and saw them breaking up a large group of people. I'm so thankful the beaches are open again, but it's not time to throw a big party people - come on!

We also grabbed lunch to-go from one of the beach-side restaurants. It's one of our favorite spots when we're at the beach, and I was happy to see they survived the shutdown. I also was very happy to hear that all restaurants and shops down by the beach in New Smyrna are locally owned. No chains! If you're in the area - definitely head out to enjoy the beach and some local food and drinks. 

For Memorial Day, I wanted to rock more red, white, and blue - and this peplum top was the perfect pop of red especially in the heat. I paired it with white jean shorts, and blue nails. Guys I painted my nails for the first time in 2 and 1/2 months. It was nice, and Lil' Miss even said "Mommy you have pretty nails again!" Out of the mouths of babes I tell ya... 

Top {Only $8 and comes in 3 colors} | ShortsSandals | Barrette | Knotted Cuff | Lipstick in Creme Cup | Double Ring | Necklace | Sunglasses

Did I mention this bathing suit top is reversible! I wore the red and white stripes side to the beach, and the blue and white stars in the pool. Festive and practical! 

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Jumpin' Jumpin'

Who else has Destiny's Child stuck in their heads now? Always in the mood for one of their songs, and of course casual chic neutrals. I'm currently obsessing over this jumpsuit which is only $12, and can't wait to wear it out for some weekend fun or at the office under a light jacket. Versatile pieces that work for the 9-5 and for drinks with the girls or chasing lil' miss on the playground are my jam!

Jumpsuit {Only $12} | Sunnies | Sandals {40% off} | Tote Bag {50% off} | Watch | Knot Cuff

I'm also still swooning over my recent amazing find on major sale - this tote bag. It's currently 50% off and fits all the things including my work lap top. So, I can finally stop lugging a lap top bag to and from the office (when we head back in the coming weeks) or when traveling for work events. 

Don't forget to use coupon code SUM54 to receive an extra 15% off your entire purchase at SheIn for their Summer Sale now through June 30th. Happy Shopping!

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Lashes and Ruffles

I hide behind sunglasses a lot, and can use all the help I can get when I take away my "disguise". Between hereditary dark circles no matter how much sleep I get at night, and barely there lashes I love a little extra oomph to bring out my hazel eyes. I'd always been somewhat turned off by false lashes due to having to glue them on. But magnetic lashes are a total game-changer, and I love that they are handmade and re-usable so I don't have to throw them out after only one use. Yes please!

Magnetic Lashes - Save 30% + free shipping with code BEAUTY30

*Summery Line Up*

Re-usable Lash Line Up

So easy to apply even for this beauty non-expert!

**This beauty product review is in collaboration with Hivency, however all opinions are my own.

Now about this dress - I can't get over how flirty and cute it is especially for the upcoming heat here in the sunshine state. Don't get me wrong! I love the heat, but if I'm not in the pool or at the beach I need to be comfortable and wearing something light and airy. You won't catch me in jeans from April through at least October. Comfort is key, and breezy and fun dresses are my go-to.

Dress {only $21 and comes in 3 colors} | Espadrilles {40% off} | Double Ring | Knot Cuff | Sunnies

Don't forget to use coupon code SUM54 to receive an extra 15% off your entire purchase at SheIn for their Summer Sale now through June 30th. Happy Shopping!

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Pour a Cup of Coffee, and Let's Catch Up

Happy Monday Lovlies! Lots to catch up on, as I apparently decided to take an unintended blogging break last week. As I've mentioned before, I've actually been quite enjoying this forced slow down and extra time at home. I've been savoring my morning cups of coffee, extra time with lil' miss, and not rushing out the door each morning. With that said, I stepped back a bit from other things that take up my time and that's OK. 

So, what have I been up to? It's amazing how we envision staying at home with doing nothing. Ha - I wish! I'm blessed to be able to work from home throughout this pandemic, I've been keeping up with online workouts, rifled through two books, tackled lots of house projects that have been sitting on the back burner, donated clothes and toys, and of course extra time with lil' miss. I'm not big on gifts for Hallmark holidays (like Valentines Day or Mother's Day), but I did treat myself recently and scooped up this Marc Jacobs tote bag at 50% off which will fit my work laptop so I don't need to lug a laptop bag to and from the office or on planes for work trips (whenever that happens again).
I finished The Widow Clicquot which I highly recommend if you're into champagne, and learning more about it's history. I then immediately dove into The Thousandth Floor which is set in NYC 100 years into the future in a massive 1,000 story building. Incredibly intriguing, and I had no idea when I began reading it that it was a part of a series. Now, all I can think about is the next book! Has anyone read it? I'm bursting at the seams to discuss the 1st book!

It has felt great to get some much needed organizing, purging, and deep cleaning done around the house. I even cleaned the oven... guys the OVEN! We also finally picked up a shampoo carpet cleaner at Target to clean the carpets in the house. I do love tile or wood floors throughout the living areas of the house, but I'm a stickler for carpet in the bedrooms. There's just something cozy about waking up in the morning, and stepping onto a soft carpet. Anyone else feel the same?
I typically work out about 5 days a week, with 2 rest days but while we've been sheltering in place at home we've been going for lots of walks around the neighborhood and I've been taking advantage of all the free online workouts available to me. My local Bar Method studio goes live on Instagram each Sunday with FREE community classes, and they're available for 24 hours so you can hop on and join the workout when it's convenient for you - from anywhere around the world. This is the perfect time to try out a barre class if you've never experienced one before, and the instructors are fabulous! Just follow them here and join the fun! I'm also blessed to have an on-site gym at work which also has a personal trainer on staff. While we've all been working from home, he's been conducting Zoom workouts MWF each week, and another co-worker has been streaming yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom. So, my only rest day now has been Saturday which would have scared me in the past, but has been exactly what I need right now. Pass another glass (or bottle) of wine - I've earned it! 
This sweet girl made me a mommy, and her infectious giggles and sweet kisses warm my heart each and every day. She and my husband treated me to brunch at home yesterday morning and mom-mosas after a sweat inducing Bar Method session on Instagram Live. After her nap, we did some gardening together with pots and seeds my mom sent for springtime. My parents were supposed to move down here by Easter, but the pandemic has obviously put a hold on things. So FaceTime and care packages have been common-place instead. 

Getting dressed in actual clothes (I can't remember the last time I wasn't in pajamas, workout clothes, or a bathing suit) and blow drying my hair for the 1st time in 2 months needed to be documented. I felt like myself, and it was nice. But it was also nice to change back into cozy shorts and tank to hit the couch! 

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It's the Little Things

Hello Monday, please pass an extra cup of coffee and yes I'm still living in pajamas and athleisure. I honestly don't know how I'm going to go back to real pants and heels when it's time.

I have honestly been enjoying the extra time at home, and not the rush rush rush of normal days. I'm trying to savor this quiet time and look for the good in each day. Before we know it, we'll be back to racing out the door each morning, rushing home in the evenings to get dinner on the table with just a little bit of time to ourselves before waking up the next morning and starting it all over again. Things are still quite busy with working from home and Lil' Miss not being at school, but we've been able to tackle some house projects and deep cleaning here and there and have been committed to home work outs.

Being at home all the time means 24/7 loungewear, and I'm not mad about it. At all. I've been living in these joggers that are available through Prime, and I also wore them for over 28 hours of travel to Singapore last fall. SO cozy and they're pink, so they are Elle Woods approved. But when I'm not in athleisure, I've been loving this floral romper which is only $13.

We've been spending as much time outside as possible with after dinner walks, and lots of pool time. This darling bikini has been on repeat for splashing and swimming, and Lil' Miss is going to be our little soccer star as she's been taking advantage of more backyard fun with her soccer goal set that we got her for her birthday. And rainy days call for jumping through puddles with these adorable toddler rain boots.

Other necessities that I've been loving are elderberry gummies and of course all the coffee in this giant mug. We've been enjoying to-go drinks from our favorite local spots and playing bartender at home, and these re-usable straws have been a total game changer!

We've also been trying to work on the house, and H has taken care of a lot of yard work as well including leaf removal (our yard looks like fall in New England in March when our leaves fall before the spring blooms arrive), and trimming trees. I just ordered these beautiful end tables to refresh the living room and we also ordered this light fixture for the kitchen nook which compliments the chandelier we recently put up in the dining room. I love how much little updates can totally transform a space, and give a much needed face lift.

Aside from work and outdoor fun, I've also been trying to read more and just finished The Widow Clicquot about the champagne empire of the early 19th century which was super interesting in learning about the Champagne region of France and all the hardships they endured to be what they are today. When we can travel again, who wants to join me in a visit to the champagne houses in France?

I've been missing my monthly pedicures, but always paint my fingernails and swear by Essie Gel Couture which lasts almost a whole week of washing dishes and other various wear and tear because real life. If you find yourself suddenly painting your own nails at home, you can't go wrong with the Essie Gel line for what I believe is the longest wear of any at home polish.  I usually pick mine up from Target or Ulta, and don't forget to check their clearance bins as I've saved a lot by finding some colors in there.

Coffee and Real Clothes

Hello Monday, please pass an extra cup of coffee. How are you all hanging in there? We honestly have been so busy with work (at home of course) and balancing caring for Lil' Miss that we haven't had anywhere near as much downtime as we thought we'd have. But we were excited to tackle a few house projects this weekend coupled with some relaxation in the pool. I also tried out a new coffee which was DELISH, and put on real clothes to pick up take out from one of our favorite local spots. It felt great, but it also felt great to change back into PJ's too. I like to call it balance.

Ruffle Top {Only $8} |  Heels | Watch | Cuff | Lipstick in Creme Cup

The one thing about this quarantine, is I've been going to bed later than I should and have an even stronger relationship with coffee - Hello Lover. I was excited to try out a new line local here in Florida (but ships free all over the United States) called Not Your Mother's Coffee. Their motto is "We give you the jolt you need", and that is definitely true. I savored not one, but two cups on Sunday morning and I definitely felt them giving me the extra jolt after staying up too late watching Netflix. The Chocolate Hazelnut is divine if you're looking for a medium roast made in small batches. 

Sunday's are for the barre, and I've been thoroughly enjoying the free community classes by The Bar Method Winter Park each Sunday. They go live on Instagram (follow them here) each Sunday morning at 9:15 am EST, and it's available for 24 hours. Get your burns so good on for FREE each weekend while we are home bound. 
When we are no longer working from home in whatever is comfiest, I will definitely be breaking out this tie neck top paired with some business casual dress pants or a pencil skirt. How darling is that tie detailing? Oh, and it's only $8. You're welcome. 

Tie Neck Top {Only $8} | Pants {40% off} | Heels {25% off} | Pearl Barrette | Sunnies | Double Ring

Don't forget to use coupon code S2peridot15 to receive an extra 15% off your entire purchase at SheIn now through June 30th. Happy Shopping!

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