I got mail!

First off, I'd like to express how excited I am that I'm only 2 followers away from 100, triple digits baby! Once I hit 100 there will be another giveaway, and I already have an idea of what it'll be. I love this little blog and all my wonderful readers. 

I also love getting packages in the mail, and I got a double dose the other day :)

My Sephora and my VS order both came in at the same time! 

I used my 10% off to restock my Bumble & Bumble Hair Thickening Spray and finally decided to try out the NARS duo that has not just one raved about product but TWO! 

I chose the bronzer in Laguna and the blush in Orgasm. I've heard only amazing reviews about both products and am super excited to use my new set. 

I ordered a new bathing suit from the VS Semi Annual Sale. I chose the Rhinestone Heart Bandeau by their Beach Sexy collection. I also picked out 2 bottoms in 2 different colors to mix it up.

I got the Cross Front Dress for my friend's bachelorette coming up later this week. I will definitely have to get those unsitely wrinkles out beforehand though of course :-P

My gift for the Bachelorette is all wrapped up and ready to go as well. I love how even their boxes and bags are purrty. 

I also got a new bra out of the semi-annual sale bin, my free panty with the gift cards they sent out, and some 5 for $26 lacy panty thongy things that I figured no one wants to see haha. I'm sure you all thank me :-P

Have you had any good shopping hauls lately?

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  1. Love the Nars duo, I have both of those!