It's Ok Thursday and Thankful Thursday Mash Up

Happy Friday Eve to my amazing readers! Time to link up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday.

It's Ok That...

~ I just got back from vacay and am already planning our next trip :)

~ I just got back from vacay and now I'm sick... I almost never get sick, but I had the worst headache the other day on our anniversary and now have that nasty scratchy throat/mucus drainage thing going on (TMI I know.. sorry!)

~ I pay double to upgrade from my Yoplait yogurt to Oikos (the Uncle Jesse yogurt!) Definitely worth it, and it actually fills me up for a little while unlike Yoplait where I need to eat something else anyway which negates having the lowfat yogurt lol.

~ I wish they stopped playing the same overplayed crap on the radio and pine for the days where musical artists actually had some talent.

~ I get bummed every time a cast member from Friends says a reunion/movie most likely won't happen. I want to see Ross and Rachel get married (for real this time!) and have more babies :)

I'm Thankful For....

~ The past 2 years of marriage to my wondeful H. Words can't describe how thankful I am to have him in my life. He's my rock, my best friend, my everything..

~ My little blog and this wonderful community I'm becoming a part of. You ladies rock!

~ Our lives taking us to the sunshine state. You couldn't put enough 0's in my paycheck to get me to move back to Connecticut. I miss some very dear people up there, but have also been extrememly blessed to have met some amazing people down here as well. I truely have 2 homes :)


  1. Love it! I'm literally always planning a trip. I have one in July and 2 in August and I made a pinboard dedicated to one of them the other day. ha ha. can't stop planning to travel. : ]

  2. I love how you refer to it as the "Uncle Jesse" yogurt, because I do too! Ha!

  3. I hope you feel better!! And I agree with the radio. That's why I always listen to Pandora or my iPod.

  4. Absolutely love Friends! While blogging you definitely meet some really great people!