Get excited for my 1st ever guest post!

I'm Cami from First Day of My Life and I am so excited (and not gonna lie...a little bit jealous!) that our little fashionista is heading to Jamaica with hubs! May the two of you have an AMAZING time...happy anniversary! <3

I am also excited that she is allowing me to share some traveling trips with you! 

On vacation in the Isla of Roatan! 

it's okay to overpack

I should clarify's okay to overpack with items that don't weigh much. (Make sure you are under your weight limit if you are flying.) If you're taking a trip somewhere without airfare - it really is okay to overpack...promise. ;) You never know what will happen when you're on vacation - what spontaneous activity you might be participating in.

when flying, leave extra room in your suitcase 
This extra room will allow you to purchase some souvenirs or great sales! This means hubby can't get upset with you if you do some random buys while traveling!

have a written copy of all directions
Sometimes you cannot rely JUST on your iPhone or GPS for directions. What happens if you don't have service? It's better to be safe than sorry! If you know you're going from point A to point B - print it out.

pack some snacks
If traveling by air or even by car - if you're trying to be healthy - pack some healthy snacks! Protein bars, luna bars, granola, nuts, etc.

bring some reading material!
I know the purpose of a vacation is to veg-out, do some traveling, see some cool sites, take tons of photos...but you never know when you'll have some down time and you want to read! It can be a great beach read, a book you just always wanted to read but never could make time to read, or something that will help your business (if you're a business owner!) and read up on executive coaching programs. The options are endless.

pack a poncho...just in case!
I know it sounds silly and dumb...but when it randomly starts pouring, you'll be happy you shoved one in your suitcase. You really can't rely on the weather man!

take lots of pictures. and i mean - a LOT.
You never know what moment you're going to never know when you'll be there charge that sucker up & take a ton!

soak up every moment
Put your worries behind you & just enjoy your vacation...enjoy it like it's the last vacation you'll ever have. <3

What are some traveling/vacation tips of your own??


  1. Thanks for having me!! Hope you are having an AMAZING time!! oxox

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