Weekend of Beauty

What an amazingly filled weekend we just had! I had a bachelorette party and a wedding both of which were a ton of fun! 

Weekend pics preview:

Pre-bachelorette before heading out

Me and the beautiful bride at her wedding

But.. let's back up to the pre-festivities. I went to go get a pedicure and an eyebrow wax which turned out to be a disaster :(

How can you ruin one of my favorite things? I'll tell you how.. by dropping wax in my hair and then trying to get it out so that you forget that there's wax on my eyebrows that needs to pulled off before it sits there for too long and burns me. Yep.. that happened :(

Yep... it hurts so bad that I've been putting aloe on it to help soothe it. H told me I better not have tipped him very much, but the problem is I never realized it was as bad as it was until later. 2 days later and it still hurts and is now peeling. Yick...

On a better note.. I also got my hair done finally this weekend. I found a groupon for a partial foil, wash, cut, and blow dry and jumped on it since I hadn't gotten my hair done since Christmas time *shameful*. 

A few months ago I posted here about how I was yearning for a change in my hair color as I was sick of my boring natural color. I was blonde for a loooong time, and posted pics of how I looked as a blonde, and a lot of you mentioned you preferred me as a brunette. So, I took everyone's advice and stayed true to my roots so to speak, and just went for some soft caramel highlights. 

Then.. my next tragedy (1st tragedy being that I got burned by my eyebrow wax) was I took my foundation compact out of my wristlet this morning and this is what I found:

Soooo upset!

So.. off to Sephora I went to pick up a replacement. While I was there I saw that they are now selling airbrush foundation in a can. I asked about it, and couldn't imagine that it would work great for a price tag of under $30 (considering the airbrush machine they sell is almost $300 and that doesn't even include the makeup pods!) and the sales associate said they wouldn't recommend it. But it still looks cool and may be a curious buy that I make in the future to see if it works better than powder foundation for a big night out.

My goodies from my trip. I picked up a replacement foundation compact, a sample of Vera Wang's Lovestruck, and cashed in a 100 point reward for the Urban Decay all nighter spray. I've been wanting to check out this spray for a while as I've heard great things about it and really helps your makeup stay put.

Last but certainly not least I picked up a new glittery nail polish at Target.
I picked up Sally Hansen's Strobe Light and paired it with Essie's Fiji for a pretty soft pink.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend :)


  1. Omg you poor thing! That burn looks awful! But your hair looks great :-)


  2. Your hair is beautiful! Sorry about the burn :( :( I've had it happen once (not that bad!!) and it was terrible! Hope it heals soon!!

  3. Yikes! That stinks about the eyebrow wax. :( I go to a beauty school to get my done since it's cheaper, but thankfully haven't had any problems.

    Love the new haircut and color! :)

  4. aww poor thing! i hope your eyelid/brow is better soon! your hair looks fab! and i love SH strobe light, it's the perfect glitter!