White After Labor Day

Happy 1st official day of fall. For all those out there jumping the gun on the season changing from summer to fall a few weeks ago, I just wonder how many of them are going to be complaining about the long winter and where summer is? I'll happily remind them they decided to sweep it under the rug before it's time ran out in September. There a lot of misconceptions when Labor Day rolls around the first Monday of every September. The first being that summer is over (*tear*) and the second is that you can no longer wear the color white.

I for one moved down south to extend the summer like weather and escape the bitterly cold winters. But traditionally in the northeast which is where I grew up, there was an outdated tradition which is the summer whites come out from only Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Where did this ridiculous outdated tradition come from? The answer is that it all started with America's high society who dressed for the summer season which was their social season. If it was the summer, they were no longer in the city, but out at their beach or country home. And the popular choice for clothing was white since it reflected the sun and kept you cooler, but once they returned to the city and the weather cooled, they changed their wardrobe back to darker and heavier fabrics. This lifestyle and clothing choices were great if you were a part of the high society who lived this way, but for the rest of civilization, times have changed and the rule certainly doesn't apply.

The key is to "winterize" your whites and take your white pieces from summer to fall and eventually to winter.

*Ignore the 2010 in this pic and pretend it says 2011* :-P

For example, take your white jeans and pair them with cute riding boots and a jacket instead of sandals and a tank top. Or add a scarf for even more of a cooler weather effect. 

Cute for fall

Cute for winter

But when you live in the south, and it's still in the mid 90's well after Labor Day (and for those of you in TX and AZ in the 100's) there's no need to winterize your whites. I've never followed any silly rules and dress for the weather outside not what it says on the calendar. 

Exhibit A:

So wear your whites and wear them proud! Don't bury them begrudgingly in the back of your closets or bottoms of your dresser drawers until Memorial Day. Just dress for the weather in your area. If it's still hot out dress comfortably, and if it's starting to get chilly where you are start pairing your whites with some heavier pieces and boots. Oh how I miss boots.... I love the weather here, but I have a hankering to wear some boots, but it's still just too hot out for that. 

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