We Will Never Forget

I've been super emotional this past week watching all the tv coverage of the attacks on our country 10 years ago. The stories of survivors are incredible, and the tales of the heroes who saved so many people, but lost their own are heartbreaking. But, what I can't understand is the extensive coverage of the twin towers in NYC, but I haven't seen much if anything at all covering the Pentagon or United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in the field in Pennsylvania. I don't want our country to forget the courage that was shown to try and overcome the hijackers on Flight 93 and how they were able to prevent further damage and deaths in Washington, DC.

I know this question is probably is asked a lot today, but where were you when our country was attacked? I was a freshman in college and in only my 2nd week of school and I was sitting in Geography class which was an 8:00am class that went until 9:35 and of course it was with the type of professor who would use every minute of the class, so when I finally got out of class at 9:35 I had messages from friends that some planes had crashed into these buildings. Yeah.. not very informative, but I still remember thinking that was crazy. I went back to the dorms and watched the television coverage with a bunch of people and we just watched the towers burning but never ever expected them to collapse. As the south tower started to collapse I remember watching in disbelief and thinking that they'd no longer be the twin towers as there was only 1 left and I never fathomed that they would both collapse. We all watched in horror as the 2nd one collapsed as well, and breaking news reports of the crash at the Pentagon and in the field in PA. That's when fear started to take over that planes could be crashing anywhere. My mom was at work and finally got through to me on my cell phone, and asked me to go pick up my brother from school, as I was about 1/2 an hour away from home when I was at school. I picked him up, and we went home and our family was glued to the tv for the rest of the night and waited anxiously for President Bush's address to the nation.

My mom who is a nurse was working at the hospital that day and one of her patients had a daughter who is a flight attendant, and was scheduled to be on one of the flights out of Boston that morning that crashed into the towers. She ended up trading shifts with her best friend and escaped being a part of the horror that day, but lost her best friend in the attacks. I've heard of a lot of stories of people who should have been there.. or shouldn't have been there.

Let us never forget the horrific acts that occurred 10 years ago, and let us continue to come together as a country and fight for what is right. I pray that such evil never happens again on such a destructive level that claims so many innocent lives. 

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