Sephora by OPI Review

In my last Sephora goodies post, I mentioned that I purchased my first bottle of Sephora by OPI nail polish. I got the "Break A Leg Warmer" from their Urban Ballerina collection. I was super excited about it, and thought it would be a great fall color to switch it up from my usual pale pinks.

I applied it Sunday night while watching tv with H, and already had to reapply both Monday and Tuesday night! I am looking at another re-application tonight as it's chipping even worse today *sigh*.

I'm just sad because I thought the color came out really nice, and if I'm paying $9.50 for a bottle, it should hold up a lot better.

Here are pics from the original application on Sunday:

I tried doing the classic pose of showing the bottle and the color on my nails.. epic fail.. 

Practice makes perfect I guess.. I'll have to keep at it ;0)

I hope this isn't true for all Sephora by OPI colors, as I have quite a few on my Sephora wish list that I'd love to try out. I think I'll try out one more and if it does the same thing, I'll be done with this line and stick to my never failing Essie which I can get at Target for $7.79 a bottle.

Onto more news that still brings a smile to my face. H recently went to a baby shower... get this... without me! Not only was it a jack & jill function where men were invited,  but I was unable to attend the festivities as I wouldn't have been able to make it on time. It was for his boss, so I told him he should definitely go and just enjoy the free food and drinks and hang out with the other guys. But of course I was the one that went to Babies R Us to shop off the registry, put the gift together AND reminded him several times the morning of the shower to make sure he didn't forget the gift on the kitchen counter! Haha.. he said he had an ok time, he was really excited about the catered food and he got to spend some time with the guys from work so he did just fine at his first baby shower without his wife. I promised him that when we have our first baby, I will make it clear to my mom or whoever is planning the shower that it shouldn't be a co-ed event as the father to be is all set with baby showers.

Oh! And isn't this adorable? This was too cute not to post! My little fatty! Our sleeping princess, she's so soft and comfy to lay with.


  1. what a bummer, that color is perfect for fall. you can probablyreturn it though. i know you can return makeup when it's not the right shade or you don't like it, so why not polish too?

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed. I used a base coat, then two-three coats of the polish and then a top coat. So I just don't get it. I'm going to reapply AGAIN tonight, but this weekend I'm removing it completely and starting from scratch with another color.

    I never thought about returning it, I'm seriously considering it now, thanks! I just can't understand how it's chipping so easily every single day..

  3. That's terrible about that polish! I LOVE THE COLOR (and, BTW, your ring is gorgeous!!!).

    Newest follower! Hope you had a great weekend! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights