Stop Rushing Fall & Enjoy Summer!

I don't know about y'all but I love summer time... hands down my fav time of year. I love it so much I relocated from CT to FL :)

Don't get me wrong I love the crisp fall air, haunted hayrides, FOOTBALL, dressing up for Halloween, and all things pumpkin but this girl is in no rush. You want to know why? Because what comes after fall? That's right.. winter... brrrrrr. We all hate winter, it gets a bad rap and it should. Outrageous heating bills, the wind whipping so hard it hurts because it's so cold, slipping on ice, scraping your car, all the plants are dead, it's gray and dreary, and let's not forget how much everyone gets sick that time of year.. tis the season!

It's only August 9th, and the official first day of fall isn't until September 22nd... so why is everyone in such a rush? I've noticed people are never satisfied with what they have. When it's winter everyone longs for summer, but when it's actually summer everyone starts talking about fall in July/early August. Just enjoy it and live in the moment. Fall will be here before we know it!

Nevermind the fact that I can't even think about fall fashion just yet and probably can't until at least the end of October probably more like November and even that will be sporadic. It's hot as funk outside and probably won't drop below 90 degrees on an every day basis for a couple more months. (no complaints here!) I do love a good oversized sweater and boots like the next girl, but I'll take my comfy sundresses and sandals and a day at the beach or pool anytime.

If you are all set with the longer days, BBQ's, going to the beach, boating, and pool parties that's ok.. I'll gladly take them :)

For now I'll just keep enjoying this:

*Cheers to summer!*


  1. Ha! I posted about Fall today, too funny! But I know how much you love your summer. ;)

  2. I totally share your love for summer! Just came across your blog & I'm glad I did. Love it! x

    Leah Symonne x

  3. I love Fall but I am enjoying summer right now. Also-I spy Mohegan Sun swag. Reppin' the C-T casinos...

  4. Love Summer + live 2 miles from Newport Rhode Island--just hate posts about the Fall--Everyone it's still August, remember? Let's have some fun in the here and now !!