Sephora Birthday Goodies

I look forward to Sephora's b-day gifts every year. My best friend's b-day is in January so she always lets me know what the new gift is for the year and I end up having to wait another 8 months! When she told me what it was this year I was super excited! Every Benefit product I've ever tried has been amazing so I was looking forward to trying Watts Up and getting another tube of They're Real mascara (which I absolutely love and have been majorly slacking on posting a review).

So, I headed over to Sephora to pick up the Philosophy Birthday Cake bubble bath for my giveaway, blush in guava glow, and my free b-day gift.

The freebie tube of mascara appears to be bigger than the tube I already owned :)

What did you think of this year's birthday gift from Sephora?


  1. I love this year's bday gift! I had never tried that mascara, and I love it! It doesn't clump at all. I also have pretty long lashes to begin with, but this mascara definitly gives them some more noticeable volume.

  2. you always have the best makeup! take me shopping!!