Week with the Fam

H's parents flew back home yesterday. Btw... super proud of them for overcoming their fear of flying from their honeymoon over 30 years ago! Their flight down and back home both went smooth and they are home safely with their adorable basset hound that I call "Pupperz". 

We had a great 9 days with them... lots of eating out, late night games on the patio, theme parks, and just enjoying FL living :)

The happiest place on earth :)

Typhoon Lagoon! 

Loved Typhoon Lagoon! We even snorkeled the Shark Reef which was amazing! We were able to snorkel with sharks, sting rays, and amazingly beautiful tropical fish.

Amazing looking candied apples in Downtown Disney

Amazing lego creations in Downtown Disney

I spy mouse ears!

Paw Prints soap at the Basin soap shop in Downtown Disney soooo stinkin' adorable!

I picked up a bottle of the most amazing smelling milk bath from Basin

Mini Golfin'

H's mom and I talked the men into seeing Titanic 3D with us. We're definitely loved! 

We went for ice cream and Roxy tagged along for the fun

LOVE that a lot of the ice cream shops here give free "doggy sundaes" to dogs that are present

It was a great 9 days, and we did so much! Now, it's time to be reunited with my couch :)


  1. looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo


  2. Aw yay! I'm glad you had such a great time with them!! :) Woohoo for them getting over their fear - that's awesome :)