Not Your Typical Wednesday

Today was just a normal boring Wednesday for me until late in the afternoon. I was sitting at my desk with my boss going over a large case, and a couple of the guys came over and said there was a tall guy outside named Dwight. I said, "There is no way Dwight Howard is outside!" They said, "Go look" so I did... and sure enough it was him!

I am telling you.. I must have broke the record for how fast a girl can run in 4 inch heels! I ran back to my desk and got my phone because remember.. camera phones are the autograph of the 21st century ;) and then I burst through the doors out into the hall. He was about to get on the elevator so I sheepishly said hi and asked if I could get a pic with him, but his entourage blocked me and said he had to get on the elevator. I walked off with my tail between my legs and went back into my office. About 20 minutes later the guys came back to my desk and said he was back outside. 

I took off out the door again armed with my phone and found him outside taking pictures with some girls from the school across the hall from our office. When I got out there, he pointed at me and asked if I worked with them and we all said no, and he said if I did that he was about to enroll. I couldn't believe Superman was hitting on me! 

I finally got my pic with him at the end and he was super nice. 

Not too shabby considering I went to the gym at lunch and felt super scrubby. Look how tall he is! Keep in mind I'm wearing 4 inch heels and he still towers over me. 

I wish every Wednesday could be this exciting!


  1. Love that you posted this!!
    You guys are a cute couple...shhh, don't tell hubs ;)
    Seriously tho - love it!! He sounds like a sweetie!

  2. ohmygosh. i'm in love w him. i can't believe you met him!! i'm dying.