Weekend in Pictures

Oh Sunday evening we meet again... at least H and I only have a 4 day work week ahead of us since we both finally work for companies that give us Good Friday off. Yay! 

Friday evening we decided to stay in and light the tiki torches and hang out on our patio instead of going to happy hour.

We ate dinner outside and enjoyed some Skinny Girl margs. We loved relaxing  at home and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Roxy was so excited we spent the evening home with her

Saturday night, we went out with some friends downtown for some good times.

Ladies shot

The fellas

Oh! And I totally got hit on while H watched the whole thing from a distance in amusement. This guy was chatting me up for a little bit, but he was harmless so I didn't mind talking to him. He then asked how I knew all the other girls I was with, so I told him that my husband works with a couple of the girls so we all got to know each other that way. He then said, "Whoa! How did I not see that ring you're wearing!" I told him it was ok, he then asked about the other girls I was with, and the look of disappointment on his face when I told him they were all either married or engaged was priceless. He then said, "Aww man.. now I see her ring... and her's too" and he walked away. Poor guy...

Today was a boring day of household chores and cooking. H and I also finally went and got our Costco membership that my mom gifted us and we picked up a bunch of stuff for grilling when friends come over later this week and for when H's parents come in next weekend. 

I got festive and painted my nails an "Easter Egg" color and chose Essie's Nice is Nice. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! Yay :)
    Too funny about the guy - poor guys!! Gotta feel bad for him!!
    Love the Essie nailpolish - super cute!! :)

    I'm jealous you have Friday off..lucky! ox

  2. Love that nail color! Very festive! Have you tried the skinny girl sangria!? I saw t at the store today and almost bought it!

  3. Thanks ladies! I thought it was the perfect shade of Easter Egg purple :)

    Lauren ~ yes I've tried the Sangria and the White Cranberry Cosmo as well. Both are super yummy and guilt free just like her margarita. She's releasing wines and vodkas too in the coming weeks. She's on a roll!

  4. looks like a great weekend! I love me some skinny girl margs! yummy!