It's Time for a Change!

Of my hair color that is! 

I'm naturally a brunette, but I was a blonde from ages 13-25. I was blonde for so long that my own grandmother can't get used to me being a brunette again and asks when I'm going to dye my hair back to blonde. Go figure..

I went back to more of my natural color right before H and I got engaged. Mainly for it to be easier to maintain and I wouldn't have roots if I couldn't get to my hairdresser for a while and because H prefers my hair darker. 

This is the most recent picture of my hair:

And this is what I looked like as a blonde:

With my college roommate in 2008 who is another CT to FL transplant :)

Me with my BFF Jess in 2007

With H a couple months into dating

Now this time around I was thinking of going darker than I did in the past when I was blonde. My highlights were super light, so I was thinking of maybe either going with an ombre do or just leaving in more low lights instead of going BLONDE!

I'd love to duplicate the fabulous Pink Lou Lou's highlights:

Gorgeous! I'd love to take this look but go darker for my skin tone and eye color.

I've always loved Lauren and adore this shade on her and may like to try it out myself.

Adore this look! However, I wouldn't be cutting my hair like that.

I love Jennifer Aniston's highlights here as well

Any advice? Feedback? Should I stay a brunette? My reasoning for not wanting to stay a brunette is that my color fades so quickly. It's always so rich right after going to the salon, but after only a week or two it's so blah plus when I'm in the sun a lot it starts to get a reddish tint. So, I was planning on going lighter again for the warmer months.

Happy Friday! :-D


  1. I like it dark best

  2. EEK! i see me! haha. Thanks so much sweet girl ;) ps I LOVE Jenn and Lauren's low/high light combos. loooove. I tried to get my hairdresser to Jenn Ann me but she said no, too dark hahah. You will look fab, go for one of those!! xoxo

  3. i love the dark! so pretty. it suits your features :)

  4. I love Lauren Conrad's hair! I feel like it'd be pretty manageable and not show roots as quickly :)

  5. I personally think you look better as a brunette. :) I do like LC's hair color though! So if you go light, I think that route would look great on you.

    I'm naturally a brunette and I honestly have dyed or highlighted/lowlighted my hair in two years and I love not having to worry about it. I used to get carmel highlights all over but I got sick of it after a while, and plus, I literally had to grow it out so it would officially come out, and I hated that!

  6. I'm excited to hear/see what you decide!! No matter what you pick, it'll look great!! :)

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  8. Dark! Try out different shampoos to keep the color!