Fashion Star

It's safe to say I'm already addicted to the new show Fashion Star which airs on Tuesday nights on NBC featuring Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Elle Macpherson, and John Varvatos. 

I loved the show when it premiered last week. They feature two designers at a time, give you a back story on each, and then they pick one piece that they feel is the heart of their line and show it three different ways. Once they're done, Nicole, John, and Jessica each give their opinions and then it's time for the designers to turn and face the buyers. There's one from Macy's, Saks, and H&M. If one of the buyers decides to buy a design, it's on sale that night online and in stores the next day. Amazingness! 

By far my favorite design of the evening was Oscar's sequined kimono cocktail dress. Even Jessica Simpson loved it and gushed that she'd wear it right now! Sadly, none of the buyers picked it up. 

Love love LOVE

Yeah, it's a tad short, but let's face it that model is sportin' telephone poles, and for us every day gals, I'd assume the dress wouldn't be as scandalous. 

I'm hoping that this week's episode will feature something I love this much, that I can actually find in stores the next day. 


  1. I had heard about this show several months ago, but didn't know it had aired yet! I will have to check this out for sure!

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  3. I keep forgetting about this show but know I'd love it! I need to set the DVR right away!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings