Forever 21 Haul

I've always loved Forever 21 (considering it was my first job ever! -- I worked there my senior year of high school) but it can be hit or miss sometimes. I've known a lot of people who stock up in there (the quality may not be the best, but the prices can't be beat!) and their advice is that you have to be willing to invest some time and to dig to find some great pieces in there. When I worked there, I used to see everything as it came in, or I'd see something on a customer in the fitting room and make a point to find it. Now, I know I can't just go into the store for a quick minute and run back out or I'll never find anything. As was the case today. 

I made my way through the entire store and was convinced I would be leaving empty handed, never mind trying anything on. But as I decided to give it another go, I spotted a dress I had been eyeing online and it began! I started picking up more and more items as I made my way back for the second time and towards the fitting room. 

The loot:

I thought this would be cute for that in-between weather where it's too warm for jeans and long sleeve t's but too chilly for a sundress. I can pair it with leggings and boots when it's really chilly and with some nice wedges when it's warmer. It's not too short is it?

This dress is actually green, not sure why it photographed blue :-P
I thought it would be cute for the St. Patrick's Day par-tay we're going to this weekend.

Please ignore my wild child hair and frumpy shirt that I admit I wore to work today. I was focusing on the skirt as I thought it would be cute for work. 

I did a side-view shot as well since I couldn't tell if the stripes were creating an optical illusion of making my hips look bigger. 

Any suggestions on what I could wear with this skirt other than a black top? Any color suggestions?

I also picked up an aqua blue tank for the gym (for $4.80!) and these bangles:

The following didn't make the cut:

This was cute on the hanger, but I don't know what the heck was going on with the extra flap of fabric up top. 

I need a new top in this color, but even in a size small this seemed a bit frumpy and not fitting right. So odd considering I bought items in Small, Medium, and Large on this visit. So inconsistent! 

Have you had any great finds at F21 lately?


  1. i've been checking out that striped dress forever, but i haven't purchased it bc it's perfect length for fun, but too short on my long legs to wear to work. :( it's so cute though!!

  2. I love the striped dress, I would always wear leggings though cause I don't have killer legs like you! And the "green" dress is adorable, so strange that it totally looks bright blue! And I think you should wear a nice bright pink top with the skirt, it would be fun for spring!

  3. Cute skirt! Maybe a red top with it? Or Yellow...
    I was just in F21. I bought two pairs of jeans ($10!!!), some cute bangles and a beaded crystal necklace. I too made multiple trips to the dressing room, but it was worth it!