Special Delivery

This week has been an exciting mail week for me. I got my Sephora shipment and my giveaway goodies that I won recently :0)

I re-stocked my Erase Paste and foundation, and picked up an eye pencil sharpener. I also got a free jar of Clinique Moisture Surge Intense with an offer code and my 3 free samples. I gave the Armani Sport Code to H and it smells great!

Today, I received my giveaway goodies that I won from Ally at La Mia Bella Vita. I can't believe I won!

The bag is fabulous! And it was filled with a ton of great stuff inside!


  1. I got the Clinique Intense sample too - I love it! It works great!

  2. That bag is so pretty! What a great prize to win!

  3. Ok, you have to give me some details on the Erase Paste...
    Because Shanna Said So