Happy Friday!

TGIF! I'm so happy Friday is finally here, and am looking forward to a great weekend which will include happy hour, working out, getting a much needed pedicure, and a St. Patricks Day party tomorrow that I'm told will have green food and green beer. I'm not Irish, but I'll be celebrating with everyone else and be an honorary Irish-Woman tomorrow.

Also, allow me to contain my excitement that Andy Pettitte is back! For those of you who aren't Yankee fans or follow baseball, Andy Pettitte was a left handed pitcher who retired last season to spend more time with his family. But, he started making some appearances at spring training this year, and today he officially signed a $2.5 million deal for the year. That's not chump change!

In my best GG voice ~ Spotted: Andy Pettitte at Spring Training

Back in the Bronx! As much as I love living down in FL, I really miss being able to just hop on the train and go to Yankee Stadium.

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