Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Remember the new pencil skirt I bought last week? It's a great addition to my work wardrobe, but I also got it for a secs and execs party we went to this weekend. 

I paired it with a lace top I ordered from Victoria's Secret

It was a rooftop party overlooking downtown

H and I at the party.. don't we look spiffy?

Group pic

There was a photographer going around taking pics of everyone, and supposedly they'll be posted to Facebook at some point. I can't wait to see more pics, other than the crappy ones on my iphone. 

It was a lot of fun! One of H's friends lives downtown and rented out the rooftop clubhouse for the night. It was $10 to get in and it included a dj, a photographer, appetizers and unlimited drinks. Can't beat that! All I want to know is when we can do it again :0)


  1. Wow only $10? Sounds like a deal!!
    Looks + sounds like a super fun party!! You and hubs look great :)

  2. Looks like a good night and you look hawt!!