3 Day Weekend 30th b-day Celebrations

Someone turned 30 this past weekend.... and I made sure he had a big day to remember :)

I started planning his party a few months ago and went back and forth on themes and finally settled on 2 of his favorite things... the Colorado Rockies and Blue Moon beer. Which coincidentally, this year only Blue Moon is serving a special 20th anniversary beer at Coors Field to celebrate the Rockie's 20th year. So, everything was themed around the Rockies and Blue Moon. 

~ 1983 Trivia 

~ Blue Moon cupcakes (thank you Pinterest!)

~ Cigars and beer "cake"

~ Shots were a-flowin'

~ Loved seeing everyone enjoying our new patio/pool area

~ Picture table and "30" card

~ Roxy was EVERYWHERE throughout the party

~ She was the bell of the ball

~ H with some of our neighbors

~ Corn hole and ladder ball

~ Awesome peeps

~ More shots in honor of the birthday boy

~ Blowing out his candles

~ Roxy of course was over near the grill while the food was cooking

~ Corn hole

~ Girls pic

~ Sillyness schmillyness

~ Action shot

~ Twins?!

Emily and her H brought a pack of fireworks which were a ton of fun

~ Can you feel the love?

~ One exhausted doggy... working a party is hard work!

~ Late night dunk fest

~ Let's play pass around the Arbor Mist!

~ Mmmm cake!

Sunday, was a recovery day to say the least. The birthday boy partied his 30th pants off and I must have joined in later on in the night because I felt like poopy on a stick Sunday. Blahh... We were supposed to go to the beach with Emily and some other friends and needless to say we didn't make it :-P

We missed out on what I'm sure was a great beach day, so the saying is definitely true.. ya snooze ya lose.

Monday, we enjoyed our much-needed day off. We got up early and went to Home Depot where H used some of his gift cards and picked up a few things and we got some more plants for around the pool area. Then we spent the rest of the day lounging in the pool, playing pool volleyball, grilling, and enjoying frozen drinks.

~ Daiquiris for the pool

~ Bobber that H got for his b-day

~ Loungin' on a Monday :)

~ H relaxing

~ My gymnastics...

~ Yep no more handstands into the pool (and looks like it's time for a pedicure)

~ Game night on the patio

~ H's new dart board from our neighbors

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  1. looks like a GREAT weekend and your pool is amazing (so jealous)

  2. Girl, you did his 30th up right! Look at how much fun you guys had!! I bet y'all don't remember half of it! LOL!!!! What a weekend!!!