Cheers to the official kickoff of Summer

Cheers to the long holiday weekend and the official kickoff to my favorite season of all SUMMER!

This weekend and season's necessities:

~ Sunscreen and lots of it.. practice safe sun people!

~ I'll be living in a bathing suit.. great motivation to keep it up at the gym

~ Pitchers of margaritas will be common at our pool

~ Pool parties, can't wait to throw my first one for H's b-day tomorrow

~ Skinny Girl cocktails.. I love them all but my favs are the original margarita, the pina colada, and the white peach margarita

~ No more stove cooking, bring it outside and grill

~ Beach days

~ Bud Light Lime is my favorite summertime beer

~ Baseball games, it is America's favorite pastime :)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. I just bought a bottle of the Skinny Girl white peach margarita last night! It was honestly weird tasting the first few sips, but after that, you could really taste the peach. So yummy! I've tried the regular margarita and remember thinking it was too sweet, so I'm glad I have the peach to fall back on. I really wanted to try the sangria one, but couldn't find it. Next time!

  2. YES to all of this. Love that you put a Yankees photo up for baseball. :)