My Love for Jet Blue

Have I ever expressed my undying love for Jet Blue? Hands down they are my favorite airline and always our #1 choice when booking airfare.

Why do I love them so much? Where do I start?!

~ Mostly direct flights (no layovers!)

~ Free checked bag ... yep haven't paid to check a bag EVER! Any time I'm stuck flying another airline (other than Southwest of course whose bags also fly free) I always cram everything into a carry-on and that takes some serious skills people!

~ Affordable fares

~ More legroom.. we've been so spoiled by flying Jet Blue most of the time, that when we were on a U.S. Airways flight last summer we felt claustrophobic. There seriously is that much more legroom on Jet Blue flights. Stretch out ladies and gents!

~ Dunkin' Donuts coffee on board and it smells ahhh-mazing while they're brewing it.

~ Great destinations... I've flown Jet Blue to go up to CT and NYC, out to Vegas and L.A.,  and we always fly it to the Caribbean for our tropical vacays. 

~ Jet Blue app on my phone, I can use it to check my upcoming flights, check to see if it's on time or delayed, and even check in and scan at security instead of waiting in line for a boarding pass.

~ Personal tv's in every headrest. There are a ton of channels available via DirectTV, movies (which are free on international flights), and Sirius radio. No more lugging around a bulky lap top or mini dvd player to stay occupied during a long flight. 

When we flew to Jamaica the tv's weren't working so they told us we'd receive a credit towards a future flight due to the inconvenience. We figured we wouldn't see it for a while if we did at all, and when we landed back in the states, I checked my Jet Blue app and sure enough there was our credit!

But my love has recently grown even more!

When we were flying home from Punta Cana a few weeks ago, the airport's systems had gone down (which I read on Trip Advisor happens a lot at this airport). And we ended up waiting in line for a couple of hours while they got their systems back up and running. We ended up getting another credit towards future flights which we're hoping to use on a little weekend getaway maybe this fall :)

Their customer service department is wonderful and acts very quickly to resolve any issues. I will always recommend them as my airline of choice.

Who's your favorite airline?


  1. I agree, Katie, Jet Blue is pretty darn awesome!!
    When we went to Jamaica, my tv stopped working half way through - no credit though!!
    Have you tweeted this to Jet Blue?? Their social media team is AMAZING - you should if you haven't :)

  2. you know i LOVE jetblue too!! :)

  3. Jet Blue is pretty good. I have not had a bad experience flying with them.